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24 Mar 2019, 12:00 PM

March 24, 2019 - The great international carnival procession with about 400 participants, ended the jubilee 50th Mimosa Festival, which broke all records - by duration, number of participants, program and attendance. The closing saw the traditional trial and burning of the culprit for Herceg Novi's citizens in the past year – Mito Kovertic (Bribe Envelope), as well as the concert by Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović.

Herceg Novi was ruled by a column of masks, which was a reason for smiles and enthusiasm. The carnival, among others, included dancing rabbits, shrubs, skeletons, ladies and officers, water and fire, puppets, seasons, and birds of prey.
An introduction to the end of the festival was a reception for the delegates of the European Carnival Cities Federation with the President of the Municipality.
"I welcome all the delegates from the region, from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Serbia. Thank you very much for having responded to our invitation and coming to Herceg Novi to close the Jubilee 50th Mimosa Festival. I am pleased that the carnival procession is far more numerous than the previous year," said the president of the Herceg Novi Municipality, Stevan Katić.
He said he expects next year's carnival procession to be more numerous, so that Herceg Novi, as a member of the Federation of European Carnival Towns, stood side by side with some of the best European carnival centers.
Vice President of the European Carnival Cities Federation (FECC Europe), Josip Silov, said the carnival was a hard job and told Herceg Novi to carve it as they did the Mimosa Festival.
"You are a relatively young member of our Federation of European Carnival Cities. For the fourth year in a row, we organize a common story on your carnivals. We believe that such carnivals will see events as well and that your teams will be present at our shows, which enriches us and you," Silov said. He handed the plaque and medals to the town of Herceg Novi to remember the arrival and stay of the people of the International Carnival Federation managing board.
A massive carnival parade with about 400 participants from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Montenegro, as well as members of the international board of the European Carnival Cities Federation, led by the allegory "Thank you for 50", moved from the main town square to Igalo.
After the appearance of all the carnival groups in Igalo, a traditional trial and burning of Mito Kovertić, a "culprit for all the troubles in the past year," was held on the shore beneath the "Galeb" villa.
At the end of this part of the program was the concert of the Serbian star Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović, who said that she had not played for Herceg Novi for a long time and that she was satisfied with "what happened this evening and what seemed all-glorious."
"I had a great concert, it was another record visit, and I can only be overjoyed," Ražnatović said.
Last night concluded the 50-day program of the Mimosa Festival with over 60 different contents, from concerts, masks, sports-entertainment events, gourmet and literary evenings to performances
General sponsors of the Mimosa Festival are Herceg Novi Municipality and Tourism Organization, executive producer the Public Institution of Culture "Herceg Fest," and many sponsors - non-governmental organizations, embassies of foreign countries in Montenegro, city partners and friends supported the implementation of the program.
23 Mar 2019, 20:33 PM

22 March 2019 - The Majorette club "Lili" from Herceg Novi will take part in a national championship in modern dances in Podgorica on Sunday, March 24th.

This championship includes several types of modern dance, and 35 members of the "Lili" club will compete in the category of majorette dance. They prepared seven choreographies and hope for good results, said the coach and choreographer Ljiljana Porobić.

Majorettes From Herceg Novi to Demonstrate Their Skills in Podgorica

"We compete with three formations - with our bees, cadets and joint juniors and seniors formation, as well as with one duo and three solo performances. We are ready, we have worked hard, and we hope that we win some medals. It remains to be seen whether our hard work and effort will be recognized and how well can we perform on stage. Before going to Podgorica, the Majorette club "Lili" will take part in the final segments of the Mimosa Festival program: "Thank you for 50" and the carnival parade," said the choreographer in an interview for Radio Herceg Novi.

"We have accepted the invitation to be on the Square of Nikola Đurković tomorrow, as well as on Saturday in the carnival parade. It's a bit tiring, we have a lot of work to do in only three days, but since we now have day-to-day training because of the competition, we are in good shape, and we will try to present ourselves in the best way possible," she explained.

Majorettes From Herceg Novi to Demonstrate Their Skills in Podgorica 3

In five years of existence, the Majorette club "Lili" has won numerous acknowledgments and awards, including eight European medals, and their favorite one is their very first medal."We have plenty of medals from state championships and international competitions, so many that we lost count. There are probably around 40 in different categories. The biggest prizes that are the most meaningful to us are eight European medals. Although we look forward to every prize, we always emphasize that our first European medal is somehow the most desirable," Porobić said.

After the national championship, the members of the Majorette club "Lili" will continue to train well for the European championship that will be held in late August in France.

22 Mar 2019, 13:57 PM

March 22, 2019 - The Orjen Development and Protection Agency will organise on Sunday, March 24, an educational pedestrian tour marking the World Water Day. Departure is scheduled for 10 am from the plateau of the Kotobilje Spring, and the last point is Ljuti karst (750 m above sea level) below the former motel Borići, on the southern edge of the Orjen Nature Park.

"None of our actions are a one-layer story. We always take the opportunity to get acquainted with the participants of our tour with historical attractions, geomorphological characteristics of the region, cultural and historical monuments. This time, when water is in our focus, we can talk about biological aspects, rare organisms living in surface and underground waters in this area as well as in the historical context. The Kameno village in the hinterland of Herceg Novi was plumbing in 1908, just a few years later compared to coastal towns," said Željko Starčević, an archaeologist and mountain hunter from the Orjen Development and Protection Agency.
During the tour, the participants will hear exciting details about the phenomena of our karst region and see the local pit. The karst area is affluent in the most diverse forms of rocks, scrapers, canals, gullies, and holes, resulting in chemical degradation under the influence of rainwater. The guides of the Orjen Development and Protection Agency suggest to the participants that they bring photographic devices, arguing that in the stone structures that nature has left in this area there are a lot of details that they would certainly want to record.
"As much as it is significant to recognize the tourism potential of this unusual karst relief, it is so important, and it is preserved from the pollution of its underground, since the Orjen mountain with the highest amount of rainfall in Europe, the mountain deep in its uterus certainly has significant water resources," Starcevic said .
A tour requires adequate footwear, a smaller backpack with water, food and spare parts. Participation in the trip is free of charge and at your own risk. The completion is planned for 2 pm. Tel / Viber for applications and additional info: 069 360 803.
The UN Assembly established World Water Day in 1992 and it is celebrated each year with a different theme. This year is the motto "Do not leave behind" in the sense that from sustainable development everyone must benefit because water rights are one of the fundamental human rights. Unfortunately, due to the lack of potable water, sanitary and hygienic conditions, around 1,400 children die, UNICEF data. Also, according to alarming data from the United Nations Organization, today more than 2 billion people worldwide live without drinking water in homes; about 4 billion people, almost two-thirds of the world's population.
21 Mar 2019, 13:43 PM

March 21, 2019 - The promotion of the monograph "Mimosa Festival - 50 years of the Flower Festival" is scheduled for Friday, March 22 at 7 pm in the "Park" Hall.

The idea of a monograph about the Mimosa Festival is over a decade old. The preparation for the fortieth birthday of the oldest festival in Herceg Novi began and the task of bringing together all the previous years in the collection was by gthe late Petar Janičić, a prominent publicist and journalist and Vitka Vujnović, a journalist of Radio Herceg Novi. The monograph of that year was not published, but the precious material was collected before the 45th edition of the February Flower Festival in the book "The Mimosa Festival – the Lasting Magic".
Petar Janičić died in the meantime, but the stories about the first years of the Festival that he recorded (from 1969 to 1984) have been preserved and published. Vito Vujnović's recordings and atmosphere on the Mimosa Festival were recorded from 1985 until 2002, and Dragica Ivanovic (journalist at Radio Herceg Novi and the "Pobjeda" multi-annual correspondent) did the same from 2003 to 2009.
A new occasion for reviving the idea of a monograph was an upcoming jubilee - 50 years of Mimosa Festival. The plan was initiated by the Public Cultural Institution Herceg Fest, which is also a publisher.
Monograph "The Mimosa Festival - 50 Years of Flower Festival" has been prepared for almost a year.
The previous publication "The Lasting Magic" was a high starting point, but the team of associates gathered around the monograph agreed that the story should be supplemented by telling the organizers and participants, hosts and guests, with a different view of the concept of the festival. For this reason, there has not been a great deal of progress through the previous publication, nor have the historical events recorded from the famous festival colonies been extensively chronologically filed. But the essence was captured by those who lived for, and with the Festival in the years we now call gold, then those who were in every sense heavy and lead because of the earthquake, war, sanctions, to those in which we have recovered, to remain self-contained, and again to connect with friends. We also tried to point out what the Holiday should be in the future, emphasized the publisher.
“In the new collection of stories and photos of this book, we owe thanks to all the interviewers, everyone who photographed, recorded, wrote about the Herceg Novi’s festival.”
The result of dedicated work is a monograph published on more than 300 pages, with over 500 photos and hundreds of conversations.
Finally, even when this book was written with dread and respect, we could start a new one again because of the immense energy and joy that we give and return to this Holiday, moving like a life of light to the future.
18 Mar 2019, 23:12 PM

18 March 2019 - The Masquerade Ball Finale on the occasion of 50th Mimosa Festival was held on March 17 in Herceg Novi, for the first time in the hotel "Park" in Bijela. For a good atmosphere and proper entertainment, the fun and energetic Indira Forza was in charge, who said that it is nice to be present at the jubilee Mimosa Festival and that it is always nice to spend time in Herceg Novi and Montenegro.

"You can feel the buzz, everyone is in costumes and masks. It is beautiful, we are all excited and what else do I have to do except make best party in the world," said Indira, a former soloist of the Colonia group.

The popular Croatian singer expressed her satisfaction that she was a guest of Herceg Novi during the masquerade ball because she likes to wear costumes and masks in beautiful colors and noted that she is happy that her business allows her this joy.

"Well, did not you notice, I am actually wearing the costumes and masks all the time? My job allows this game, I am always in costumes. It is characteristic of me that when you come to my concert, the dancers and I are always in costumes, and that is what I am really happy about," Indira said through a laugh and called her costume "Lady on the trampoline".

Mimosa Festival Masquerade Ball Finale Held in Herceg Novi1

She recalled her performances and socializing with her colleagues in Herceg Novi, who had left her in good memory. According to her, the love between her and the people in Montenegro is reciprocal and lasts for many years and will continue. She is proud to be singing her old hits and new songs from the album "Valkira" with the same glow. She thanked the audience for giving her the wings.

Park Hotel owner Čedo Popović said that he wanted to host the Mimosa Festival's Masquerade Ball and that this was an extraordinary event that should be maximally supported.

"My wish is that the first masquerade ball will be held next year in a new hotel in Kumbor," Popović said.

He also added that the tourist season begins with them in about 15-20 days, and the announcements for this year are excellent and the capacities are filled.

At the 50th Mimosa Festival, a total of five masquerade balls were held, of which four were for adults and one for children. All of them were successfully organized and well attended, said the director of the Public Institution of Culture "Herceg Fest" Gordana Porobić Krcunović.

17 Mar 2019, 23:56 PM

16 March 2019 - Starting at the city center, through City taverns and Cafe "Beograd, all the way to Škver, the atmosphere was conducted by a custom small cars race and the second race "Karotrc" for the 50th Mimosa Festival. This event attracted audiences of all generations, as well as the participants. Smiles and applause were present during the entire event, while two-seat and three-seat cars raced down the hill. The 700-meter long race track was successfully finished from many participants coming from Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat, Budva, Šibenik, Belgrade, Banja Luka, and Trebinje.

Herceg Novi's Deputy Mayor, Miloš Konjević, and the oldest member of the non-governmental organization "Maškare", Damir Bakica, opened the race.

"This is a phenomenal event that deserves to be traditional within the Mimosa Festival, and every year it is organized on an even higher level," said the Deputy Mayor Miloš Konjević, satisfied with the number of participants and spectators and enthusiasm about the atmosphere

Joyful and Attractive Karotrc Race Held in Herceg Novi1

"I used to drive as a kid, when I was seven to eight years old. I made a pause until I was 30 and last year I drove again," Konjevic said, adding that the race is a true example of the content of the Mimosa Festival that needs to be cherished, which returns old customs and games.

He thanked the non-governmental organization "Maškare" and Ivan Peulić, who brought this idea to Herceg Novi and Mimosa Festival. He said that "Karotrc" is a great intro to the finale of the 50th Mimosa Festival, which will be a spectacle. As he announced, the festival ends next weekend by carnival parade of 18 groups, traditional burning of carnival and a big concert by Ceca Ražnatović in Igalo.

Members of the "Maškare" non-governmental organization, who are the initiators of this sport and entertainment event, took care of the good organization of the second race.

"Our initiative has started since the moment when we are at Rijeka's carnival, where we heard that something similar is being organized, so we came up with an idea to do it in a somewhat different way," concluded Ivan Peulić from NGO "Maškare".

16 Mar 2019, 01:33 AM

14 March 2019 - “Shop local and seasonal at our pop up food market, meet the producers and learn about organic agriculture around Luštica peninsula," says the invitation by Luštica Bay representatives for their weekend event Hello Spring!

A two-day local food market named  Hello Spring will be held on Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24 from 10 am to 6 pm, at the promenade in the marina settlement Luštica Bay, in Krtoli near Tivat.

Weekend Local Food Market Hello Spring at Luštica Bay 3

The organisers of the food and home-made local products bazaar, the company Luštica Development and the Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship of the Municipality of Tivat, provided participation for 20 agricultural producers, as well as members of the entrepreneurial section of Elementary School "Drago Milić" and High School "Mladost" from Tivat, Institute for healthy (organic) food - Agrovita, and the producers of Agro Cluster Nikšić.

Numerous producers of cheese, brandy, pickled vegetables, sugar-dipped fruit, honey, soap and herbs from the Bay of Kotor and the surrounding area will be exhibiting their products at the fair. These individual exhibitors include Olga Ovčar, Vidak Tomašević, Julka Radmanović, Predrag Klakor, Mile Dačević, Rašo Miljančić and others. The bazaar offers will also add fruits, vegetables, various types of wine, juice and oil, brought to the fair by Bosiljka Vuksanović, Ethno village "Đedovina", Đorđije Bulajić, Vebija Abazović, Vesna Pavić Mamula, Gvozden Kankaraš and Jelena Pejanović.

Weekend Local Food Market Hello Spring at Luštica Bay Predrag Vuckovic

Andrej Zasidko will display vegetable bouquets and other handicrafts. Olive products will be presented by the Moric family, as one of the entrepreneurial visionaries on the Luštica peninsula and one of the first individuals from the peninsula to put into operation his long family heritage.

This weekend event that promotes domestic production will also offer a special program for the youngest visitors that includes drawing, painting and competition games, a show of local gastronomic delicacies and education by the producers.

Weekend Local Food Market Hello Spring at Luštica Bay Predrag Vuckovic 2

All exhibitors and visitors of the bazaar will have the opportunity to learn more about agricultural tourism, agricultural clusters and Montenegrin food brands by attending the seminars of agricultural production experts - Ilija Moric, Đorđe Bulajić and Svetozar Radonjić.

14 Mar 2019, 00:20 AM

12 March 2019 - The campaign aimed at cleaning the park and the beach under Tito's Villa in Igalo, which was originally announced last week, and due to adverse weather conditions it was postponed for today, ended with the collection of ten sacks of small waste as well as three extensive piles of large waste.

“The public utility service workers came together with volunteers and cleaned up the entire green area around Tito’s Villa, after which they headed down to the beach to clean the rest. While we were collecting small waste, they collected the large waste so the entire action was well coordinated," one of the volunteers told the News Agency Radio Jadran.

As a segment of the Institute Igalo, the villa that once belonged to a lifetime president of SFR Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, is one of several dozen luxurious villas that were built in the former Yugoslavia and served the lifetime Yugoslav president. The reason for the construction of the complex was the success of Tito's treatment at the old spa in Igalo, which had greatly benefited his health and is why the government decided to build the villa near this spa. The villa is designed for 30 guests, with the possibility of using medical and rehabilitation services. It has hosted many world political leaders as well as public figures.

This four-story, 5,500 square-meter building is surrounded by 75,000 square meters botanical garden. During the winter, the winds carried an extensive amount of waste around the Villa, which was the main reason the area needed cleaning.

According to the observations of both locals and tourists, the Montenegrin coast has problems with waste, despite the great efforts of state-owned companies and volunteers to maintain the beaches clean. The winds often carry waste on Montenegrin beaches, and this problem is one that also troubles the country’s neighbour, Croatia.

Local activists expect competent city companies to cleanse the beach mechanically soon because volunteers cannot clean this area effectively without proper equipment.

In today's action, the park around the Villa was cleaned in detail, as well as a segment of the Igalo beach and the parking and green area next to the park.

“The result of this action was great. There was positive energy and excellent communication with public utility service workers. We were instructed to contact them for anything we needed, “says Boca, who radiated happiness after yet another successful eco-friendly action.

The enthusiasm of these young eco-activists, who first started to clean the area along the Mojsdeški road, did not even weaken after their fifth action, because they announced cleaning action at Vrbanj shortly.

11 Mar 2019, 20:13 PM

10 March 2019 - Around 140 various costumes and masks from Kotor, Tivat, Budva, Herceg Novi and even some cities from Russia, took part in the second big Masquerade Ball on the 50th Mimosa Festival organized by the Igalo Institute.

The beginning was marked by the local music of Đenovići and the majorette club Lili, while the band "Stari Kapetann" was a great introductory to popular regional singer Dženan Lončarević. The participants and the guests described the atmosphere as unforgettable and hot. Dženan Lončarević sang all famous pop, rock and folk hits, varying Bijelo Dugme, Čolić, Dino Merlin, Yu Grupa as well as Tina Tarner hits, Oliver Mandić and Prljavo Kazalište.

The organizers provided financial awards for individual and group costumes. For individual - up to three members, 600, 300 and 200 EUR, and for group ones - from three to eight members, 800, 500 and 300 EUR.

The audience chose the best animators, the most original ideas and the most beautiful costumes and masks.

Mimosa Festival Brings Great Atmosphere at Second Masquerade Ball1

In the singles competition, the most successful costume was "The King of Mimosa and the Old Fisherman", the second was the costume "AmputiNiranje" (Vučić and Putin) and the third "Crimean Octopus" and "Mastrelak".

In the category of the group's first prize, the "Happy Merry Wife" costume, the second "Satiri" from Herceg Novi, and the third "Grand Stars Jury" equalled with "Exotic Travel".

The next masquerade ball at the 50th Mimosa Festival is on March 16th with Indira Forca at Hotel Park in Bijela.

11 Mar 2019, 13:36 PM

The "Zelenika family", which included Milan Nikolic, Janko Radovic, Zarko Ceprnic, Predrag Banicevic and Nikola Lucic was the best team in the Picigin tournament that was held at the beach “Rafaelo” in Herceg Novi.

Ten teams took part in the competition, and the second-placed includes members of the team "Stos pit" Ilija Dotlic, Vladimir Cerevicki, Tihomir Vuksanovic, Mihailo Vuksanovic and Branislav Stevic.

In third was the team "Zelenicke igre" i.e. Zoran Pestoric, Dado Rolovic, Dejan Sofranac, Dado Kavazic and Srdjan Gecaj. This team was awarded last year as the best.

The judges were Kiko Maric, the play-writer Stevan Koprivica and the architect Bobo Popovic and picigin veterans.

In the tournament, as a member of the team “Got”, the popular Croatian singer Goran Karan also took part in the competition, who played very well, but also excited the audience when he started singing and performed at the beach Rafaelo.

Picigin is over 90 years old and is played by adjusting water polo to local conditions. It is played in the shallow waters of Split beaches and brought over from students from Prague. This attractive sport arrived to Herceg Novi at least 60 years ago.

Picigin is played in the shallow water with five players in one team and no opponent. The goal of the game is that the ball does not touch the sea surface or the beach, and needs to be kept up as long as possible. It is also spiced up with as many attractive moves as possible. It's important to pay attention. The game is played with a rubber ball the size of a palm or smaller, and the players forcefully, with one hand, hit the ball to their teammate or in an empty space.

For more information please follow TMN's dedicated page

Text by Slavica Kosic, on March 10th 2019, read more at Vijesti

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