Majorettes From Herceg Novi to Demonstrate Skills in Podgorica

By , 23 Mar 2019, 20:33 PM Lifestyle
Majorettes From Herceg Novi to Demonstrate Skills in Podgorica Copyrights: Facebook Group Mažoret klub Lili

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22 March 2019 - The Majorette club "Lili" from Herceg Novi will take part in a national championship in modern dances in Podgorica on Sunday, March 24th.

This championship includes several types of modern dance, and 35 members of the "Lili" club will compete in the category of majorette dance. They prepared seven choreographies and hope for good results, said the coach and choreographer Ljiljana Porobić.

Majorettes From Herceg Novi to Demonstrate Their Skills in Podgorica

"We compete with three formations - with our bees, cadets and joint juniors and seniors formation, as well as with one duo and three solo performances. We are ready, we have worked hard, and we hope that we win some medals. It remains to be seen whether our hard work and effort will be recognized and how well can we perform on stage. Before going to Podgorica, the Majorette club "Lili" will take part in the final segments of the Mimosa Festival program: "Thank you for 50" and the carnival parade," said the choreographer in an interview for Radio Herceg Novi.

"We have accepted the invitation to be on the Square of Nikola Đurković tomorrow, as well as on Saturday in the carnival parade. It's a bit tiring, we have a lot of work to do in only three days, but since we now have day-to-day training because of the competition, we are in good shape, and we will try to present ourselves in the best way possible," she explained.

Majorettes From Herceg Novi to Demonstrate Their Skills in Podgorica 3

In five years of existence, the Majorette club "Lili" has won numerous acknowledgments and awards, including eight European medals, and their favorite one is their very first medal."We have plenty of medals from state championships and international competitions, so many that we lost count. There are probably around 40 in different categories. The biggest prizes that are the most meaningful to us are eight European medals. Although we look forward to every prize, we always emphasize that our first European medal is somehow the most desirable," Porobić said.

After the national championship, the members of the Majorette club "Lili" will continue to train well for the European championship that will be held in late August in France.

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