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26 Feb 2019, 01:50 AM

25 February 2019 - On March 9, Igalo Sports Hall will become the dance centre of the region, since it will gather some of the best regional dancers and choreographers. The organisers of the dance festival, Dance Association “5678” announce quality artistic content throughout the day, as well as a large number of participants of the event itself.

“We organise the Dance Festival in Herceg Novi for the first time, but we want the event to become a tradition. This event is intended for all dance lovers who want to enjoy our art,” said the representatives of the dance association.

5678 Dance Festival in Herceg Novi on March 9 2

The organisers believe that a large number of their colleagues will gather at the festival and that Herceg Novi will get another wonderful event worthy of attention. “Of course, this dance event, which takes place during the holiday of Mimosa, is a must-visit,” announced the PR Service of Dance Association 5678.

Dance Association 5678 is an organisation which emerged with the idea of a new approach to dance. The founders of the association wanted to bring together dancers around the world and experts in that field. Festival 5678 is aimed at young and older dancers, those who have yet to create their careers, people who have influenced and still influence the creation of dance talents, those who find talented people, the enthusiasts who accompanied and cheered the talents, and those who want to be part of the dance world.

5678 Dance Festival in Herceg Novi on March 9 3

According to the organisers, the goal of the festival is to raise the art of dance to a higher level, so they tried to make the festival a must-see manifestation for all dancers who want to be part of the world dance scene.

“We want to contribute to the youth movement in our country, but also throughout the region, to educate, inspire and guide young talented people. We encourage peace and tolerance through dance, competitive spirit and friendly relationships between teams and countries,” highlights the 5678 Association.

The event will take place on Saturday, March 9, from 10 am to 10 pm, at the Igalo Sports Hall (II Dalmatinske Brigade bb).

22 Feb 2019, 12:37 PM

February 22, 2019 - Citizens of Herceg Novi and their guests enjoyed the specialities of the Vojvodina cuisine and the sounds of drummers during the gastro evenings in the City Café, which was held within the Days of Novi Sad at the 50th Mimosa Festival.

The evening welcomed representatives of the Cultural Center Novi Sad, Consul General of the Republic of Serbia in Montenegro Zoran Dojcinovic, as well as President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi Stevan Katic and associates.
In addition to delicious food and authentic Vojvodina music, the gastronomic evening is also a promotional calendar of events held in Vojvodina's capital, as well as the "Novi Sad for Youth" program.
As the co-founder of the Cultural Center Mirsad Avdic said, there is already cooperation between the two cities and their cultural institutions, and as an example cites last year's VII art colony "Herceg Novi-Novi Sad", which gathered 13 authors from Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.
Considering the mutual desire to fraternise two cities and further cooperation primarily on the field of culture, Avdic is convinced that the agreement of this type will be realised soon.
"There are a lot of reasons for Herceg Novi and Novi Sad to quench, spread and exchange programs in the field of culture, but also tourism and economy," said Avdic.
The Novi Sad's Choice as the European Youth Center of Europe 2019 and the European Cultural Center 2021, as well as the festivals and programs that bring tourists from all over the world to Vojvodina, deliver significant benefits to the city's economy.
"Festivals bring tourists, journalist, and media to promote this destination and culture further. For you, this is a Mimosa Festival," Avdic concluded.
Within the Days of Novi Sad, their Cultural Center, in cooperation with the Cultural Institute "Herceg Fest", organized two days and nights dedicated to the poet Miroslav Mika Antic, where the event "Antic's Days" was presented and a film about the poet "First Film" 2017, produced by the Cultural Center Novi Sad.
21 Feb 2019, 18:30 PM

21 February 2019 - The hotel complex Palmon Bay Hotel & Spa located in Igalo, Herceg Novi has earned a high 9.0 guest rating, out of a possible 10, for a complete service in 2018, which is why the Booking.com website awarded them with the Guest Review Award package.

This is a remarkable acknowledgment of the guests who evaluated the overall offer of the hotel as well as the services that the hotel offers outside the facility, which creates additional motivation for the hotel’s management. Last year's rating of the hotel on booking.com was 8.9 and the complex managed to raise that rank to 9.0, which is a great success for the entire Palmon Bay Hotel team.

Palmon Bay Hotel Receives Guest Review Award Certificate 2

The Guest Review Awards program is Booking.com’s annual appreciation program that recognizes partners for their top-notch hospitality according to review scores left by guests after their stay. To become a winner of the Guest Review Awards, properties need to meet special conditions in relations to review scores and the number of reviews.

The winners of Booking.com Awards receive their Guest Review Award package, which contains a letter of praise, a special certificate for positive guest reviews, and a window sticker which proves that numerous guests positively evaluated the facility.

Palmon Bay Hotel Receives Guest Review Award Certificate 3

According to the Executive Director of Palmon Bay Hotel and Spa, Bojan Ilić, the guests of the hotel are the heart of their business and making sure they have the best possible experience is what ultimately defines this facility. “Our main goal is for our guests to be satisfied, for them to leave the hotel with a smile and to raise this ranking even more in the future. In this facility, where guests are quite critical, such results point out that we are on the right track. Being harmonized with the standards and procedures and constant training of employees have all come to this result," Ilić explained for Radio Jadran.

He added that the management of the hotel constantly analyzes the guest ratings, trying to make the hotel feel like their home during their stays and to give each guest the same level of attention. “If the management does not pay attention to criticism, the service cannot be improved," Ilić assessed. The guests, according to him, are most appreciative of the staff, the property, the cleanliness, the comfort, the location, i.e. the value of everything for which they invested their money.

Palmon Bay Hotel Receives Guest Review Award Certificate

The hotel management is satisfied with the current visit, although the results can always be better, especially due to aggressive and intense campaigns and promotions at various fairs.

Palmon Bay Hotel & Spa is a modern hotel located in Igalo, Herceg Novi near the seashore. This luxurious hotel features 204 rooms and suites, private beach, Wellness and Spa Centre, lobby and pool bar, business centre and a la carte restaurant Olive Terrace located on the roof terrace. The management of the hotel has high expectations for the four-star Palmon Bay in 2019, and their predictions include improvements in the hotel’s general offer and an increase in the number of visits.


21 Feb 2019, 17:58 PM

21 February 2019 - Montenegrin Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management will officially present the special magazine "The Collection of Montenegro's Best Beaches" for the first time at the IFT 2019 in Belgrade.

Montenegrin Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management will take part in the 41st International Tourism Fair (IFT 2019) in Belgrade. The presentation of Montenegrin beaches, marinas and every aspect of Montenegrin coastal offer will be located at the stand of the National Tourist Organization of Montenegro.

Magazine The Collection of Montenegrin Best Beaches Presented in Belgrade 2

The theme of this year's presentation of the Coastal Zone Management Enterprise is the new categorisation of swimming areas and beaches from Herceg Novi to Ulcinj. According to the Enterprise’s representatives, from this season onwards, all public swimming areas will have their own theme - family swimming places, somewhat more hidden romantic and excursion swimming areas, beaches for active vacation (wind & kite surfing and diving) party beaches.

“As a special novelty, we marked pet-friendly swimming areas that are intended for all tourists and visitors who wish to spend the day on the beach with their pets. There are also special beaches, medicinal and nudist swimming areas. For the fair show, a special magazine "The Collection of Montenegrin Best Beaches" has been prepared - a catalogue of the most attractive beaches that have a prestigious ecological recognition of the Blue Flag, but also an extraordinary gastro and lifestyle offer on the beach,” the representatives of Coastal Zone Management Enterprise explained.

Magazine The Collection of Montenegrin Best Beaches Presented in Belgrade 3

During the fair, the Director of the Public Enterprise, Predrag Jelušić and his associates will meet with numerous workpeople from the tourism department and partners from Serbia and the region. Media presentations will be organized daily on which the Montenegrin coast, as the most important tourist resource, will be promoted before the auditorium of one of the most important tourism fairs.

Source: Radio Jadran

20 Feb 2019, 16:12 PM

20 February 2019 - Creating digital contents in relation to Kanli Tower is a project that will definitely improve the tourist offer of the city of Herceg Novi. Director of the Office for International Cooperation, Simonida Kordić, told News Agency Radio Jadran that the contractor has already purchased the equipment, and the production of digital content for which there is already a scenario is in progress.

“It will be a documentary and feature film content. The scenario is complete and it's time to start shooting specific scenes. It will be an attractive, but historically correct content," Kordić explains.

A Film about Herceg Novi and Kanli Tower History to Attract Tourists 3

The film will be both entertaining and educational, for which experts engaged in the historical validity of the data are currently engaged.

The municipality of Herceg Novi hired architect and heraldry, Srđan Marlović, whose role is the historical research and development of the screenplay, that is, the consultation on the creation of scripts for the film. Marlović told Radio Jadran that he collected data from the archives in Venice, Zadar, Split, Vienna, and Trieste.

“From seven Venetian archives, I collected about 40 authentic documents related to Herceg Novi, which have never been extracted. When it comes to the history of the city, we know about the past 100 to 120 years, and no one knows anything from the time before that period, because the research was not fundamental and based on scientific principles," claims Marlović.

The goal of this project is to record a popular feature film that does not burden the viewers with information and facts, but, as Marlović says, it should be easy on the eyes and interesting. Nearly all historical cities, from Israel, through Greece, Spain or Italy, have similar digital contents.

A Film about Herceg Novi and Kanli Tower History to Attract Tourists 2

According to him, the film will be divided into several segments that will last a total of 20 minutes and will display the history of Herceg Novi's development, with an emphasis on Kanli Tower.

“The shooting will be done in the original ambient, on the tower, and in the Old Town, because the job is very demanding. Cameramen have to be careful not to have some of the modern devices or products in their shooting frame, such as air conditioners," says Simonida Kordić.

Complete digitalisation equipment for the film recording was purchased through public procurement and the contractor is responsible for everything.

For the development of innovative digital content and procurement of equipment for the fortress Kanli Tower, the Municipal Commission chose the offer of the consortium Čikom LLC and Digital dab LLC from Podgorica. The estimated value of the deal was 174,650 EUR, and the consortium Čikom - Digital dab offered 166,850 EUR.

Source: Radio Jadran

19 Feb 2019, 13:29 PM

18 February 2019 - Souvenir and Eco-Food Fair, as a segment of the 50th Mimosa Festival program, will be held from February 22 to 24 at Hotel "Vojvodina". The event is organised by Public Cultural Institution Herceg Fest and the Secretariat for Utility Activities and Ecology of the Municipality of Herceg Novi.

This compact two-day trade fair provides visitors with the opportunity to meet the leading suppliers of souvenirs and recreational products, as well as other market players. Excellent masterpieces of art and great samples of creativity are to be exhibited in the exhibition that ranges from souvenirs and handmade decorative items to various types of delicious eco-friendly food.

Souvenir and Eco Food Fair in Hotel Vojvodina in Herceg Novi

The fair will gather 54 registered exhibitors from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania.

Visitors of the fair will be able to learn more about handmade products, old crafts and domestic production - from Montenegrin national instruments, gusle, jewellery and embroidery, to crystals, wood and glass items, natural cosmetic products, teas, products of olives and honey.

The Souvenir and Eco-Food Fair is of great importance for everyone working in the souvenir industry as is the place to be for the latest souvenir and eco-food industry news, products and trends. Entry to the fair is free of charge!

Local exhibitors are excited that they can show a wide range of beautiful items from Montenegro and bring together the cold North and the warm South of the country. The fair aims to stimulate creativity and design of new souvenirs, promote souvenirs producers and producers of eco-friendly food and encourage the entrepreneurship in this field.

During the Fair, the workshop for the youngest will be organised, in cooperation with the Elementary school "Dašo Pavičić".

The official opening of the fair is scheduled for Friday, February 22 at 11 am. The working hours of the Fair are from 9 am to 7 pm.

18 Feb 2019, 12:31 PM

February 18, 2019 - The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism sent a warning to the Secretariat for Spatial Planning and Construction of the Municipality of Herceg Novi last week, because the Sea Property did not get the Municipality to respond to several requests for urban-technical conditions within the legal deadline. For this reason, they asked for the issuance of urban-technical conditions from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

In a document signed by Minister Pavle Radulovic, the Ministry “ordered” the Secretariat to resolve the requests as soon as possible and within 20 days from the date of receipt of the document, 11 February, and inform the Ministry thereof.
Namely, Sea Property asked the Secretariat to issue urban technical conditions for 11 locations to set or reconstruct the coastal infrastructure in Sutorina, Topla, Savina, Bijela, and the building of the promenade from Bijela to Kamenari.
For some of the Sea Property projects, it had asked for conditions in August, September, and December last year. In the letter to the Ministry, the Sea Property said that they did not receive answers within the "legal deadline." Among others, they are "waiting" for technical conditions for the reconstruction of the existing bathing area at Zager, and the requirements for the construction of a sidewalk from Kamenari to Bijela in the length of 1300 m.
Secretary of the Secretariat for Spatial Planning and Construction Marina Sekulic said Radio Jadran that issuing technical conditions for drafting the conceptual solution for the Zager spa reconstruction, explaining why there was a "deadlock in administration":
"The Sea Property was informed to ask for new urban-technical conditions for the restoration of the facility because based on the previous ones, issued in 2015, the technical documentation and the issued building permit have already been made. Only after obtaining new urban-technical conditions for the preparation of technical documentation for the reconstruction of the facility or bathing grounds, it is possible to make a preliminary solution submitted to the consent of the chief city architects, based on the Law on planning and the construction of the facilities. Subject to the legal provisions, the Secretariat has rejected the claim of the Sea Property as unfounded. The Sea Property has submitted a new request for issuing urban-technical conditions for the development of technical documentation for the reconstruction of the existing object - the Zager bathing resort in Bijela, based on the Spatial Plan of Special Purpose for the Coastal Area of Montenegro and the urban project for the hotel complex Zager in Bijela. After collecting all the necessary technical conditions, we will be able to issue the required urban- technical terms for this reconstruction and only after that the investor can access the design solution that will be submitted to the consent of the city's architects," Sekulic said, not mentioning when they will issue the technical conditions.
"When it comes to the construction of a sidewalk from Bijela to Kamenari, the Secretariat has issued the required conditions and submitted it to the Applicant, the Sea Property. And in this case, just after the issuance of urban- technical terms, the requirements for the creation of the Idea Solution will be obtained and submitted to the consent of the chief city architects according to the legal provisions," explained Sekulic.
Source: Radio Jadran
16 Feb 2019, 13:59 PM

February 16, 2019 - Within the Strip Weekend that is hosted by the Herceg Novi Strip Festival (HSF) in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy and the Herceg Fest, the big party under masks, the Wild West - Saloon Masquerade Party, with masked guests rewards, will be held at People's Beach Bar on Saturday, 16 February from 9 pm.

Maskenball will be the crown of the mini show event program for the first day of the weekend. The daily schedule is reserved for the City Café, which will be organized on the ground floor for drawing on the shirts (Venturi, Renki, Cakić, Ćurčin), stock exchange, as well as two very interesting lectures and presentations: Tito Faraci : "Tex Willer, 70 Years of Italian Cultural Phenomena" and Dusan Mladenovic: "70 Years of Tex in the Balkans". In the city cafe, the masterclass with advanced strip artists from Montenegro will be held, and the weekend ends with a Sunday matinee and Spaghetti Western projection at the Cafe Cinema. All programs organised by HSF are free to the public.
The main guests - current story designers dedicated to ninth art are Tito Faraći, Valter Venturi. Also, Renato Vladimir - Renki and Luka Cakić and Nikola Ćurčin are at the Strip weekend.
Saturday, February 16th
11:00 - 19:00 City Café
11:00 - 19:00 - Stock exchange
11:00 - 13:00 - Drawing on T-shirts
13:00 - 14:00 - Lecture and Presentation - Tito Faraci - Tex Willer - 70 Years of Italian Cultural Phenomena
14:00 - 15:00 - Lecture -70 Years of Tex in the Balkans - Dušan Mladenović - Veseli Cetvrtak
Drawing for fans
Master class with strip artists
21:00 - 04:00 Peoples beach bar
HSF Saloon masquerade party - Live music - Cheap seats; DJ - Nikola Ćurčin, Davor Čamdžić
Sunday, February 17
11:00 - 15:00 Cafe bar Cinema
Projection of the Spaghetti Western Movie
16 Feb 2019, 00:32 AM

15 February 2019 - The 15th Open Swimming Championship of Montenegro, a sporting event organised within the official program of the 50th Mimosa Festival will be opened at the Simo Milošević Institute in Igalo on February 16, followed by the 24th International Swimming Meeting "Montenegro Mimosa Cup". This year's swimming meeting will gather over 400 competitors from all countries which were a part of the former Yugoslavia, as well as from Italy, Hungary, and Russia.

The delegates' meeting and cocktail gathering at the Institute, which will be held on February 15, will precede the competition, organized by Herceg Novi Municipality and Public Culture Institution Herceg Fest.

The opening of the 24th International Swimming Meeting is scheduled for February 16 at 4:45 pm, with the City Music and the performance of the city majorettes, while the first competitors will enter the swimming pool already at 8:30 am, when the first debrief is scheduled.

The first part of the competition will start at 9 am, which is a 50 metres women swimming race. The second part begins with the competitors’ preparations at 3:30 pm, after which a 100 metres swimming race of mixed style swimming for men will start at 5 pm.

The third phase of the program will begin on Sunday. From 8 am to 8:45 am the competitors will warm up. The 100 metres mixed style swimming race for women will start at 9 am.

Last year's winner was Swimming Club Olimpija from Ljubljana.

The event is supported by the Government of Montenegro, Water polo and Swimming Federation, Olympic Committee and numerous sponsors.

Source: Radio Jadran

14 Feb 2019, 10:17 AM

February 14, 2019 - Within the jubilee 50th Mimosa Festival, the fifth Strip Weekend begins in Herceg Novi organized by the Herceg Novi Strip Festival (HSF). Strip Weekend is part of the event Days of Italian Culture, and HSF is implementing it in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Montenegro and the Public Institution of Culture Herceg Fest. Along with numerous programs, Strip Weekend includes a great fun with masks on Wild West - Saloon Masquerade Party, featured with masked guests, announced at the Peoples Beach Bar on Saturday, 16 February.

This year's Strip Weekend is dedicated to the cultural strip phenomenon, Tex Willer, who celebrated 70 years of existence and was hit by his 700th edition on Thursday, 7 February. On this occasion, the guest of Herceg Novi and HSF is the eminent Italian artist Luca Tito Faraci.
From 2007 until today, he has made several dozen of numbers, as well as two maxi editions, one of the most famous strip heroes - the legendary Tex, and beside him, the guest at the strip weekend is the great Italian artist Walter Venturi. This leading artist was the guest of the 12th edition of Hercegnoski's strip festival held last year in September, and since 2012 works for the publishing house of Bonelli Editori under whose shelter also prints Tex.
strip weekend Tex Willer
The event starts today at 7 pm in the City Café, opening the exhibition "70 Years of Tex Willer", on which will present their works the Italian artists, Walter Venturi sand Pasquale Del Vecchio.
The Italian Embassy in HSF recognizes the most important promoters of contemporary Italian culture in Montenegro, which has also confirmed the significant recognition it gave to this organization in 2017. So it's no surprise that the Strip Weekend at the Mimosa Festival takes place as part of the event "Days of Italian Culture."
"The Italian Embassy, two years ago, on 2 June, within the celebration of the Italian Republic Day, gave us the prestigious Caravaggio Award for a huge contribution to the establishment of cultural links between Montenegro and Italy, as well as the promotion of the cultural scene in Montenegro. The Italian Embassy is somebody who has been in the very beginning with the Strip Festival and somebody who recognizes our entire story. They are the first institutional support behind us and are always with us," says Nebojsa Mandic, PR Herceg Novi Strip Festival.
During the following days, at the Hall of the Park, City Café and Nikola Djurkovic Square, HSF is organizing several lectures, workshops with young designers and students, all tracking the standard drawing for fans, the stock market, and excellent HSF hustle.
Under the Strip Weekend on Friday, 15 February, Italian polyvalent artist - musician and screenwriter, Tito Faraci and Walter Venturi will host a workshop and a lecture with participants of the art section of the Ivan Goran Kovačić Secondary School Center. On the same day in the afternoon at Café Kino at Nikola Djurkovic Square on the subject of Wild West in the comic strip and on his work "The Last Bound," the lecture will hold a well-known journalist, screenwriter, collector, and theoretician from Croatia, Milko Peko. 
Guests of HSF also expects a standard HSF stock market on Friday at the 28 October Steps to the main city square, where the well-known regional strip publishers Makondo, Besna Kobila, Komiko, Phoenix Press and Veseli will also be present next to the regular offer.
HSF in cooperation with cafes Got, Kino and RadioCaffe2beat will organize bar-hopping, prize-winning games for all guests on Friday as well as drawing for fans and socializing with artists Tito Faraci, Walter Venturi, Renato Vladimir Renki, Luka Cakic, and Nikola Curcin.
The daily program on Saturday, 16 February, is reserved for the City Café, which will include standard drawings for fans and drawers on the T-shirts (Venturi, Renki, Cakic, Curcin), stock exchange, and two very interesting lectures and presentations on the ground floor: Tito Faraci: "Tex Willer, 70 Years of Italian Cultural Phenomenon" and Dusan Mladenovic: "The 70 Years of Tex on the Balkans".
The weekend ends with Sunday matinee and Spaghetti Western projection at the Cafe Cinema. All programs organized by HSF are free to the public.
Thursday, February 14
7 pm – 8 pm City Café
The opening ceremony of the IV HSF Weekend
Exhibition - Tex Willer - 70 years of Italian cultural phenomenon
Friday, February 15
11 am – 12 am SC Ivan Goran Kovačić
•    Workshop and lecture by Tito Faraci, Valter Venturi, Luka Cakić and Nikola Ćurčin with students of the art section
5 pm – 1 am 28 October Steps - Striparnica - Caffe Pub Got - Cinema - Radiocaffe2beat
•    HSF comic book stairs party
•    Strip stock market
•    Drawing on shirts
•    Drawing for fans
•    Lecture by Milko Peko
•    Bar hopping - from cafe to cafe
•    Prize Games
•    HSF night party - Live music, DJ
Saturday, February 16
11 am – 7 pm City Café
•    11 am – 7 pm - Stock exchange
•    11 am – 1 pm - Drawing on shirts
•    1 pm – 2 pm - Lecture and presentation - Tito Faraci - Tex Willer - 70 years of Italian cultural phenomenon
•    2 pm – 3 pm - Lecture -70 Years of Tex in the Balkans - Dusan Mladenovic - Veseli Cetvrtak
•    Drawing for fans
•    Master class with strip artists
•    9 pm – 4 am People's Beach Bar
•    HSF Saloon masquerade party
Sunday, February 17
11 am - 3 pm Coffee bar Cinema - Projection of the Spaghetti Western Movie
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