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30 Apr 2019, 12:45 PM

Discussions on the theme of making comparisons as the concept of this year's HAPS, held by the organizers of the 24th Herceg Novi April Theatre festivities, Herceg Novi Theater and JUK Herceg fest, were realized in the presence of HAPS participants, actors, directors and journalists, while the audience who had the challenge of comparing two comparable versions of text, direction, interpretation of characters, projections of space and various genres.

Selector Milina Kovacevic, who was also the mediator, spoke about the audience response as well as the reaction to the concept of comparisons.

"What we have heard is that the concept is interesting, and it would be interesting to see and compare it. I'm sure we should work on the development of the audience in this way, as well. I think this challenge is thrown in front of the public and we have positive reactions," said Kovacevic.

She added that there was no data on tickets sales but that the guests of the festival were mostly satisfied with the visit and that the directors who were not able to attend the HAPS and the round table announced in writing, with full support to HAPS as a cultural event that is extremely significant for the city, and transmitted the words by Miro Gavran, Milos Lovic and Lidija Dedovic from the PR Service of Zetski dom.

The playwright and director Miro Gavran, the author of the text "Ice Cream" and the director of the same play in the performance of Zagreb Theater “Gavran”, wrote in the letter of support to the Festival, among other things, that he was happy that the two performances at the Herceg Novi festival.

"Chamber performances are always very" playful performances and I am happy to be hiding behind my actors, and to put them in the foreground. As a spectator in the theater, I mostly go to enjoy the good acting and concise presentation of our lives and interpersonal relationships - and then I'm interested in the skills of dramatic storytelling and the skill of the director's interpretation of the world presented. But all of the long-lasting, most successful performances that played five, ten or more years were playful performances, so I am glad that this festival provides a comparative assessment of the actors’ play," he said.


Photo: Radio Jadran

The piece "Ice Cream", which was played, after the performances by Mladen Gavran and Ana Vilenica from “Gavran” Theater from Zagreb, by Ivan Nedovic and Nadja Nedovic Tekiner from the National Theater Nis, which in real life are mother and daughter, and was rated as beautiful and very complicated because the relationship between mother and daughter is always more complex in relation to the relationships of mother-son or father-daughter.

The difference between the performances of "Ice Cream" by actors from Zagreb and Nis Theater is the third character on the scene, that is, the presence of a male pastry chef, as well as the end of the play that is added and effective.

"The show starts with “Mom where are you” and ends with “Mom where are you”, which is not in the text, and the way of the theater is different, and everything is minimized. There is a different atmosphere, people are closer to each other, and mentality differences have to be taken into consideration," said Nadja Nedovic Tekinder, adding that the audience reactions were excellent.

"The reactions were great, louder than in Nis, and most importantly, the audience was in the mood," she said.


Photo: Radio Jadran

Ivana Nedovic expressed her regret that she could not watch the second performance and did not meet the audience who watched both performances.

"I would like to see how other actors think and how their solutions and actions look. I'm glad we saw the reactions from the public and heard the comments and that we met people today who watched the show and congratulated us. We used the fact that we are mother and daughter in the play because we could recall emotional memories, especially from puberty and I think we used it well, but I also think that we could also work well with some other actresses," Nedovic said.

A letter came from Zetski dom saying that their focus was on social engagement through this time, topics that are indispensable for the progress of the individual and society. The words and concepts that are being studied through everything that is being done are: "capitalism, society, family, with each of the selected titles we invite the public and all of us to re-examination, individualism, perseverance, and to wonder ourselves how to remain preserved and healthy while the slowest ending of the world is currently ongoing. The theater is not there to make us sleep, the theater is there to awake us,"


Photo: Radio Jadran

 Actor Stevan Vukovic said that in the theater the most important is the impression that the play leaves on the viewer and that applause does not have to be a measure of quality, while Pavle Prelevic referred to the system of director's work, saying Urban does not construct a piece in a traditional way that for him it is important to leave the comfort zone, which is evident in the play "Capital". Fighting against oneself, struggling with oneself, research, a major research process is what Urban brings. He added that Andras Urban is a machine that you have to follow and that when you get into something, you go with him to the end.

Actresses Jelena Laban and Jelena Sestovic shared the experiences of playing "Capital" in other, culturally diverse environments, stating that there were no subtitles in the Bulgarian city of Varna but that the audience understood the essence and succeeded in recognizing the problems and issues stated in the play which are affecting all people not only in the Balkans but also in the wider region.

Director Petar Pejakovic, whose two performances were at the repertoire of this year's HAPS, "Capital-kids" and "King's new suit", said that "Capital" with children between 11 and 15 years, started working with the question “What is the capital and capitalism”, but they did not know the answer, and then opened the theme of the differences between the poor and the rich, and then they themselves invented the scenes, transmitted what they saw in the family and the environment and that most of the scenes are a documentary.


Photo: Radio Jadran

"I asked them how they see themselves in 20 years from now. Among twenty of them, only one girl from Podgorica, one kid from Cetinje and one from Kotor, said they see themselves here, while all others said they would go abroad, which was devastating and shaky. The actors themselves created the scenes and the principle was "Super Hik", a figure from Alan Ford who takes away from the poor to give to the rich," Pejakovic said, referring next to the play "King's New Suit ", which is related to Andersen's fairy tale, but which came from a series of actor improvisations created during the rehearsals.

"I'm not a fan of dramatic text, I had a classical education, but I like to do improvisations. Andersen's fairy tale can be told in several sentences and actors have fulfilled it. The goal was a political theater for children, to produce certain attitudes related to the political being, the right to a choice, and democracy," Pejakovic said with the explanation that in the story of children, it is important that the stories are clear, receptive and meaningful to them.

"I think there are not only children's topics, but it's important how you tell it. We try to make duplicate scenes for both adults and children, so the performance works on both planes," he added.


Photo: Radio Jadran

Milos Latinovic, director of Bitef Theater, whose dance performance "King’s new suit" performed at HAPS, wrote that HAPS is one of the major festivals in the region, saying that Herceg Novi, in its essence, is an absolute theatre city and spoke further about this year's festival concept.

"HAPS in its concept should be supported and strengthened by these easy-to-understand opportunities. This year's concept, one of many, is possible and it has obviously attracted interest, because the theater is the water that constantly runs, and never (no show) is the same. It is that moment of surprise and inspiration that magnetically attracts us. That's why it's really important sometimes to play "the same" to see, how different it can be, "Latinovic said.

Goran Bulajic, director of the play "Black Box", made a parallel with the movie "Perfect Strangers", and a performance that came out from the same scenario.


Photo: Radio Jadran

"And this discussion is evidence of all the theater challenges. I rely on the dramatic text and on the actor, this way of making emotions and I'm much closer to this work, in some stable drama literature," Bulajic said, adding that his last two shows were related to two famous films, "Perfect Strangers "Death and a Girl", a play that recently had the Montenegrin premiere.

"The films did not affect my choice and work on these plays, but primarily the scenes, the stories that are powerful on the stage. And after these realizations, they had good communication with the audience and I was challenged. "Death and a girl" was a challenge for me, and I've been carrying it in my head for 20 years because I think it has great scenes and is very eloquent. Both of these processes I have experienced as research in consensus with the actor, I always care about this way of making progress from one rehearsal to another. I've been working on television and film for a long time, and after all my experiences, I think that these are two different worlds, two different languages, and that actors are the ones who connect these two components, but there are also different ways of acting. So, both of these processes I have experienced as research but always in consensus with the actor, in a stable story and I always care about this acting engagement, that progression from one rehearsal to another," Bulajic said.

He reminded that there used to be discussions, thematic discussions about the relationship between literature and the film, and whether the scenario in the narrow sense is literature, a dramatic text and whether it has enough drama elements, and he concluded that the last decades have shown and again confirm that the film scenario is a good literary background.


Photo: Radio Jadran

"Is it because of the film’s influence, the long-term influence on emotions, on the great audience in the way of perception, or there is really something literally that moved, I do not know. I do not have any clear theoretical attitudes and relationships. It's all good what works and what's coming to the audience. It is possible to argue about ways and paths but if it creates tension, it if it draws attention, if the people say they cry and applaud, it's a code, and this evening's theater discussion is evidence of all the theater challenges," concluded Bulajic.

"HAPS is alive for a long time and nobody can change it, and this is a festival that does obey to the rules," said actor Dejan Djonovic, recalling that he was the godfather of the festival’s name, by adding the letter H.

"Whenever someone attacks you, you assume that you have some strength and that's good. The worst thing is when no one touches you because you are not interesting. It's the same with the theater play, because the worst thing is if the audience does not care what you're doing," he said and reminded that it is good if the theater is provoking and that in difficult times the best theater is perhaps sarcasm, even the rebellion theatre.

He does not think that the theater can change the world, but it can provoke it, theater can disrupt something, and today there are only a few things that can agitate something.


Photo: Radio Jadran

Djonovic emphasized that he likes the concept of this year's HAPS and that it is good to see how many sides one topic can be formed, to solve and experience it conceptually and in which genre directions can it go, reminding that actors have to love everything and be ready for everything. "I like both dramatic and antidramatic texts. We are some kind of contemporary guerrillas who come up with different ideas and concepts and this needs to be a challenge. The essence is the acting, and the better you experience it in yourself, present it, the audience will get a better experience of the piece through you," said the actor of the play "King's New Suit", which closed the 24th Herceg Novi April Theater festival and which will also close Kotor festival of children's theater.

Text by Danijela Djonovic, on April 27th, 2019, read more at CdM

28 Apr 2019, 21:51 PM

City Music and Majorettes from Herceg Novi participated at the 9th International festival of brass orchestras which was held in the Turkish city Edirne from the 26th to 28th of April.

At the festival, which brought together 11 orchestras from eight European countries, the band from Herceg Novi played standard music related to Boka Bay, such as “Bokesko kolo” and the song "Kolovodjo, diko nasa". The festival program was divided into several units so that the orchestras were engaged on each of the three days.


The orchestra members from Herceg Novi also got acquainted with the sights of the host city.

The delegation of the Turkish town Edirne, who visited Herceg Novi on the occasion of the Turkish Cultural Days at the 50th Mimosa Festival, discussed with representatives of the municipality the activities and impressions that had been made so far, and talked about the concrete steps that need to be taken in order for the cities of Herceg Novi and Edirne to formalize this cooperation.

During this event, there was a concert organized by the brass orchestra from Edirne and a gastronomic evening of Turkish cuisine.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on April 27th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

28 Apr 2019, 01:27 AM

28 April 2019 - One of the most famous places in Herceg Novi to have a good time, People’s Beach Bar, will officially start the 2019 season with an unforgettable party for Labour Day.

Following good practice, People’s Beach Bar will organize an event aimed at socializing with a tasty barbecue and excellent music. Of course, the organizers have ensured that all guests will have a great time and invited an influential disc jockey and the creator of "The Funk" known to the world as beat juggling, DJ Steve D. The party will officially start at 11 am.

Labour Day Party at Peoples Beach Bar in Herceg Novi

"On May 1, Labour Day, for the first time, we are organizing an event with a barbecue and music. All those who want to enjoy a great party and a cool crowd along with the sounds of the amazing DJ Steve D can join us on May 1 at 11 am," says the invitation by the People’s Beach Bar located at the Beach of Milašinovići.

People’s Beach Bar is a place that sets new standards of how a beach bar should look. During the summer season, it hosts non-stop parties seven days a week, perfect for those who like to mingle and dance with a drink in their hand. The music varies so there is something for everyone. People’s organises parties with a variety of themes, so all party lovers can find an event they prefer at this great location.

Labour Day Party at Peoples Beach Bar in Herceg Novi 3

The Labour Day Party marks the beginning of 2019 season for People’s Beach Bar, and the gorgeous beach, fantastic landscape and high-quality service is an invitation for all visitors to come back and enjoy a great time at the bar soon.

18 Apr 2019, 12:49 PM

Radio Boka went on air for the first time in Herceg Novi on April 17th, 1979, two days after the devastating earthquake that hit the Montenegrin coast. The program of Radio Boka was carried out by the leading journalists of ex-Yugoslavia from Belgrade, Sarajevo and Podgorica, and they worked daily in a metal container placed at the square in front of the municipal building. Radio Herceg Novi, which began to broadcast the program on the same radio-frequency after two years on 25th May 1981, according to employees, inherited the tradition of Radio Boka.

On this occasion, a cocktail party was held, bringing together representatives of the municipality, councilors, colleagues, former editors and employees. Executive Director Dubravka Perovic announced the beginning of the work of the television that will happen under the same roof as the radio but on the new premises.

Radio Boka was a "tough" media, technologist Djuro Krnic said, who as a radio amateur was in "the first set up." "The program was broadcast in the middle frequency, and it was listened to from Ulcinj to Dubrovnik and up to Bilece. The work was done with an old technique, but when one of our colleagues came from some bigger media houses, after listening to our program and seeing where the program was being broadcasted, he would be puzzled and in disbelief, Krnic said.



"I was a student in Belgrade when in the summer of the unfortunate 1979, I came to my Herceg Novi. I was astonished by the appearance of the city, but also by the enormous desire and strength of the inhabitants to renew their homes as soon as possible and to continue their normal lives. Randomly, my high school professor, Zarko Bulatovic, then journalist and editor of TV Titograd, suggested that I should help in creating a program of Radio Boka, which went on air only two days after the earthquake.

It was a big challenge for me, the first journalist real job in extraordinary circumstances. There was supposed to be daily visits to the ravaged Herceg Novi Riviera, listening to and recording various sad stories, people who were left without a roof above their heads, but also those who were encouraged with the help coming from all sides. My first report was from Kumbor," journalist Rada Djakovic recalls.

She reminds editors and experienced journalists who came from the great media centers of the former SFRJ, especially from Radio Titograd: Vlatko Ivanovic, Vladimir Gojnic, Bozidar Terzic. "I dreaded when I handed over the handwritten text for them to look at, before going on air. She says that she forever remembers the hot summer in a small metal container, on the plateau in front of the municipal building, from where the program was broadcasted with two big tape recorders by the brand "Studer" and chronicles of the municipalities: Herceg Novi, Kotor, and Tivat.   

Despite all technological advances, the radio is today the fastest medium - at the same time the media that continually confront us with reality and leaves enough space for imagination - because there is no image just a living word.

This also applies to Radio Herceg Novi from the moment we first went on air. As a media founded by the Municipality - we watched and experienced everything that the city had experienced, all the fractures in society, all the ups and downs, the bad and the good times. We have breathed and continue to breathe with the city," said journalist and editor of Radio Herceg Novi, Vitka Vujnovic.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on April 17th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

18 Apr 2019, 11:38 AM

April 18, 2019 - To meet the high tourist season, the local Tourism Organization of Herceg Novi, in cooperation with National Tourism Organisation, is about to launch a so-called "road show" promotion in the pre-season and the post-season in the cities of the region. The aim is to extend the season and increase the number of tourists in May, June, September, and October.

The focus of the offer will be lower rental rates agreed with private publishers, along with tourist cards that provide city tours, city attractions, and sights, as well as a tour of the bay.
The road show will go to Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, Kragujevac, Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Tuzla, Director of TO Pavle Obradovic said Radio Jadran:
"We have made a desirable offer for May and June, which we will focus on, with the offer during the season and in the post-season. We will talk to the agencies and present our proposal. It will pack package arrangements for 3, 5 and seven nights, in May, June September, and October. It's a promo package to offer with private accommodation publishers who have provided somewhat lower prices. TO will subsidize a tourist city card worth 5 euro for a fortress tour, for every guest coming in this period," Obradović explained.
The promo prices for accommodation vary from 8 to 10 euros per person overnight, while negotiating with several restaurants that half board is 10 euros, and breakfast 2, and for a bed and breakfast 10 euros.
Obradovic pointed out that the city-card could be purchased at Tourist Info Bureaus for 5, 10 and 20 euros.
"A 5 euro card allows a tour of the Fortress, the Native Museum, the Njegoševa School. The 10 euro card also enables you to sail by boat to Žanjic, while a ticket of 20, besides the mentioned, also allows a visit to the Adventure Park on Vrbanj. Cards are currently under construction," Obradović said.
Herceg Novi will be promoted on billboards,  media in the region as well as social networks, which, as they hoped for in the Tourist Organisation would have to result in a better visit than last year.
According to TO's latest statistical data, there are 3,300 registered guests in Herceg Novi, which is a 51% better visit than the same period last year.
The tourist organization redesigned a site that was promoted and viewed, where tourists can get information about the city, accommodation, city attractions, and active holidays.
There is also a live chat site, active from 8 to 20 h. In this way, direct communication for TO employees is provided, which will directly connect tourists with the tourist industry - accommodation publishers, restaurants, rent-a-car agencies and the like.
Obradovic, therefore, invited tourists to turn TO to make a joint presentation of their activities.
For those who prefer communication over the Internet, the new GIS application of Herceg Novi (geographic information system) is now available in the App Store, which is the directory of all companies in Herceg Novi.
Also, a virtual tour of the city continues, during which all hotels, large number of suites, city attractions, promenades, beaches, available on Google Maps and Google Street View have been recorded so far to be used for the application.
On the site of TO is the new three-year promo video of the city, which presented the project "2 experiences in 1 day" - coastal and mountainous. Included are city attractions, historical and cultural heritage and promotion of kayaking, sailing, and diving with cycling, hiking and paragliding in the hinterland. This kind of bidding awakened a great interest of tourists and bloggers, so some agencies from Russia and Macedonia have already begun to make a bargain, Obradovic says.
This year, as of June 1, 18 Info bureaux will be opened, of which six are currently active.
17 Apr 2019, 14:20 PM

The Secretariat for Culture and Education of the Municipality Herceg Novi has presented a wall painting competition within the "Street Art Festival" to be held in September. The subject of the competition for making the art solution of the wall is "Paths, Faces, Districts". Specialists from the field of art, individuals and art groups who have at least three wall paintings are invited by the Secretariat to design a mural and send applications no later than May 15th, 2019. Particularly welcome are the works that aesthetically suit and reflect the context of the city and the local community.  


A decision-making commission composed of three experts from the field of artistic creativity will be evaluating the delivered solutions. The three best works will be awarded prize money, and the authors will be provided with wall painting material by the organizers at the anticipated locations during the Street Art Festival in September. It is intended that this year's Street Art Festival will be of an international character, says the secretary Zambelic Pistalo.


"Discussions with the organizers of similar festivals in Helsinki, Finland and Esther, Portugal are ongoing. Hopefully, we will arrange the participation, which will make the Street Art festival have an international character, quality and more creative people," said the Secretary of Culture and education Ana Zambelic Pistalo.

The aim of the Street Art Festival is to enhance the public space and promote the city as a place of pleasant living, with the simultaneous affirmation of modern forms of art.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on April 16th 2019, read more at Vijesti

13 Apr 2019, 22:04 PM

April 13, 2019 - The International Conference "Strategic Tourism Development Based on the Valorization of Cultural Heritage" convened on April 12 in Herceg Novi with participants from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Germany, and Montenegro, as well as representatives of the European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA).

A project dedicated to projects and examples of good practices for cultural heritage valuation in the cities of Europe was held at the hotel "Lighthouse," within the project "Network of Tourist Cities for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage." The organizer is the Secretariat for Tourism, Economic Development, and Entrepreneurship of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, in cooperation with the local Tourism Organization.

Branka Mračević, the Secretariat representative, said that the conference was devoted to the exchange of experiences between the cities and the countries of the European Union and the countries that are still not members on the subject of valorization of material and intangible cultural heritage for the promotion of cities and states.

Mračević also noted that the Secretariat for Tourism, Economic Development, and Entrepreneurship aims to promote, in addition to administrative local government affairs, more activities in co-operation with European partners.

The representative of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism Tamara Đukić said that, according to the development goals defined in Montenegro's Tourism Development Strategy by 2020, our country is undertaking activities and implementing various projects to make Montenegro a high-quality tourist destination with a full year and diversified tourist production.

In support of this is the fact that the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism has started developing a cultural tourism development program of Montenegro, with the Action Plan 2019-2021, which was adopted by the Government last month. The Action Plan foresees the establishment of a working team to be responsible for its implementation with a set of tasks to raise the level of the tourist offer in terms of valorization of our country's material and non-material cultural heritage.

The Ministry of Culture, as a competent national institution, protects cultural heritage from different aspects, said Dobrila Vlahović from that Ministry. She reminded of the significant projects supported by the Ministry of Culture, which relate to the valorization of cultural heritage only from the conservative apse, but also for tourist purposes of the placing of cultural objects and goods in the function of sustainable use.

Vesna Maksimovic, from the regional agency of the Development Center Novo Mesto, said that the idea of ​​a project involving nine more partners from other cities was born out of the long-standing cooperation between that city and Herceg Novi.

"We want to promote cultural tourism and cultural heritage, and our goal is to encourage our citizens from Novo Mesto to come to Herceg Novi and show them what everyone can see here. The project lasts two years, but the main goal is that over the next few years more and more tourists will come to you and that more citizens of Herceg Novi will visit Novo Mesto," Maksimovic said.

The conference presented examples of good practice in Novo Mesto in Slovenia, the Croatian municipality of Konavle, the Polish town of Torun, Kotor and Herceg Novi, as well as the challenges facing local governments in the protection of cultural heritage. The participants are introduced to the cultural heritage of Herceg Novi, which deals with the protection of cultural assets, as well as the cross-border project "Fortress ReInvented," whose realization is ongoing, and the result will be the introduction of digital technologies at Kanli Kula to improve tourism valorization.

In addition to partners from partner cities, the conference was attended by representatives of state authorities, local self-government, tourism organizations, NGOs and the media.

At the end of the conference, participants from eight European countries had the opportunity to visit Kanli Kula, Forte Mare, the Old Town, and the City Museum, and to make their visit closer to the cultural heritage and potentials of Herceg Novi.

13 Apr 2019, 14:44 PM

April 13, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate opportunities in Montenegro, in association with RE/MAX, a trip to Herceg Novi. 

It is a big year for tourism in Herceg Novi, as Portonovi will finally open its doors this summer. The luxury resort at Kumbor will eventually cost 900 million euro once complete, and the level of luxury will put Herceg Novi firmly on the map. 

So it is not a bad neighbourhood to be in... 

remax-herceg-novi-6 (7).jpg

I had a drink with a regional property expert recently, whose opinion is that Portonovi will do wonders for land values in the region.

And if you don't fancy building, this week's property of the week might be the perfect solution.  

remax-herceg-novi-6 (6).jpg

Situated in the village of Djenovici, right next to Kumbor, the 2010 apartment of 109m2 is described as follows on the official RE/MAX listing:

remax-herceg-novi-6 (5).jpg

This home screams ‘designer’ and will reflect the personality and taste of those accustomed to the best in quality design, finishes, and lifestyle.

remax-herceg-novi-6 (4).jpg

Highly sophisticated in the choice of furniture, light colors, and design, this beautiful home is enveloped in light and comfort. Crisp white walls, light brown floors, and high ceilings create a style as timeless as the sparkling sea view. The calming sea vista and mountains, captured through the extensive use of glass, will help you forget city stress. It won’t be easy to click out of high-end holiday mode in this stylishly contemporary residence for the modern pleasure-seeker.

remax-herceg-novi-6 (2).jpg

Asking price - 320,000 euro. For more photos, info, and to book a viewing, check out the original listing.  

remax-herceg-novi-6 (1).jpg


remax-herceg-novi-6 (11).jpg


remax-herceg-novi-6 (10).jpg


remax-herceg-novi-6 (9).jpg


remax-herceg-novi-6 (8).jpg


13 Apr 2019, 00:18 AM

12 April 2019 - Around 2.267 employees worked in seven of the most important hotels and tour companies in Montenegro last year, and they made a profit of 151 million EUR.

Maestral hotel and casino in Budva generated the highest profit of 36,6 million EUR. Next comes Luštica Development, with 33,3 million EUR. Budvanska Rivijera made a profit of 21,5 million EUR, HG Montenegro Stars – 20,7 million EUR, HG Belvi – 14 million EUR, Adriatic Properties – 12,9 million EUR and Beppler and Jacobson Montenegro – 1,8 million EUR.

Five out of seven companies finished the last year with a positive performance. Maestral made the highest profit – 10,7 million EUR. Belvi Hotel Group from Budva ended last year with a gain of 4,64 million EUR. Budvanska Rivijera made a profit of 2,6 million EUR, while Beppler and Jacobson Montenegro made a net profit of 1,52 million EUR. The profit of Montenegro Stars amounted 342.738 EUR whereas the Adriatic Properties was at a loss – 5,72 million EUR. Luštica Development also operated at a loss of 475.545 EUR.

Montenegro Stars company had the highest number of employees last year – 650. Budvanska Rivijera counted 585 and Maestral 357 employees. Adriatic Properties had 280 employees and Belvi Group had 214. At the end of last year, Beppler and Jacobson had 93 employees, and Luštica Development – 88. Budvanska Rivijera has the highest capital – 190 million EUR. The capital of Montenegro Stars amounts 80,37 million EUR, Beppler and Jacobson – 36,2 million EUR. The capital of Belvi amounts to 28,2 million EUR and Maestral had the capital of 20,56 million EUR. Adriatic Properties had negative capital amounting to 49,5 million EUR.

Owner of the Maestral hotels and casinos company from Budva is Fasamo, a company from Podgorica. President of the Board of Directors is Georgios Lychnos, while Christos Tsemperas is the CEO.

This company manages Maestral hotel, which was reopened in July of 2017 after being reconstructed. Luštica Development is the branch of Swiss Orascom Development Holding. Samih Saviris is the President of the Board of Directors and Daren Gibson is the CEO. This company is carrying out the Luštica Bay project. Last year, the first phase of the marina with 176 berths was opened in Luštica Bay, along with the first ultra-luxurious Chedi hotel and marina settlement with around 220 residential units.

Budvanska Rivijera is still mostly state-owned. Saša Radović is the President of the Board of Directors of this company. Katarina Kažanegra is the CEO. Founders, that is, co-owners of Montenegro Stars hotel group are Žarko Radulović and Viktor Ivanenko. Milan Vuković is the CEO of this company. Splendid is within this company too. Owners of Belvi Hotel Group are Branko and Predrag Ćupić and Selim Kolar is the CEO. President of the Board of Directors of Adriatic Properties is Petros Statis and Goran Bencun is the CEO.

Founder of this company is Aidway Investments from British Virgin Islands. Adriatic Properties is the long-term tenant of Sveti Stefan hotel, Miločer villa, and Kraljičina plaža hotel. Founder of Beppler and Jacobosn company is Lawson Trading INC. This company manages Avala hotel in Budva and Bjanka hotel in Kolašin. Nikola Kasalo is the CEO and Alexander Safian is the president of the Board.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

11 Apr 2019, 11:02 AM

April 11, 2019 - "Strategic development of tourism based on the valorisation of cultural heritage" is the theme of an international conference organized by the Secretariat for Tourism, Economic Development and Entrepreneurship of the Municipality of Herceg Novi in cooperation with the local Tourism Organization and within the project "Network of Tourist Cities for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage".

As announced by the Press Service of the local government, the conference will be held on Friday, 12 April at the hotel "Lighthouse," starting at 10 am.
The meeting will attend the representatives of cities and municipalities that are project partners of the Municipality of Herceg Novi within Europe for the Citizens Program - Network of Cities: Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Torun (Poland), Vilafranca del Penedés (Spain), Trnava (Slovakia), Langenhagen and Buhl (Germany), Bihac (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and the European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA).
Also, representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Culture, the National Tourism Organization, local self-government and local tourism organizations from Montenegro, representatives of academic institutions and non-governmental organizations have been announced.
Montenegro has preserved its cultural heritage and its tradition of three significant cultures. In Montenegro, the multiethnicity and specificity of the authentic offer that contemporary tourism seeks to have been fostered, as it reacts to the homogeneity of everyday life and globalization. However, the potential of cultural heritage has not yet been sufficiently exploited in our country's offer.
Cultural tourism is based on the mosaic of locality, tradition, art forms, celebrations, and experiences, which create a portrait of a nation or a nation, reflecting the diversity and their character. It includes not only culture, but also entertainment, landscapes, gastronomy, high-quality food products, handicrafts, events, tours, and excursions. Visitors want to be informed of everything in one area, consuming a mixture of these elements. Tourists travel to sites that are proud of their cultural heritage due to the mix of all these experiences.
The objectives of the project "Network of Tourist Cities for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage" relate to the exchange of best examples of valorization of cultural heritage and cultural heritage for development and promotion of tourism, with the strengthening of European identity and values.
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