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31 May 2019, 21:43 PM

31 May 2019 - “We invite all citizens and tourists to honour us with their presence at the city port Škver, so that we can jointly salute the participants of the first Herceg Novi regatta – Herceg Novi Sailing Tour with a feast full of delicious fish and wine!“, says the official invitation of Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi for the regatta which starts on June 1.

As TMN previously reported, the first Herceg Novi regatta named Herceg Novi Sailing Tour is being organized by the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi in ​​cooperation with the Sailing Club Jugola Grakalić, the Municipality of Herceg Novi and the Hotel Lazure.

The event, which will take place on June 1, includes an umpires and skippers boat race. The regatta will be held in the waters of the Bay of Kotor within the territory that belongs to the Herceg Novi Municipality.

The sailing tour, which will mark the official beginning of the 2019 summer sailing season, starts in front of Marina Lazure in Meljine and runs around the island of Mamula. Then the ships sail towards their goal - the city port of Herceg Novi.

Fifteen teams are expected to compete, and the Montenegrin sailor that competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the Men's Laser class, Milivoj Dukić will also take part in the sailing tour. The list of the participants in the regatta will include musician and sailor from Herceg Novi, Rambo Amadeus.

The sailors will meet for the race on June 1 at 9:30 am, and the official start of the regatta will be at 11 am. The finishing point of the sailing tour is the city port Škver, and sailing enthusiasts can await the boats at this point at 1 pm.

The Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi and the Sailing Club Jugola Grakalić have prepared a traditional fish and wine celebration accompanied by local entertainment and music from 1 pm to 5 pm. The award ceremony will be held also on June 1, at 9 pm.

The representatives of the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi are inviting all sailing enthusiasts to experience the unique regatta moment when the first boat within the regatta officially starts the race for the first time on June 1. All visitors will be able to enjoy an exciting and competitive racing and the onshore camaraderie!

31 May 2019, 11:07 AM

May 31, 2019 - Another confirmation that the Herceg Novi Strip Festival (HSF) is in the company of the most significant manifestations devoted to ninth art arrived in the form of consecration as a preface to the capital piece Smart Girl: I-matter in the release of Evolution comics, written by the author and great Spanish artist Fernando Dagnino. 

Thanks to the closest associates and anyone who helped him in the two-year realization of this work, Dagnino also thanked, as he noted, the great fans, artists and organizers he had met at the strip festivals. He did not speak in general about all the comics' gatherings, but individually listed  Clermont, Nice, Marseille, Lion, Paris, Edinburgh, New York, Alicante, and Herceg Novi.
With this kind of relationship between the audience and the organisers, not only the artists who always want to return to Herceg Novi, but also all the random visitors who at least once felt the atmosphere in the Herceg Novi band of comic strips, HSF has become and remains a festival that artists recommend to each other. According to Fernando Dagnino's recommendation among 13 special guests, this year, HSF has two more outstanding artists - Alain Mauricet and Raul Allen.
Belgian writer and comic artist, Alain Mauricet, has been working for one of the most popular comics in French, Spirou, for nine years, while currently working for one of the two most significant US and world publishing houses - DC Comics, which draws Batman and Superman. Last year, Alain Mauricet worked on another favorite project - Star Wars Adventures, for which he produced the "Lost Eggs of Livorno" annual edition and four individual stories: Tales from Wild Space: A Small Push -Star Wars Adventures 12 "Star Wars Adventures 14" and "An Unlikely Friendship" - Star Wars Adventures 15 and "Roger Roger" - Star Wars Adventures 19.
Raul Allen is an artist from Valladolid, who trained in belles art, illustration and design in Salamanca and Boston. He has received a significant number of awards for his work, including the annual award at the 49th New York Illustrator Association. His work on comics was inspired by the world-famous publishing houses such as DC Comics, Marvel, Valiant, Dynamite, for which he participated in the realization of a comic strip like Wonder Woman, Secret Avengers, Hawkeye, Immortal Iron Fist.
The HSF reminds that, alongside Alain Mauricet and Raul Allen, the celebrated Argentine artist, one of the world's most celebrated authors Enrike Breccia, and Bethan Havant Fernandez, Spanish artist, as well as the stars of the Italian comics scene- Andrea di Vito, Mario Alberti, and Pasquale del Vecchio are also coming to Herceg Novi.
The 13th HSF organizers promise to announce the names of all 13 special guests coming to Herceg Novi this September soon.
29 May 2019, 11:33 AM

May 29, 2019 - The public company Sea Property is not a partner of the Municipality of Herceg Novi nor to the citizens of our city. It does not respect the efforts to achieve the cooperation, reads the announcement of the Public Invitation for the Lease of the city port of Škver, announced by the President of the Herceg Novi Municipality, Stevan Katić. 

"With the announced Public Call, the Sea Property has divided the Škver City Port into three different tenancy cases, disregarding the Municipality of Herceg Novi and its citizens, as well as the Municipal Harbor Management Agency as a longtime customer and a good host of Škver.
This kind of public call has shown extreme unfamiliarity with the local circumstances and disrespect for the citizens of Herceg Novi, a particular aspect being that this way shows the ignorance of the commitment and investment of the Municipal Harbor Management Agency and its employees during the past years.
How the Sea Property for years ignores citizens' interests is also evident from the Lease of beach resorts in our territory, as well as in other municipalities. Despite constant insistence that lease agreements should be concluded latest by 1 May, so that the beaches are ready for the season, there is no responsible relationship on this issue. That is why last year we came to the situation that, when the city is full of tourists, we have untidy beaches, we do not know who the landlords are and who is responsible for their maintenance.
Another example of neglecting citizens' interest is "managed" tenders and public calls. This time, the target of "managed" bids is the pier at Skver, which they think can be divided into three different units, with various tenants, under different rental conditions. It is interesting that in Tivat there was no problem that the local communal port of Kalimanj remains what it is," says the statement of the President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi.
The Municipality of Herceg Novi is an unacceptable part of the Public Call, which leases the platform for sailing the Blue Cave, which would open up additional space for favoring the individuals, and the natural environment was disturbed.
The Herceg Novi Municipality will continue its cooperation with the Public Company Sea Property under a single condition - when it withdraws the Call for Public Contracts for the Lease of berths in Skver harbor, and when the terms of Lease of the Škver and Blue Cave have been reconciled with the Municipality of Herceg Novi," concludes the statement.
27 May 2019, 16:49 PM

May 27, 2019 - Children, young people, and parents can now find all the information about organizations, institutions, sports clubs and NGOs working with children and young people in Herceg Novi - at the Informer for Children and Youth. The first of such Informer is the result of cooperation between the Secretariat for Culture and Education and the NGO Youth Center Herceg Novi

The aim is to provide accurate information to those with whom the Informer is intended-- to children and young people to whom to address their idea, request or question, said Secretary of Culture Ana Zambelic Pištalo at today's meeting with journalists on the occasion of Informer's presentation.
The printed copies will be delivered to educational institutions, the non-governmental sector, and the Informer will be available in digital form on the websites of the Municipality of Herceg Novi as well as on the Youth Center page. One of the activities will be the introduction of Informer in schools in the coming period.
The motivation for making Informer was conducted by the preparation of the Municipal Youth Strategy, adopted in December. Based on the survey of young people in the local community, it was concluded that one of the main shortcomings was insufficient information, explained Zambelić Pištalo.
The preparation of the Informer started in January by sending invitations and surveys to all who work with children and young people in the territory of the new municipality, to provide concrete, updated information. The information collecting lasted for over two months, and as a result, a consolidated, reviewed list of children and young people dealing with organizations is included, with activity descriptions, phone numbers, and addresses.
Zambelić Pištalo thanked everyone who provided information to create Informer, thus making one of the crucial elements of the Local Action Plan for Youth this year. He particularly expressed his satisfaction with the successful cooperation with the Youth Cultural Center as a partner in this project.
Nataša Dendić from the NGO Youth Cultural Center said that the approach to creating Informer was not simple, and the focus was on coming to the right data. He emphasizes that the Informer is subject to change and additions, as it concerns the developing city, and continually gets new organizations and services for children and young people.
"You will not believe, today, in the Internet era, the biggest problem young people have is information. We have almost surveyed how the young people in Herceg Novi think. We found that 30-40% know how to define where they are suitable for entertainment, but they do not know where to go if they think they have a sexually transmitted disease, a problem with psychoactive substances or want to organize a cultural event they have imagined," Dendić said.
Herceg Novi has resources, people and knowledge, a healthy environment for young people, says Dendić, and with proper channeling and application, right moves are taking place.
It is the third project of the Youth Cultural Center cooperates and the Secretariat for Culture and Education after participating in the Local Action Plan for Youth and the Youth Theatre Forum project.
26 May 2019, 21:55 PM

26 May 2019 - The European Union Delegation and the European Union Info Center are organizing the Europe Day in Kotor on Friday, May 31, as part of the Month of Europea Celebration.

On the Square of the Museum starting at 6 PM an info desk will be opened, where citizens can learn more about the process of European Union integrations, look at the exhibition of European Union's projects in Montenegro and participate in the prize quiz on the European Union.

At the same place, a party of Europe starts from 8 PM, with DJ set Aleksandra Duende accompanied by local support provided by DJ Mr Goju.

"We are pleased to invite citizens of Kotor to join us at the concert of Aleksandra Duende and Mr Goju who bring a modern, European sound to the Square of the Museum. We donate the concert to the citizens of Kotor, in the wish to celebrate European values ​​together," the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro announced.

Aleksandra Duende is one of the most successful Balkan DJs. The music is recognized by sets that abound with the sounds of the orient and include various electronic genres, such as tech house, deep house, indie house, deep disco, soulful house and others.

Mr Goju's local support for decades has spawned a specific prism and gave a completely authentic view of contemporary styles of broken beats, house, funk, soul, swing, jazz. Mr Goju regularly performs throughout Europe (Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia ...).

The European Union Delegation to Montenegro and the EU Info Center this year celebrate Europe Day celebrations throughout May, in order to bring citizens closer to the European Union and openly discuss the common European values, the benefits of membership, and the challenges brought by the European integration process.

Source: Skala Radio

23 May 2019, 18:41 PM

23 May 2019 - Due to the importance of the Decision on the Community Order in the daily functioning of the city, citizens of business entities, tourists and their relation to common public spaces, it is necessary that as many citizens as possible help with their suggestions in drafting the Decision on the Community Order which will regulate penalty fees for disturbance of Community Order, as reported from the relevant municipal services.

The importance of this decision, as well as the rules and limitations of behavior on public surfaces, can be seen in the decisions of the cities of neighboring countries where, for example, tourists were given notice of the rules and penalties that they expect in the event of improper conduct. Thus, walking without a shirt calls for a 500 EUR fine, and walking in a swimsuit 600 EUR, while a penalty for eating and drinking in a public area is 700 EUR.

This decision may prescribe various, other rules of conduct that would regulate neighborhood parking problems, drying of laundry, garbage disposal, appearance of buildings, loud music, etc.

Also, as this decision stems from the Law on communal activities regulating public water supply, management of communal waste waters, management of atmospheric waters, municipal waste management, arrangement and maintenance of public areas, public lighting management, public transport of passengers in urban and suburban settlements, maintenance of municipal roads and cycling trails, the maintenance of troughs and watercourses of local importance, maintenance of public cemeteries, chapels and burials, maintenance of markets and parking spaces, maintenance of public toilets, disposal of abandoned animals and maintenance of shelters for their collection, all citizens need to take part in its forming.

Due to those above, the Public Call for Preliminary Consultation will last two months in order to prepare the draft of the Decision on the Community Order that will be at a public hearing in the extended period, so that all interested parties could solve problems that have not been defined by the existing regulations.

23 May 2019, 18:08 PM

23 May 2019 - The Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen will present a new tourist offer in Herceg Novi on Friday, May 24th, the historic Time Machine of Herceg Novi tour.

The promotional tour will be organized for media representatives, Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi, tourist agencies and hotel guests from the area.

The start of the tour is at 8 AM from the square of Nikola Đutković, at the Clock Tower, the symbol of Herceg Novi.

"We are producing dominant fortifications over the city, Kanli tower and Španjol, a reminder of both the long-standing Turkish and the short-lived Spanish authorities. Walking through history, we follow the route of the main hiking route that connected Herceg Novi with mountain for centuries and in that role it existed until the last quarter of the 20th century, until the villagers of the surrounding villages were able to go down to the market with a stock of livestock, full products" as explained from the Agency .

Along the path today, there were numerous catering facilities, such as Avramović's cormorant, which was even visited by Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević during his walks in the hinterland of Herceg Novi.

"Crossing the Matkovo Bridge (a coherent stone building) we enter deeper into the hinterland, into the Kotobilj battlefield, a crucial event for the liberation of the Herceg Novi region from the Turkish authorities. Today it is a place in the pleasant environment of dense forests of coastal pine and cypress, with more organized rest areas for walkers," said representatives of the Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen.

The walking tour is adapted to the average visitor and requires a minimum physical fitness (since about 350 meters of climbing altitude difference must be mastered). It is necessary to announce a minimum of 48h earlier. With sightseeing and resting, the tour lasts for 4 to 5 hours, of which about 3 hours of the trip is being walked.

Suitable shoes (not sandals and flip-flops), small backpack with water and food, spare clothes, protective creams (sun and mosquitoes), rain protection, mobile phone and, possibly, personal accessories for first aid are also required on this tour. The organizer is obliged to take all measures for the safe implementation of the programme, however, participation in the Time Machine tour is at your own risk.

Source: Radio Jadran News

23 May 2019, 17:32 PM

22 May 2019 - The solo concert of pianist Nikola Vučković will be held in the concert hall of the Music School of Herceg Novi on May 24th at 7.30PM. The programme will, among many others, include pieces of composers Ravel and Liszt.

After finishing the Elementary Music School in Budva, Nikola Vučković started studying at the secondary Music School in Subotica in the class of Professor Matija Molcer. He continued his education at the Music Academy in Novara, Italy, in the class of Professor Marian Mike, where he graduated with honors in 2002. He also studied at the Music Academy in Cetinje in the class of professor Boris Kraljević, in which he graduated in 2004. He has a master's degree in the class of Professor Vladimir Bockarjev.

He has been improving in the country and abroad with famous pedagogues such as Dmitri Bashkirov, Sandor Falvai, Noel Flores, Vladimir Ovcinjikov, Kemal Gekić, Aleksandar Serdar, etc.

In addition to his remarkable performances at domestic and international competitions, he performed at over 250 concerts as a soloist and chamber musician in Montenegro, Serbia, Italy, Austria, France, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany. Among the significant performances in Montenegro, recitals should be singled out in the National Theater of Montenegro, the Royal Theater Zetski Dom in Cetinje, the Park Hall in Herceg Novi, City Theater in Budva, and at Barski Letopis, as well as at the one of the most important ones - concert at the National Theater of Montenegro, which he performs with the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Radovan Papović, who also represents his orchestral debut.

Out of his concerts abroad, the most significant are the opening of the "Verbanja Musica" festival (Italy) - on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Chopin, the city of Martelag (Venice), a concert in Milano for the most influential politicians of Forza Italia, a recital in Naples, a performance at the Bosendorfer Hall, in Vienna and in the Royal Casino in Baden, at the Army Hall in Sarajevo, "Olivier Messian" in Paris etc. So far, he has recorded a large number of notable performances that were recorded and broadcast by TV stations: RTS, RTCG, RTV Novi Sad, RTV Budva, Rai Uno (Italy), as well as radio stations of classical music "Bela Bartok" (Hungary). Since 2015 he is a permanent member of the duo "2Soul(o)s" with prominent violinist Dušica Kordić. He is currently engaged as director of the Music School in Budva.

Source: Radio Herceg Novi

23 May 2019, 11:39 AM

May 23, 2019 - Mountaineering Club Subra from Herceg Novi this weekend organizes the jubilee 20th Orjen Marathon, and in cooperation with the Orjen Development and Protection Agency prepares an attractive program for all generations, which will last from 24-26 May.

The track is 14 km long and the marathon does not have a competitive character and is well organized, with guides and stories of exciting locations such as the fortress Grab, Žitni Do, Simova Cave, the pit Izvod, Dragon Mouth, Subra Gate, the peak of Subra ( 1689 m ), Marko's Rock, Fairy's Guvno, Subra's Plateaus and Rocks Plateau. The tour lasts between 7 and 8 hours and is suitable for mid-range hikers.
According to the marathon itinerary, on Friday, 24 May you will arrive in the afternoon at the mountain hut of Vratlo, with the accommodation of participants and a solemn opening at 7 pm. An hour later, an exhibition of the fossils of the Agency for the Development and Protection of the Orjen "Geo-Heritage of Orjen" will be opened, organized on the occasion of the European Day of Parks. 
On Saturday, 25 May, at 9 am, the start of the Orjen Mountain Marathon is announced, while the assignment of the participants' diplomas is scheduled for 5 pm, followed by a joint dinner.
On Sunday, 26 May, at 10 am, a circular mountain running race, the Orjen Heart, is announced on a 5.490m long track. The competition is intended for those who are engaged in mountain running and similar sports disciplines. 
On the route of the Orjen Heart, the guides will meet the participants with the Žitni Do, Ledena pit, Grotjavica, Duboki Do and Rocks Plateau. The tour takes about 3 hours. The award ceremony and the closing ceremony of 20th Orjen Marathon are scheduled for Sunday, 26 May at 2 pm.
Participants of the marathon pay a €5 fee, and participants of the mountain run €3. More detailed information is available on the official FB page or via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The organization of the marathon helped the Ministry of Sport, Herceg Novi Tourism Organization, Beer Factory Trebjesa, Athletic Association of Montenegro and others.
22 May 2019, 16:42 PM

Independence Day of Montenegro was marked in Baosici by the cultural, entertainment and sports program "My Country".

"The day on which Montenegro marks independence is a day that clearly marks the milestone and a break with the mythomania, the waving of swords, the daggers and the flags, the day where Montenegro, human, honest, dignified, civilized, decided on its destiny," said the playwriter Stevan Koprivica.

The state of Montenegro, he said, becomes a shelter, or at least tries to be, to all, no matter if they are called Montenegrins, Serbs, Croats, Albanians, Bosnians, Roma, Egyptians, Italians, more than a state that implies institutions and demonstrations of power.


"Montenegro is a homeland to people whose honesty, workmanship, rejoicing, and family are not determined by the nation itself, but by human quality. Ethics, and not nationalism, is the ethos that emerges from the national dance in which the jump strives to the heights, the nobility of the Boka Bay “kolo” (dance), in the emotion of old-Podgorica songs that have the tones and longings of the east, in the heights of Prokletije," Koprivica said.

Montenegro and all of its people, by the act of celebrating independence, relying on those irrefutable facts of history, but not being slaves to them, embarked on a modern era of emancipation of human values, the attempt to keep the state not to be a government mechanism but a synonym and paradigm of a homeland," concluded Koprivica.


In the program of the celebration, whose organizer and executive producer was "Media Frame", the chorus from the High school "Ivan Goran Kovacic" and their band "Kupplung", duo "Providenca", "Castel Nuovo" and actor Milos Pejovic participated.

"Race of Independence" was held on the route from the Cultural center in Bijela to Baosici Local Community.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on May 21st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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