Informer for Children and Youth Presented in Herceg Novi

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Informer for Children and Youth Presented in Herceg Novi Informer for Children and Youth, Municipality of Herceg Novi

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May 27, 2019 - Children, young people, and parents can now find all the information about organizations, institutions, sports clubs and NGOs working with children and young people in Herceg Novi - at the Informer for Children and Youth. The first of such Informer is the result of cooperation between the Secretariat for Culture and Education and the NGO Youth Center Herceg Novi

The aim is to provide accurate information to those with whom the Informer is intended-- to children and young people to whom to address their idea, request or question, said Secretary of Culture Ana Zambelic Pištalo at today's meeting with journalists on the occasion of Informer's presentation.
The printed copies will be delivered to educational institutions, the non-governmental sector, and the Informer will be available in digital form on the websites of the Municipality of Herceg Novi as well as on the Youth Center page. One of the activities will be the introduction of Informer in schools in the coming period.
The motivation for making Informer was conducted by the preparation of the Municipal Youth Strategy, adopted in December. Based on the survey of young people in the local community, it was concluded that one of the main shortcomings was insufficient information, explained Zambelić Pištalo.
The preparation of the Informer started in January by sending invitations and surveys to all who work with children and young people in the territory of the new municipality, to provide concrete, updated information. The information collecting lasted for over two months, and as a result, a consolidated, reviewed list of children and young people dealing with organizations is included, with activity descriptions, phone numbers, and addresses.
Zambelić Pištalo thanked everyone who provided information to create Informer, thus making one of the crucial elements of the Local Action Plan for Youth this year. He particularly expressed his satisfaction with the successful cooperation with the Youth Cultural Center as a partner in this project.
Nataša Dendić from the NGO Youth Cultural Center said that the approach to creating Informer was not simple, and the focus was on coming to the right data. He emphasizes that the Informer is subject to change and additions, as it concerns the developing city, and continually gets new organizations and services for children and young people.
"You will not believe, today, in the Internet era, the biggest problem young people have is information. We have almost surveyed how the young people in Herceg Novi think. We found that 30-40% know how to define where they are suitable for entertainment, but they do not know where to go if they think they have a sexually transmitted disease, a problem with psychoactive substances or want to organize a cultural event they have imagined," Dendić said.
Herceg Novi has resources, people and knowledge, a healthy environment for young people, says Dendić, and with proper channeling and application, right moves are taking place.
It is the third project of the Youth Cultural Center cooperates and the Secretariat for Culture and Education after participating in the Local Action Plan for Youth and the Youth Theatre Forum project.

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