HSF in Rank of Biggest: Fernando Dagnino Gives Praise, Two New Top Names Added

By , 31 May 2019, 11:07 AM Lifestyle
HSF in Rank of Biggest: Fernando Dagnino Gives Praise, Two New Top Names Added Dagnino Emphasizes Several Comics Festivals - Clermont, Nice, Marseille, Lion, Paris, Edinburgh, New York, Alikante and Herceg Novi

May 31, 2019 - Another confirmation that the Herceg Novi Strip Festival (HSF) is in the company of the most significant manifestations devoted to ninth art arrived in the form of consecration as a preface to the capital piece Smart Girl: I-matter in the release of Evolution comics, written by the author and great Spanish artist Fernando Dagnino. 

Thanks to the closest associates and anyone who helped him in the two-year realization of this work, Dagnino also thanked, as he noted, the great fans, artists and organizers he had met at the strip festivals. He did not speak in general about all the comics' gatherings, but individually listed  Clermont, Nice, Marseille, Lion, Paris, Edinburgh, New York, Alicante, and Herceg Novi.
With this kind of relationship between the audience and the organisers, not only the artists who always want to return to Herceg Novi, but also all the random visitors who at least once felt the atmosphere in the Herceg Novi band of comic strips, HSF has become and remains a festival that artists recommend to each other. According to Fernando Dagnino's recommendation among 13 special guests, this year, HSF has two more outstanding artists - Alain Mauricet and Raul Allen.
Belgian writer and comic artist, Alain Mauricet, has been working for one of the most popular comics in French, Spirou, for nine years, while currently working for one of the two most significant US and world publishing houses - DC Comics, which draws Batman and Superman. Last year, Alain Mauricet worked on another favorite project - Star Wars Adventures, for which he produced the "Lost Eggs of Livorno" annual edition and four individual stories: Tales from Wild Space: A Small Push -Star Wars Adventures 12 "Star Wars Adventures 14" and "An Unlikely Friendship" - Star Wars Adventures 15 and "Roger Roger" - Star Wars Adventures 19.
Raul Allen is an artist from Valladolid, who trained in belles art, illustration and design in Salamanca and Boston. He has received a significant number of awards for his work, including the annual award at the 49th New York Illustrator Association. His work on comics was inspired by the world-famous publishing houses such as DC Comics, Marvel, Valiant, Dynamite, for which he participated in the realization of a comic strip like Wonder Woman, Secret Avengers, Hawkeye, Immortal Iron Fist.
The HSF reminds that, alongside Alain Mauricet and Raul Allen, the celebrated Argentine artist, one of the world's most celebrated authors Enrike Breccia, and Bethan Havant Fernandez, Spanish artist, as well as the stars of the Italian comics scene- Andrea di Vito, Mario Alberti, and Pasquale del Vecchio are also coming to Herceg Novi.
The 13th HSF organizers promise to announce the names of all 13 special guests coming to Herceg Novi this September soon.

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