Sea Property is Not a Partner of Herceg Novi Municipality

By , 29 May 2019, 11:33 AM Politics
Sea Property is Not a Partner of Herceg Novi Municipality Sea Property Intense to Lease the port of Skver divided in three parts, Photo by Antonela Stjepcevic

May 29, 2019 - The public company Sea Property is not a partner of the Municipality of Herceg Novi nor to the citizens of our city. It does not respect the efforts to achieve the cooperation, reads the announcement of the Public Invitation for the Lease of the city port of Škver, announced by the President of the Herceg Novi Municipality, Stevan Katić. 

"With the announced Public Call, the Sea Property has divided the Škver City Port into three different tenancy cases, disregarding the Municipality of Herceg Novi and its citizens, as well as the Municipal Harbor Management Agency as a longtime customer and a good host of Škver.
This kind of public call has shown extreme unfamiliarity with the local circumstances and disrespect for the citizens of Herceg Novi, a particular aspect being that this way shows the ignorance of the commitment and investment of the Municipal Harbor Management Agency and its employees during the past years.
How the Sea Property for years ignores citizens' interests is also evident from the Lease of beach resorts in our territory, as well as in other municipalities. Despite constant insistence that lease agreements should be concluded latest by 1 May, so that the beaches are ready for the season, there is no responsible relationship on this issue. That is why last year we came to the situation that, when the city is full of tourists, we have untidy beaches, we do not know who the landlords are and who is responsible for their maintenance.
Another example of neglecting citizens' interest is "managed" tenders and public calls. This time, the target of "managed" bids is the pier at Skver, which they think can be divided into three different units, with various tenants, under different rental conditions. It is interesting that in Tivat there was no problem that the local communal port of Kalimanj remains what it is," says the statement of the President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi.
The Municipality of Herceg Novi is an unacceptable part of the Public Call, which leases the platform for sailing the Blue Cave, which would open up additional space for favoring the individuals, and the natural environment was disturbed.
The Herceg Novi Municipality will continue its cooperation with the Public Company Sea Property under a single condition - when it withdraws the Call for Public Contracts for the Lease of berths in Skver harbor, and when the terms of Lease of the Škver and Blue Cave have been reconciled with the Municipality of Herceg Novi," concludes the statement.

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