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10 Mar 2019, 23:05 PM

March 10, 2019 - NGO Youth Roma, within the project "Romacted," will organize a seminar for the representatives of the local groups from the municipalities of Ulcinj, Bar, and Herceg Novi to be held in Petrovac on March 12 and 13, working on the Local Action Plan. 

The working group, which was formed in Herceg Novi at the end of last year, consists of representatives of the Municipality, the Health Center, the Center for Social Work, the Schools, the Ministry of the Interior and the Employment Service. The Action Plan for Improving the Status of Roma is a fundamental document for activities aimed at their full social inclusion, said the president of Youth Roma Samir Jaha for the World Roma broadcast of Radio Herceg Novi:
"The working group to draw up the action plan is also working on monitoring and implementation with all relevant stakeholders. We are satisfied with the Municipality of Herceg Novi, and it goes with the planned dynamics. After this seminar, we will already have a draft Action Plan that will later pass the public hearing phase. We will have data for each area individually and expect that we will have a good picture of done so far, and what needs to be done to improve the status of Roma in the Municipality of Herceg Novi," said Jaha.
The project involved facilitators who mediate between the Roma community and the Municipality explained Jaha:
"The Council of Europe hires the facilitator. We expect to coordinate the work of this working group on the one hand and, on the other, to move people from the Roma community to create an informal group of people on a voluntary basis that will point to what the problems are and what are the priorities with the intention of being solved at the best possible way. Once a group of the community is formed, we intend to link them together and work together and solve the problems of the Roma community. The role of a facilitator is to encourage and motivate people from local self-government and the Roma community to be more active," Jaha pointed out.
The ROMACTED Good Governance and Empowerment Program for Roma and Egyptians at the local level is a joint program of the European Union (DG NEAR) and the Council of Europe. The objectives of the program are to help build the political will and sustainable ways of democratic governance at the local level, to help strengthen the Roma and Egyptian community, and to improve and reinforce the readiness, capacities, knowledge, and skills of the institutions involved in the implementation of the Inclusion Program. 
Apart from Herceg Novi, the project is realized in Tivat, Bar, Ulcinj, Nikšić, Bijelo Polje and Berane.
10 Mar 2019, 18:34 PM

Twenty groups, which represented a kind of a typical maritime flower, happily and with much enthusiasm, participated in the Children's Flower Day, which was held in Herceg Novi during the 50th Mimosa Festival.

Secretary of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, Ana Zambelic Pistalo, said that the Children's Flower Day is a significant part of the Festival and that the children are "our wealth".

"The local government's attitude is that all programs that include a large number of children are specifically profiled to be as good as possible. As you see, there are many children. Today there are 20 groups from all educational institutions in our municipality and Children's Home "Mladost". We are delighted and enthusiastic to participate in the Flower Fair," said Zambelic Pistalo.

All programs directed to children, she explained, besides the entertainment, must have an educational character.

"Accordingly, each of these groups represents a flower typical for the coast, for Boka Bay, for the Mediterranean. They will send a message to all of us, in the spirit of presenting the plant that the group represents. So, we believe that we will learn a lot about the plants, which are represented in Boka Bay and Herceg Novi," said Zambelic Pistalo.

A member of the organizing team of the Children's Flower Parade, Ivan Peulic, said that he believed that good energy contributed so that the rain stopped and the Flower Parade was held.

"Everyone is in a good mood and it is essential that this is not just an event for today. This is the education of the whole society. We need to teach the small children to wear costumes, since Herceg Novi is recognized by the fact that we are among the first cities in organizing masquerades. When you teach your children to wear costumes, they will definitely continue this tradition. This is now seen. Here are children aged 5 to 15," said Peulic. He said that preparations for one mask last for two to three months and that all parents, especially teachers contribute to this.

Flower parade

Adviser to the President of the Municipality and member of the Mimosa Festival, Tamara Vujovic, said that they all feared that the bad weather would spoil the Flower parade, but, as she said, the gloomy day was painted with children’s’ smiles, games and colorful costumes. "

Nothing could ruin today's entertainment. I want to emphasize that the Municipality of Herceg Novi always supports the Children's Flower Parade and all manifestations that enable the participation of children and young people in our events. I want to praise the additional efforts by teachers and educators who have animated the children. They provided effort, creativity, expressed team spirit and communion. The Municipality of Herceg Novi is there to support it, but without schools and students, there would be no such thing. This is the best definition of love during the Mimosa Festival," said Vujovic.

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10 Mar 2019, 00:09 AM

07 March 2019 - The new categorization of beaches and amendments and balancing of lease prices, as well as the new rule that colorful advertisement sunshades or temporary facilities that do not fit in will not spread all over the swimming areas anymore. This is just some of the news that will be the main feature of this summer’s seaside season, said the Director of the Coastal Zone Management, Mr. Predrag Jelušić.

After some strategic estimates were made, the need for the so-called beach categorization arose. Beaches will be divided in 12 categories. Apart from the existing ones, beaches for the active tourism, excursion beaches, beaches intended for pets, nudists, as well as party beaches will also be part of the offer.

“We are going to have a whole new palette of a large variety of swimming areas in almost every municipality. This way we made a significant step forward in our offer. Habits of our guests change; tourists do not want to spend their entire vacation at one beach only. Ulcinj, for example, is recognized as a place of active tourism. Kite surfing is the main reason why tourists go there. The similar thing will be with diving,” said Jelušić.

What this model will enable is a lease with a clear theme and clearly defined responsibilities.

The tender for the hotel beaches is almost over. By 1st May, all swimming areas, or at least the majority of them, should be ready to welcome the guests.

According to the Law on Spatial Planning, the lease of beaches and swimming areas will be for a period of five years, starting from this year.

“We believe that leaseholders will behave more responsibly when it comes to the space and that they will invest more in the quality of the offer. There were some comments earlier, that the temporary facilities are not very attractive, because of their color and material. Well, now the town architect will give suggestions. After the architect gives consent, the main project can be carried out. Improvised facilities, installed in contravention of the defined rules, must not happen this year,” says Jelušić.

Another news in the Rule book on swimming areas is that after 5 pm, equipment will not be charged.

“There have been some unpleasant situations regarding this matter. Sometimes, guests were required to pay the full price of the furniture even after 5 pm, and it seemed rude and left such a negative impression. The new harmonized rule book is expected to be finished soon, and we will have plenty of time for the preparation of the season. It is high time we eliminated a negative picture of our coast,” says Jelušić.

Number of locations intended for the purposes of temporary facilities will be reduced this year.

“Refill ice cream stands, rows of showcases along the promenades, barbecues…all these will not be allowed,” points out Director of the Coastal Zone Management Jelušić.

Prices of the lease in Ulcinj increased, which made the hotel industry employees react. They think the prices are too high.

“They have to come to terms with the fact that if they want bigger space, they have to pay more. The lease will be charged by one square meter, €1 per square meter. All areas developed. Ulcinj has been underrated for so long when it comes to leasing prices. The construction of a new, little resort on Bojana enlivened this area, and it would be fair that prices corresponded to the present tourism valuation of Ulcinj,” concluded Director of the Coastal Zone Management Jelušić.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

08 Mar 2019, 20:04 PM

07 March 2019 - Portonovi Resort developed by Azmont Investments, is one of Europe’s largest tourism development projects. The Company Azmont Investments has announced the opening of the first phase of the exclusive resort for 2019.

Final Preparations by Portonovi Resort for June 2019 Launch Date 2

As reported by the representatives of AI, Portonovi is set to become one of the most sought-after residential and leisure destinations in the Mediterranean, located in Montenegro’s stunning Bay of Kotor – one of the most unique spots of the Montenegrin coast loved by sailors and travellers alike. The Resort will offer a 26 hectares haven of exclusivity with over 1.8 kilometres of beachfront access, delivering Europe’s first-ever One and Only Hotel, along with 214 luxury residential properties in first phase, high-end boutiques, world-class restaurants, and a deep water D-Marin Portonovi Marina that is due to start operations from June 2019.

"People from all over the world are turning to undiscovered places that nurture a lavish, but also inspiring lifestyle, nature and its wealth, a relaxing and safe environment, as well as an inspiring cultural and artistic scene. In addition to all of the above, Montenegro has one of the most favourable legal framework for investments. The growing number of airlines that connect the country with global destinations is certainly an advantage, as well as an open visa policy for many countries of the world. All this gives us confidence in good cooperation on the international level "said Ahmet Erentok, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Azmont Investments for TVCG.

Final Preparations by Portonovi Resort for June 2019 Launch Date 3

Montenegro enjoys growing popularity, especially in the context of its natural beauty, Mediterranean climate, long tradition, and rich cultural heritage.

"The spirit of tradition, but also the specific elegance that will soon come to life in Portonovi, makes it one of the most interesting residential options in the Mediterranean, but also one of the most exclusive luxury property projects in this part of Europe," Erentok emphasizes.

The countdown to the opening of the Portonovi Resort in the summer of 2019 began with the participation at the Moscow Boat Show. The show is the leading event for representatives of yachting business, professionals of the branch and numerous fans of water sports and active outings.

"D-Marin Portonovi marina has one of the most prominent booths at this prestigious fair, since the opening of this marina is eagerly awaited in the world of international nautical industry," the company announced. “The marina, which is furnished with the latest features and technology, is equipped to cater for vessels of up to 120 meters and has a berthing capacity of 238. It will play host to yachts wishing to explore the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Dalmatian coasts and will serve as a customs entry and respond to needs such as water, electricity, shower, laundry and gas stations, ”explains the statement by the Azmont Investments.

Final Preparations by Portonovi Resort for June 2019 Launch Date

Project Portonovi was launched six years ago. The plan was to invest more than 600 million euros, but the representatives of the company confirmed that it is almost certain that this figure will be exceeded. The total investment, including the hotel itself, is expected to amount to 700 million euros, "said General Manager of the Portonovi Resort Stevan Milić.

The addition of Portonovi to the Mediterranean coast will continue to position Montenegro amongst the most attractive yachting destinations worldwide, guaranteeing a first-class tourist and lifestyle offering.

06 Mar 2019, 13:33 PM

The famous Argentine artist, Enrique Breccia, one of the world's greatest authors of comic books, is the new confirmed guest of this year's 13th edition of Herceg-Novi comic festival (HSF), which will be held from 6th to 11th September. With the previously announced superstars of the Italian comic creation, Andreu di Vita and Maria Alberti, with the confirmation of the guest appearance by Enrique Breccia, HSF again raises the scale in the quality of the festival, which has put Herceg Novi and Montenegro into the very top of the European manifestations dedicated to the ninth art. 

Enrique Breccia

"It is a great honor to be able to host an author whose creation literally marked the twentieth century. We are especially pleased to hear that in communication with such authors they are already well informed about Herceg Novi Strip Festival, that a good voice is spread throughout Europe, and that they will be honored to participate. Such things give additional energy and motivation to go ahead with our Festival and to present every September in our city a truly artistic spectacle of the European level," said one of the organizers of the HSF, Jovan Subotic.

Subotic recalled that the announcement of the possible hosting of one of the greatest artists in the world of ninth art Enrique Breccia, as unconfirmed news arouse on the recently completed fourth Herceg Novi Strip Weekend, which was dedicated to the Italian cultural phenomenon Tex Willer and who, according to custom, brought plenty artistic content and fun times. On the well-attended tribute to Tex, hosted by the special guests at the Strip Weekend, Italian writer and screenwriter Tito Faracci and editor of “Veseli Cetvrtak” publishing company, Dusan Mladenovic, during the announcement of the next, third edition of the super-luxury edition Gigant Tex “Captain Jack ", written by Tito Faracci, and illustrated by legendary Enrique Breccia, the organizers revealed to the general enthusiasm of numerous comic strip fans that this celebrated Argentinean may be the guest of this year’s HSF in September.

Enrique Breccia

Seventy-four-year-old Enrique Breccia is one of the most important authors of ninth art in the world. The son of Albert Breccia, whom many consider being one of the greatest artists of all time, Enrique did not allow himself to live in the shadow of the famous father, but soon entered the stage with his authentic artistic expression. Immediately after the debut and collaboration with his father on the controversial "Life of Che", "Spy 13" and "Good God" followed, and then, in collaboration with one of the most important scriptwriters of our time, Carlos Trillo drew his most famous work, the saga of "Alvar Major" and cemented his own place among the world's giants of comics. The successes followed this, practically on all of the world scenes of comics, American, Latin American, British, French, Italian with works such as "The Pilgrim of the Stars", "Traveling of Mark Mon", "The Kingdom of the Blue", "Dreamer".

Enrique Breccia

Such opus and talent automatically conditioned the engagements for American giants Marvel and DC, for whom he illustrates many well-known titles such as X Force and Batmen. He was the central drawer of the cult series "The Monster from the Swamp" for which he made as many as 22 episodes. He has drawn a series of strip adaptations of the greatest literary classics, as well as a comic book about the life of the writer H.P. Lovecraft. He proved himself to be a great screenwriter and a colorist of his own comics. There are many titles on which this extraordinary author has worked on, and a large number of them are available in the HSF's comic book store "Pasara".

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04 Mar 2019, 13:42 PM

Within the Days of German Culture organized within the Mimosa Festival, a street performance was held at the main square in Herceg Novi, where a music band and dancers from the cultural-artistic society from Inzell in Bavaria performed. The gastro offer of this part of Germany was also presented.

Last night in Igalo an evening of German cuisine was held, where guests enjoyed in gastronomic specialities, drinks and traditional folk music and dance from Bavaria, and a unique contribution was given by the Tourist Organization of Inzell with its members.

Gastro-evenings were attended by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Montenegro Robert Heinrich Weber and the President of Herceg Novi Municipality Stevan Katic. The German ambassador explained that Inzell is known as a popular winter center, but also as a place of good gastronomy and good people, which is why he is glad that this city represents Germany in Igalo.

The small Bavarian festival is only the first result of cooperation between Herceg Novi and the city of Inzell.

"Bearing in mind that Inzell is a famous winter center not far from Munich, we see the area of tourism as a key link for connecting. We hope that thanks to this cooperation, even more German tourists will hear about Herceg Novi and be our guests. An important goal for us is the cultural exchange among the cities that share European values, said the President of the Municipality, Stevan Katic.

"We come from a place that, like Herceg Novi, is engaged in tourism. I think that this is just the beginning of the cooperation, which will result in a greater exchange of tourists," said Steinbacher, after which a symbolic present was handed over to the delegation of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, the "milestone" for the future cooperation - a flag with a message "you own the first square meter of Inzell tonight," said the director of the Tourist Organization Inzell, Gerhard Steinbacher.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on March 2nd 2019, read more at Vijesti

04 Mar 2019, 13:38 PM

More than thirty producers presented themselves at the traditional Flower Exhibition, held within the Mimosa Festival.

"It is wonderful that the citizens of Herceg Novi, and myself, nourish the flowers. We welcome our guests with love; you are welcome whenever. Those of you who cultivate the flowers, are like the flowers, and help make this city a city of flowers," said the actress Tanja Boskovic at the opening of the event and said that "it is wonderful when the flower is a symbol of the city".

"The visitors of the exhibition can see a large number of different types of flowers, ornamental plants, fruit plants, even plant carnivores, miniature flower peaches, new types of orchids and other varieties that are very interesting," says the organizer Jovanka Matkovic.

Florists were less than initially planned, as some had problems with crossing the border, and the others had issues with the scheduled timing, explained Matkovic.

In addition to florists, some of the participants of the recent Fair of Souvenirs and Eco Food were also present at the exhibition.

The organization of the Flower Exhibitions was supported by Herceg Novi Municipality, Herceg Novi Tourist Organization, JUK "Herceg Fest", Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, and KUD "Sloga" from Djenovici has given their costumes to the participants in the opening ceremony.

The exhibition of flowers was open until Sunday till 7 p.m.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on March 1st 2019, read more at Vijesti


27 Feb 2019, 12:35 PM

The Mayor of Herceg Novi Stevan Katic welcomed the extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Northern Macedonia to Montenegro Mihajlo Trpkoski, as announced by the local administration.

The Macedonian Embassy will support the connection between the cities of the two countries, said the Ambassador Trpkoski. The participants of the meeting agreed that Herceg Novi and Bitolj, which had been fraternizing since 1965, should recover their co-operation because the opportunities are great.

Ambassador Trpkoski stressed the importance of exchanging experiences on the local level, mutual tourism promotion and initiation of joint projects, which will contribute to the achievement of fulfilling the standards on the path of accession to the European Union.

The Mayor of the Municipality, Stevan Katic, said that he would be pleased to take the necessary steps in order to renew the cooperation between Novi and Bitolj and that in that part the support of the Embassy is of great importance. He also mentioned that Herceg Novi is connected with Strumica, a member of the Federation of European Carnival Cities.

The president and associates proposed several connectivity options, and as central areas highlighted tourism, culture and education, as well as partnership in project design and applications within the pre-accession funds of the European Union.

Katic met the Ambassador with the current situation in Herceg Novi, the problems caused by bad privatization aspirations, as well as, as he said, the growing centralization by the state authorities.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on February 26th 2019, read more at Vijesti

26 Feb 2019, 21:36 PM

February 26, 2019 - The upcoming weekend of the 50th Mimosa Festival will be rich in events, dedicated to flowers and music. From Friday to Sunday we are expecting five programs, within which eight manifestations will be held.

The central manifestation is the International Meeting of Winds and Majorettes Ensemble, which will bring the ensembles of the region and Europe to the Mimosa Festival and gather about 300 participants. The meeting will be opened with a revival defile and an appearance at Nikola Đurković Square on Saturday, 2 March from 7 pm.
The next day, on Sunday at 12 o'clock, participants will defile on Skver, and from 8 pm will organize a concert "There is a city at sea" in the Park Hall.
Another musical event is a concert on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the local music Djenovici, which is of great interest. The show will be held on Friday, 1 March at Park Hall.
During the Flower Weekend, you can visit the traditional Flower Exhibition, which will be opened by Tanja Boskovic, the legendary actress and honorary citizen of Herceg Novi. The opening is planned for 1 March at 11 am in the hotel "Vojvodina."
The exhibition of flowers will present some 50 exhibitors from Montenegro and Serbia. Given the adverse weather conditions of the past days, exhibitors who participated in the Fair of Souvenirs and Eco-Food were offered to present this weekend, so their offer will be part of the Exhibition.
Days of German culture at the 50th Mimosa Festival are held under the name of the Small Bavarian Fest. The evening of German gastronomy will be held on Friday,1 March at 8 pm in the restaurant Al Posto Giusto in Igalo. A day later, on Saturday you will be able to taste Bavarian specialities in the central square of the city from 11 am.
At the hotel Lazure Marina & Spa, a charity ball under masks will be held on Saturday, featuring the composition of Frajle.
The introduction to the weekend will be the opening of the Small Salon of Herceg Novi galleries, in the foyer of the Park Hall, 28 February from 7 pm.
26 Feb 2019, 11:27 AM

The full moon night - a regional mountaineering event, was completed last night, and 24 hiking clubs, societies and related collectives from the four former Yugoslav republics took part. The organizer, Mountaineering club "Subra" saw the possibility that as many clubs as possible could have their members at this traditional mountaineering event because the accommodation capacities of the mountain lodge "Za Vratlom" are regularly insufficient to receive all interested ones.

At the target, about 65 mountaineers arrived at the 1679-meter-high Subra in about two and a half hours, by the moon, and just before the dawn.

"This climb, which is very demanding, this time was even more difficult due to extreme weather conditions. There was the stormy bura (north wind), frozen snow, and a temperature around -12 at the top, but the subjective feeling significantly lower due to the wind. A spacious bivouac was made in the snow at the top for this occasion, as in the previous years, so that the mountaineers visited it on shifts, because inside it was significantly warmer (+2 degrees C) and they could refresh themselves with domestic sweets made on the spot, a contribution by the Development and Protection Agency of Orjen.

The interior of the bivouac is decorated with mimosa, a gift from Herceg-fest, since this year, on the jubilee Mimosa Festival, the Night climb has been re-incorporated into their calendar. Thus, gentle mimosa found itself under the same snowy roof with mountain munika, which is a reminder that Herceg Novi has both the harsh mountain and warm Mediterranean climate, and that it is also an exciting value that can be valorized in tourism," the organizers said.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on February 25th 2019, read more at Vijesti

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