Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro: New Image for Montenegrin Coast

By , 10 Mar 2019, 00:09 AM Lifestyle
Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro: New Image for Montenegrin Coast Copyrights: Tourist Organization of Budva

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07 March 2019 - The new categorization of beaches and amendments and balancing of lease prices, as well as the new rule that colorful advertisement sunshades or temporary facilities that do not fit in will not spread all over the swimming areas anymore. This is just some of the news that will be the main feature of this summer’s seaside season, said the Director of the Coastal Zone Management, Mr. Predrag Jelušić.

After some strategic estimates were made, the need for the so-called beach categorization arose. Beaches will be divided in 12 categories. Apart from the existing ones, beaches for the active tourism, excursion beaches, beaches intended for pets, nudists, as well as party beaches will also be part of the offer.

“We are going to have a whole new palette of a large variety of swimming areas in almost every municipality. This way we made a significant step forward in our offer. Habits of our guests change; tourists do not want to spend their entire vacation at one beach only. Ulcinj, for example, is recognized as a place of active tourism. Kite surfing is the main reason why tourists go there. The similar thing will be with diving,” said Jelušić.

What this model will enable is a lease with a clear theme and clearly defined responsibilities.

The tender for the hotel beaches is almost over. By 1st May, all swimming areas, or at least the majority of them, should be ready to welcome the guests.

According to the Law on Spatial Planning, the lease of beaches and swimming areas will be for a period of five years, starting from this year.

“We believe that leaseholders will behave more responsibly when it comes to the space and that they will invest more in the quality of the offer. There were some comments earlier, that the temporary facilities are not very attractive, because of their color and material. Well, now the town architect will give suggestions. After the architect gives consent, the main project can be carried out. Improvised facilities, installed in contravention of the defined rules, must not happen this year,” says Jelušić.

Another news in the Rule book on swimming areas is that after 5 pm, equipment will not be charged.

“There have been some unpleasant situations regarding this matter. Sometimes, guests were required to pay the full price of the furniture even after 5 pm, and it seemed rude and left such a negative impression. The new harmonized rule book is expected to be finished soon, and we will have plenty of time for the preparation of the season. It is high time we eliminated a negative picture of our coast,” says Jelušić.

Number of locations intended for the purposes of temporary facilities will be reduced this year.

“Refill ice cream stands, rows of showcases along the promenades, barbecues…all these will not be allowed,” points out Director of the Coastal Zone Management Jelušić.

Prices of the lease in Ulcinj increased, which made the hotel industry employees react. They think the prices are too high.

“They have to come to terms with the fact that if they want bigger space, they have to pay more. The lease will be charged by one square meter, €1 per square meter. All areas developed. Ulcinj has been underrated for so long when it comes to leasing prices. The construction of a new, little resort on Bojana enlivened this area, and it would be fair that prices corresponded to the present tourism valuation of Ulcinj,” concluded Director of the Coastal Zone Management Jelušić.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

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