11 Festivals in Herceg Novi from April to September

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The Overture to all programs will be a cult city manifestation devoted to "theatre" - XXIV HAPS – Herceg Novi April Theatre festival, from 15th to 25th April.

The Titular Festival is NGO Herceg Novi Theatre, and JUK Herceg Fest is host and co-organizer. HAPS, with the recommendation of the Culture Council, has been included in events necessary for the culture of the city, according to tthe he Tourist Organization.

From the 9th to 16th of June Herceg Novi will welcom the Day of Russian Culture, and the "breath of Russia" will be brought by the cultural delegates of this country. The event is a product of cooperation between the local TO and the city of St. Petersburg, which was strengthened by signing a memorandum of cooperation in November last year.

A rich and varied program is being prepared, whose carriers are the guests from Russia.

"The aim of the event is to present the diversity of national wealth, to affirm multiculturalism and to promote the cooperation of institutions, associations and artists. The guests from Russia will present themselves with a program designed to gather Russian citizens from Russia and the entire Balkans and to popularize Russian culture, spirituality, tradition and art in our region," said the TO.

The Festival of Classical Music, XXXVI Days of music will traditionally mark the beginning of July. Concert programs will be held as in previous years in Dvorana Park, from 10th to 20th July. The sponsors of this musical festival are the Montenegrin Ministry of Culture, Municipality and Tourism Organization Herceg Novi, while JUK Herceg Fest is the executive producer of the festival.

Right after the Days of Music is finished, the lovers of the written word will be able to get acquainted with the latest titles of local and regional writers who will present themselves at the Book Square from 21st till 28th July.

"The fair is designed as a unique edition of publishing, with the aim of popularizing books and reading, offering the many visitors with various interests the best and latest releases of domestic and foreign literature and literature from all fields of science and knowledge," the TO says. There are planned meetings with writers, various evening programs, as well as children's and drama programs.

This year's filmmakers lovers will be able to enjoy the latest regional, European and world titles, which will b brought to the screen by the Montenegrin Film Festival. It will be held, as it was the case so far, at 4 locations in the city, from the 1st to 7th of August. The projections in the main competition program will be screened at Kanli kula, and the other categories in Forte Mare Fort, Music Square and Bellavista Square. The executive producer of the festival is JUK Herceg Fest.

In addition to the festival dedicated to classical literature, the five-day guitar festival - Guitar Art Summer Fest will delight us this summer too. It will be held on the Square at the Music School from the 15th to 20th of August, and some concerts and Kanli Kula. Within the festival, during the day, the Summer School of Guitar will be organized, by which GASF supports and promotes young talents who have the opportunity to work and perform with the greatest guitarists.

The only opera festival in the region, Operosa, will be held from the 21st to 24th of August, as well as the VI festival of jazz music, organized by NGO Fortuna in cooperation with the Music School, which will be held in the standard term from the 25th to 27th of August.

The manifestations in the post-season begin with the only festival in Montenegro devoted to the ninth art - the 13th Comic book Festival, to be held from the 6th to 11th of September. Thereafter, there will be a sports fun recreational event - tuna hunt, Big game fishing, from the 12th to 16th of September. The beginning of October will be marked by the Festival of Spiritual Music, the International Festival of Chorus, organized by NGO Fortuna in cooperation with the Music School.

Text by Radio Jadran, on January 27th 2019, read more at Radio Jadran

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