Orjen Agency Organizes Hiking Tour to Mark World Water Day

By , 22 Mar 2019, 13:57 PM Travel
Orjen Agency Organizes Hiking Tour to Mark World Water Day Orjen Mountain, Photo by Zeljko Starcevic

March 22, 2019 - The Orjen Development and Protection Agency will organise on Sunday, March 24, an educational pedestrian tour marking the World Water Day. Departure is scheduled for 10 am from the plateau of the Kotobilje Spring, and the last point is Ljuti karst (750 m above sea level) below the former motel Borići, on the southern edge of the Orjen Nature Park.

"None of our actions are a one-layer story. We always take the opportunity to get acquainted with the participants of our tour with historical attractions, geomorphological characteristics of the region, cultural and historical monuments. This time, when water is in our focus, we can talk about biological aspects, rare organisms living in surface and underground waters in this area as well as in the historical context. The Kameno village in the hinterland of Herceg Novi was plumbing in 1908, just a few years later compared to coastal towns," said Željko Starčević, an archaeologist and mountain hunter from the Orjen Development and Protection Agency.
During the tour, the participants will hear exciting details about the phenomena of our karst region and see the local pit. The karst area is affluent in the most diverse forms of rocks, scrapers, canals, gullies, and holes, resulting in chemical degradation under the influence of rainwater. The guides of the Orjen Development and Protection Agency suggest to the participants that they bring photographic devices, arguing that in the stone structures that nature has left in this area there are a lot of details that they would certainly want to record.
"As much as it is significant to recognize the tourism potential of this unusual karst relief, it is so important, and it is preserved from the pollution of its underground, since the Orjen mountain with the highest amount of rainfall in Europe, the mountain deep in its uterus certainly has significant water resources," Starcevic said .
A tour requires adequate footwear, a smaller backpack with water, food and spare parts. Participation in the trip is free of charge and at your own risk. The completion is planned for 2 pm. Tel / Viber for applications and additional info: 069 360 803.
The UN Assembly established World Water Day in 1992 and it is celebrated each year with a different theme. This year is the motto "Do not leave behind" in the sense that from sustainable development everyone must benefit because water rights are one of the fundamental human rights. Unfortunately, due to the lack of potable water, sanitary and hygienic conditions, around 1,400 children die, UNICEF data. Also, according to alarming data from the United Nations Organization, today more than 2 billion people worldwide live without drinking water in homes; about 4 billion people, almost two-thirds of the world's population.

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