Mimosa Festival Monograph to be Presented on Friday

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Mimosa Festival Monograph to be Presented on Friday Mimosa Festival Monograph

March 21, 2019 - The promotion of the monograph "Mimosa Festival - 50 years of the Flower Festival" is scheduled for Friday, March 22 at 7 pm in the "Park" Hall.

The idea of a monograph about the Mimosa Festival is over a decade old. The preparation for the fortieth birthday of the oldest festival in Herceg Novi began and the task of bringing together all the previous years in the collection was by gthe late Petar Janičić, a prominent publicist and journalist and Vitka Vujnović, a journalist of Radio Herceg Novi. The monograph of that year was not published, but the precious material was collected before the 45th edition of the February Flower Festival in the book "The Mimosa Festival – the Lasting Magic".
Petar Janičić died in the meantime, but the stories about the first years of the Festival that he recorded (from 1969 to 1984) have been preserved and published. Vito Vujnović's recordings and atmosphere on the Mimosa Festival were recorded from 1985 until 2002, and Dragica Ivanovic (journalist at Radio Herceg Novi and the "Pobjeda" multi-annual correspondent) did the same from 2003 to 2009.
A new occasion for reviving the idea of a monograph was an upcoming jubilee - 50 years of Mimosa Festival. The plan was initiated by the Public Cultural Institution Herceg Fest, which is also a publisher.
Monograph "The Mimosa Festival - 50 Years of Flower Festival" has been prepared for almost a year.
The previous publication "The Lasting Magic" was a high starting point, but the team of associates gathered around the monograph agreed that the story should be supplemented by telling the organizers and participants, hosts and guests, with a different view of the concept of the festival. For this reason, there has not been a great deal of progress through the previous publication, nor have the historical events recorded from the famous festival colonies been extensively chronologically filed. But the essence was captured by those who lived for, and with the Festival in the years we now call gold, then those who were in every sense heavy and lead because of the earthquake, war, sanctions, to those in which we have recovered, to remain self-contained, and again to connect with friends. We also tried to point out what the Holiday should be in the future, emphasized the publisher.
“In the new collection of stories and photos of this book, we owe thanks to all the interviewers, everyone who photographed, recorded, wrote about the Herceg Novi’s festival.”
The result of dedicated work is a monograph published on more than 300 pages, with over 500 photos and hundreds of conversations.
Finally, even when this book was written with dread and respect, we could start a new one again because of the immense energy and joy that we give and return to this Holiday, moving like a life of light to the future.

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