Igalo’s Volunteers: Campaign to Clean Waste around Tito’s Summer House

By , 14 Mar 2019, 00:20 AM Lifestyle
Igalo’s Volunteers: Campaign to Clean Waste around Tito’s Summer House Copyrights: Tourist Organisation of Herceg Novi

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12 March 2019 - The campaign aimed at cleaning the park and the beach under Tito's Villa in Igalo, which was originally announced last week, and due to adverse weather conditions it was postponed for today, ended with the collection of ten sacks of small waste as well as three extensive piles of large waste.

“The public utility service workers came together with volunteers and cleaned up the entire green area around Tito’s Villa, after which they headed down to the beach to clean the rest. While we were collecting small waste, they collected the large waste so the entire action was well coordinated," one of the volunteers told the News Agency Radio Jadran.

As a segment of the Institute Igalo, the villa that once belonged to a lifetime president of SFR Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, is one of several dozen luxurious villas that were built in the former Yugoslavia and served the lifetime Yugoslav president. The reason for the construction of the complex was the success of Tito's treatment at the old spa in Igalo, which had greatly benefited his health and is why the government decided to build the villa near this spa. The villa is designed for 30 guests, with the possibility of using medical and rehabilitation services. It has hosted many world political leaders as well as public figures.

This four-story, 5,500 square-meter building is surrounded by 75,000 square meters botanical garden. During the winter, the winds carried an extensive amount of waste around the Villa, which was the main reason the area needed cleaning.

According to the observations of both locals and tourists, the Montenegrin coast has problems with waste, despite the great efforts of state-owned companies and volunteers to maintain the beaches clean. The winds often carry waste on Montenegrin beaches, and this problem is one that also troubles the country’s neighbour, Croatia.

Local activists expect competent city companies to cleanse the beach mechanically soon because volunteers cannot clean this area effectively without proper equipment.

In today's action, the park around the Villa was cleaned in detail, as well as a segment of the Igalo beach and the parking and green area next to the park.

“The result of this action was great. There was positive energy and excellent communication with public utility service workers. We were instructed to contact them for anything we needed, “says Boca, who radiated happiness after yet another successful eco-friendly action.

The enthusiasm of these young eco-activists, who first started to clean the area along the Mojsdeški road, did not even weaken after their fifth action, because they announced cleaning action at Vrbanj shortly.

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