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07 Jan 2019, 09:38 AM

06 January 2019 - The successful year for Montenegro’s tourism industry has had positive effects on business operations of the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro, claimed Predrag Jelušić, director of the company.

“In 2018, we generated over €7.1 million thus exceeding planned revenues, and all these extraordinary results happened thanks to the efficient implementation of a 3-year plan, but also due to the responsible approach of our tenants,” he stressed.

In 2019, he added, expects to have a categorisation of public beaches introduced, as well as more activities concentrated on waste on beaches and new responsibilities referring to the sea/ports transport management. By the Coastal Zone Law and Law on Ports, one of the responsibilities of the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro is to manage coastal zone and local ports of general importance and for public use.

“We required introduction and definition of terms city port and municipal slips. By introducing this, we are to create a regulatory framework and grounds for managing ports and other facilities belonging to maritime infrastructure,” noted Jelušić.

In 2019, one of the most important events in the Montenegrin coast would be opening of the Portonovi resort in Kumbor equipped with marina.

When asked whether the new marinas would impose new obligations for the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro, Jelušić said it is good Montenegro will get three new marinas, especially for the development of nautical tourism.

“In this context, the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro will strive to perform public function beside the commercial one. As an example, I should mention planned construction of the water fountains on Tivat airport,” Jelušić said.

He reminded of the fact Montenegro so far has had only two types of beaches – hotel and public – but in line with the guidelines from the Strategy for sustainable beach management, public beaches are now categorized as romantic ones, for same-day visitors, for active vacays, family beaches, pet-friendly and party beaches, and there will be more public nude beaches.

05 Jan 2019, 23:38 PM

January 5, 2019 - Prcanj is the old naval center of Boka Bay once known as a postal center of the Republic of Venice, whose sailors were responsible for the transfer of mail from Istanbul, via Boka Bay, to Venice. It was a place of considerable privilege, ultimately the status of an autonomous maritime settlement. All this has contributed to the economic development of the area, as evidenced by today's gorgeous architecture of houses, palaces, churches, and chapels that descend along the coast in the length of 4 km. Among the valuable objects of cultural heritage, stands the parish church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, one of the most beautiful and most impressive sacral objects in Montenegro. Due to the remarkable cultural landscape, and also the peace of Boka Bay, Prcanj is a favorite summer resort for guests enjoying the embrace of ages, which are traced here ever since Roman times.

boka bay glavatiGlavati Bay, photo by Antonela Stjepcevic
It was in the Middle Ages within the Kotor district. The land belongs to either the Catholic Church or the Kotor noble families. Kotor's noblemen in Prcanj raise their summer houses, and farmers from Prcanj or the surrounding villages worked on their properties. The settlement here, as in other parts of Boka, is not located directly along the coast, but at a distance of 100 to 200 meters. In Prcanj, this was a besieged hive, made up of small groupings of houses, which were pedestrian roads connected with the property on the coast. Today, you can discover these old roads as hiking paths in the company of local mountain hikers from Kotor's Vjeverica Club. Or by yourself, with the help of a map that is available at info points of the Tourist Organization of Kotor. On the same paths, the people of Prcanj went to the shore in the Middle Ages, where there were few groups of houses related to navigation and trade at the time, such as gates, small shipyards, and "mandraći." Although they do not enjoy the deserved protection, some of these "mandraći," built with dry stone without binder, resist the teeth of time to this day.
The transfer of the population from the upper settlements to the shore ran gradually. In the middle of the 16th century, due to the development of maritime affairs, economic power is strengthened, and the inhabitants of Prcanj come to the possibility of buying from the noble Kotor's families the properties they used for centuries. 
hiking path 2photo by Aleksandra Kapetanovic, expeditio.org
While under the rule of the Venetian Republic, Prcanj gained fame in a rather unusual way. By the end of the sixteenth century, the administration noticed that sailors from here were able to sail to Venice in less time than the government ships. As a result, it was then decided to give Prcanj the responsibility for the permanent postal service of the Republic. Prcanj's status ensured a decree of 1625 that praises the inhabitants of the port for their conscientious and capable handling of the state mail. The order was of tremendous significance for the town, making Prcanj officially a naval town. The economic rise of the site also contributed to the families of merchants, shipowners, and seafarers. After gradually buying property along the coast, they built representative palaces and houses, which at the beginning of the 19th century were over 140.
The town's privileges grew, and, in 1704, Prcanj got its municipal district in Albania Veneta, what was followed by the state's freeing the city of many tariffs. The lifting of tariffs provided an impetus for economic growth which further developed the town's naval character. Maritime trade flourished, and its ships grew in size and number so that by the end of the 18th century the port was hailed as home to over 30 tall-ships. The most common trade goods were Montenegrin and Greek cheese, candles, salted sardines, and Dalmatian and Greek olive oil. The most frequent ports of call for the town's sailors were in the East Mediterranean or the Levant, together with Ancona, Apulia, Venice and Trieste.
prčanj zoran nikolic 3photo by Zoran Nikolić
During the Napoleon rule of the Boka Bay, Prcanj lost its significance in maritime affairs. After the Congress of Vienna, Boka became part of a province called the Kingdom of Dalmatia, what initiated a revival of the Pecan's maritime economy which lasted until the end of the 19th century.
With the arrival of Austria, the inhabitants abandoned the upper village, and in the lower zone, the construction activity diminished. Nevertheless, in this period begins the construction of the Nativity of the Vigrin Mary Temple, the most significant architectural work in Prcanj and one of the most important religious buildings in Montenegro.
On the cultivable areas of Prcanj, inhabitants mainly cultivated olives, grape vines, and figs. In the 18th century, Prcanj exported large quantities of dry figs to Venice. In the middle of 19th-century boats are driven by olive oil for Trieste and Venice.
It is interesting to note that in the Middle Ages there has been a silk industry, thanks to which Boka Bay had a significant place on the Silk Road. This fact still connects Kotor with numerous centers on the way to the Far East with which they share a common history.

Prcanj of Today

Prcanj's waterfront consists of a long line of stone villas, united by their beautiful facades and separated by gardens and olive orchards. This small village is one of the most significant points in recognizing the area of Kotor as the unique and valuable cultural landscapes in the world. The location Glavati in Prcanj is one of the positions of the Boka Bay UNESCO Committee is most concerned about when criticizing the way Montenegro is treating the area of Kotor, destroying the harmony of the natural and cultural heritage of humankind by uncontrolled and oversized construction. The area of Glavati is essential because it remains one of the only preserved green passages once dividing the stone towns along the Bokelian coast. Famous Bernard Shaw, when visited Kotor in the 1960s, noticed that this amazing landscape, to prevent its value and uniqueness, should never become a Riviera. Fifty years later, it pretty much became a Riviera. Glavati in Prcanj is one of the last locations that confesses once breathtaking harmony of natural and anthropogenic elements in the space.
prcanj temple boka newsphoto by Miroslav Marusic, Boka News
The most impressive feat of architecture in Prcanj is the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, which represents the synthesis of the religious, cultural and economic history of the place. Venetian architect Bernardino Maccaruzzi designed the church project in 1789 when it was built the supportive wall in classical style. The church facade is baroque with Corinthian and Doric columns and displays a collection of paintings and sculptures worthy of its size, including works by Piazzetta, Tiepolo, Balestra, Meštrović and numerous other artists.
The book of the building of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary Temple, dedicated only in 1913, has been the masterpiece of the maritime and trade of Prcanj since the beginning of the construction of 1789 until the church's dedication. Prcanj's inhabitants financed the development of the church, and their contribution had to be proportional to their profit, so that book consists of detailed records of jobs of all residents of the site.
From the older, upper settlement in Prcanj, today is preserved the old parish church from 1672, in a dominant position, as a symbol of the ancient settlement. In the upper zone, only one group of houses has been preserved, showing how the dispersed village used to look. On the old road to the Muo settlement are the churches of St. Peter and St. Paul. The Church of Saint Anne is in the Glavati bay.
In addition to the Virgin Mary Temple, the palace of Tre Sorele, a protected monument of culture, is linked to the shore, as to the legend of three sisters and unhappy love whose return all three waited to come back from the far seas.
04 Jan 2019, 23:31 PM

04 January 2019 - Montenegro’s rich cultural offer includes a great number of festivals, from small gatherings to regional events which attract numerous tourists from all over Europe. Festivals in Montenegro often gather an impressive amount of international artists who offer an incredible experience and thus contribute to the development of tourism within the country. Many events explore exciting aspects of life and are closely related to a specific region in Montenegro.

The citizens of Montenegro especially enjoy music festivals, which bring together top music artists who strive to enrich the cultural scene within the country, and with the power of will and with a lot of effort, they succeed in making significant and memorable events.

Music Festivals in Montenegro 2018 Sea Dance

  1. Sea Dance Festival

Sea Dance Festival is a fantastic music festival held at Buljarica beach in Montenegro. It has been held at Jaz beach in Budva since July 2014 until 2017, as a part of the EXIT Adventure, an extension of EXIT Festival. Just after its first edition, Sea Dance festival was officially proclaimed as the “Best Medium-Sized European festival” at the European Festivals Awards, held in Groningen in January 2015. The key stages of the festival include the Main stage with its 30,000-attendee capacity, No Sleep Stage, Reggae Stage, Silent Dance, Latino Stage, Cinema, and CHILL Zone. Dance Paradise Stage was replaced with the No Sleep Stage in 2017. In 2018, Sea Dance Festival took place 30 August–1 September. It was the first time the location of the festival has been changed, moving from Jaz beach to Buljarica in Budva. The headlining acts for Sea Dance 2018 included Chic, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Paul Kalkbrenner, Nina Kraviz, Alice Merton, as well as Bajaga i Instruktori, Bassivity Showcase (Sara Jo etc.), Burak Yeter, Filatov & Karas, Hladno Pivo, Lost Frequencies, Rambo Amadeus, Van Gogh and many more. The overall attendance was 47,000 people in three days.

Music Festivals in Montenegro 2018 Lake fest

  1. Lake Fest

Eight years of Lake Fest have shown that Nikšić has a large number of people who want such a primarily musical but also a multicultural festival to be organised within the city. This is another reason for Lake Fest to become a tradition and a segment of interesting event program which Montenegro brings to its citizens but also all the visitors from the region and other parts of Europe. The tradition of rock and roll as well as other related music styles are extensive in Nikšić and provides an additional reason for the domestic audience to know how to recognise a quality manifestation. Lake Festi is organised near Lake Krupac, which adds to the overall atmosphere within the event. The 2018 Lake Fest lasted four days, from 9th–12th August 2018. The leading artists included Rudolf, Barbara Munjas, Orthodox Celts, Perper, Zoster, Ritam Nereda, Iskaz, Atomsko Sklonište, Van Gogh, Goblini, Chiapas – Rage Against The Machine Tribute, Punkreas, Bubnjivi, Helem Nejse, Vlatko Stefanovski Trio, Dst, Marčelo And The Prodigy Tribute.

Music Festivals in Montenegro 2018 Bedem fest 1

  1. Bedem Fest

Bedem fest is a traditional musical event that takes place at the Nikšić fortress Bedem, after which the festival was named. The festival was created with the enthusiasm and energy of Petar Šundić, who began with the mission of gathering Nikšić’s musicians of different generations with the main idea to create a tribute to the band EKV. The phenomenon worthy of attention and respect is the fact that at Bedem fest most bands and musicians perform without fee and thus contribute to the affirmation of the festival. Thanks to the resulting synergy, the Bedem fest is authentic and special. This year's edition of the festival was marked by Masimo Savić, Beogradski Sindikat, Zorica Kondža, Kaliopi, Melau bend, Obojeni program, Sowas, Električni orgazam, and many others.

Music Festivals in Montenegro 2018 Sea rock fest

  1. Sea Rock Festival

Sea Rock Festival was first organized by a small group of enthusiastic young people from Bay of Kotor region with no significant financial support. Sea Rock is a unique opportunity for the people of Montenegro and neighboring countries to enjoy live performances of some of the most important alternative rock bands from all over the world on the open-air stage surrounded by stone walls of the amazing ancient town of Kotor. Every technical detail of the festival is carefully planned and thought of, and it is a unique and enjoyable experience being on or off stage for everyone, artists, and visitors. In 2018, the SeaRock Festival was held for the eighth time, and performers at this year's edition were American Sun Kil Moon, Strand Of Oaks, American Howe Gelb, Billie Joan, Tourists, Baobab and On Tour.

Music Festivals in Montenegro 2018 music groove

  1. City Groove Festival

City Groove Festival is held at the Small Sports Stadium in Podgorica. This year the fourth edition of the festival managed to attract more festival tourists due to the great music stars that performed on City Grove. The festival has defined its format as an international manifestation that the Capital records on the map of world music attractions. In 2017, City Groove Festival was declared the best event within the Capital at the manifestation "The Best in Tourism and Catering" organized by Tourist Organisation of Podgorica. The list of artists that performed in 2018 includes Dario Nunez, The Cube Guys, Josipa Lisac, Vatra and Simple Minds.

04 Jan 2019, 16:16 PM

January 4, 2019 - "From Christmas to Christmas," the original and recognizable Kotor manifestation, after content organized before the Rock New Year program, continues today and lasts till 8 January, reminds NGO "Karampana."

For Orthodox Christmas, in the church of St. Nikola, the Serbian Singing Society "Jedinstvo" will hold the Christmas concert. The traditional concert starts at 6 pm. "Jedinstvo" is a cultural and charitable association founded in 1839, and with the fostering of Serbian patronage, it provides a significant contribution to the musical and theatrical art of Boka Bay and Montenegro for 180 years of its activity.
For the program scheduled for Saturday, 5 January, Karampana invites citizens and guests to join them to make the program's effect more significant. "The humanitarian evening, which we scheduled at the Square of the Museum at 8 pm, is dedicated to all Kotor’s “originals,” people who have been enriching this city with their personality. All sales of sausage and mulled wine, which we will offer our guests, we will intend for the purchase of new instruments for the needs of City Music Kotor," the organizers said. Karampana, with their humanitarian event, once again confirms its dedication to preserving the culture of life in Kotor, and the City Music is one of its main pillars.
The housewives of the Karampana association, who celebrate Christmas on Julian calendar for Christmas Eve are preparing “priganice” that their friends from the Catholic community will serve guests in front of the central city gates on 6 January at 10 am.
The organization of the sixth manifestation under this name ends on 8 January with the gastronomic specialties of Kotor’s homemakers which they will present under the "Papalada Ala Maka" event. Papalada Ala Maka is an opportunity to get to know the gastro tradition of Kotor and Boka Bay. Guests will have the chance to taste local dishes they can not find in Bokelian restaurant’s menus. 
The organizers of the event "From Christmas to Christmas" are the NGO "Karampana" in cooperation with Kotor Tourist Organization, sponsored by the Municipality of Kotor and with the financial support of Luštica Development Company.
The manifestation is also realized this year through a series of musical, educational, humanitarian, entertainment and gastronomic programs.
03 Jan 2019, 21:31 PM

03 January 2019 - This year, Montenegro confirmed the epithet of one of the main destinations in the region for the celebration of New Year's Eve, thanks to rich multi-day programs that have been organized on city squares for more than two decades and an attractive offer of hotels and winter tourist centres.

The magnificent celebration and performances of many popular local and regional music stars of various genres, in Kotor, Herceg Novi, Tivat, Budva, Bar, and Podgorica, according to estimates, attracted over 42,000 visitors during New Year's Eve, mostly from the country and the region, but also from other European countries.

In the year which marked the Jubilee 20 years since the first organized celebration of the New Year’s Eve at the Square, Budva, which carries the epithet of regional best entertainment for the holidays celebration, recorded a record attendance of over 28,000 visitors during New Year's Eve and over 75,000 guests who visited Budva during five festive days and nights, according to the estimates of the local Tourist Organization of Budva.

42000 Visitors Celebrated New Years Eve at City Squares in Montenegro 2

Great attendance was recorded at the other coastal towns and the Capital, which organized a rich New Year's program that included entertaining, cultural and artistic contents, performances, concerts, and animation program for children, Christmas bazaars, skating rinks, daily shows of classical, traditional music and the like.

Montenegrin winter tourist centres - Žabljak and Kolašin, are traditionally particularly attractive for New Year's Eve and noted the maximum occupancy during the holidays. Hotels that organised a celebratory program had many requests for guests without reservations. The winter season was open starting mid-December, so all visitors to these cities can enjoy winter walks, skiing, snowboarding, walking on snowshoes, and many innovations such as Nordic skiing trails in these cities, adventure parks and a national restaurant at the Black Lake.

30 Dec 2018, 13:17 PM

December 30, 2018 - New Year's program in Bokelian cities is very diverse, so it's hard not to find a party for your taste. Whether you are a fan of good rock, love pop or enjoy the sounds of folk music, Kotor, Tivat, Budva or Herceg Novi will satisfy your preferences. Here's a review of the New Year's programs that will make it easy for you to make a decision.


new year program Kotor Rock New Year 1Kotor enters the New Year with the sounds of good rock. After the Children’s New Year and performances of Kotor’s musicians planned for today, tomorrow a two-day Rock New Year's program begins, where the most popular regional rock names of today will perform.
The spectacle at the Kotor’s Arms Square will open with Sarajevo’s band Bombaj Press, and the New Year will be brought in by the great music of Darko Rundek & Ekipa. The following is the performance of Damir Urban, and the band M.O.R.T. is responsible for the fun until the morning hours.
For the first night of the New Year 2019, the Kotor Tourist Organization also organized performances of four rock bands. The program begins with the performance of Four Blues Driver, followed by Galija, Psihomodo Pop and Autogeni Trening.


new year program Tivat 2019jpgThe main New Year program in Tivat is closer to the preferences of fans of folk music, but the organizers made sure to offer a diverse accompanying program.
Tonight from 9.30 pm, the Split Disco Inferno band starts the program called Magic Night.
Tivat will enter in 2019 with the songs of Željko Joksimović. Before the regional folk music star performs the tribute band "Abba."
The first night in 2019 the citizens and guests of "Montenegrin Monte Carlo" will entertain the Balkan folk star, Lepa Brena. Montenegrin musician Bojan Delić and his band play as a pre-group.
The program at Tivat will continue on 2 January, when Ana Kokic and the Tivat band Toć will perform.


new year program hnHerceg Novi and its guests will enter the New Year 2019 with the hits of the Belgrade rock band "Riblja čorba" and their frontman Bora Djordjevic. They will perform at Igalo on 31 December from 23:00. At the same stage at 21:00, as a pre-band, Kotor’s band "Light under the black mountain" performs.
The biggest Montenegrin pop star, Sergej Ćetković, plays in Igalo on 1 January. The concert will follow after the performance of the Tivat band "Toć."
Alternative festive entertainment is available in Herceg Novi. Favorite DJs will perform at Skver on 31 December and 1 January. There are daily groans as well as a New Year's Eve Party.


new year program budvaThis year, Budva organizes a jubilee New Year celebration on the square in front of the Old Town.
Tonight there is an electronic music program in Budva with local DJs, Burak Yeter (Turkey) and Darren Emerson (UK).
The New Year's Eve program begins with Jack Lupino and Leftovers and the Aerodrome group. In the first minutes of 2019, the gathering will introduce the pop-folk star, Dino Merlin.
Budva traditionally organizes a concert of classical music in front of the Old Town on 1 January at 2 pm. This year the Revival Orchestra performs with Sara Vujošević, Emilija Minić, Marijan Šovran, and Lana Asija Dabović.
In the evening part of the program perform Akademija, Partibrejkersi, and the program ends with the Van Gogh group concert.
30 Dec 2018, 12:16 PM

December 30, 2018 - Within the celebration of the Children's New Year at the Arms Square in Kotor, the central event “Waiting for Santa Claus“ starts today at 4 pm. Activists of NGO Karampana and Kotor's artist Goran Moškov Gonzo have prepared an interactive program with a message – Let's Love, This is the Year of Love! As part of the event From Christmas to Christmas, follow the performances of the Kotor musicians in the program named "Kotor-City of Good Music." General sponsor of the event From Christmas to Christmas is Luštica Development company.

For the fourth consecutive year, Luštica Development supports the organization of the program "From Christmas to Christmas," which is taking place from December 23 to January 8, 2019. The company's particular emphasis is placed each year on the celebration of the Children's New Year on 30 December. 
The program lasts all day, with a traditional Santa Claus visit to the maternity and nursery department at the General Hospital in Kotor at noon. A joyful parade will give gifts to the children who will not spend the New Year holidays in the warmth of their homes, or at the central event "Waiting for Santa Claus," which will take place at the Arms Square from 4 pm.
During the central celebration, the children will be able to watch the interactive children's play "Let's Love - This is the Year of Love." The organizer provides new year gifts to all the children who come to Kotor today. 
In the continuation of the program from 8 pm begins the music program "Kotor, a City of Good Music," which will feature the Kotor's Who See Klapa, Niggor, and Jelena Kaženegra.
"Cooperation with NGO Karampana, one of the organizers of the program, is a special honor and the representatives of Luštica development company are always pleased to attend and support the rich New Year program of Kotor. We give the special attention to the Children's New Year, bringing the loudest joy, mumbling the most sincere smile the most credible way is to enter the upcoming calendar year with those who are our future," said Slavica Milić from Luštica Bay marketing team.
childerns new year and kotor musiciansOver the last year, Kotor had a record number of concerts that featured some of the greatest names of the world, regional and local classical, jazz, pop and rock music, orchestras and smaller instrumental ensembles, choruses, and soloists. Thus Balkan recognizes Kotor as a city of good music, and proportional to the number of inhabitants and concerts is also the most prominent concert stage in the region.
Therefore, at the end of the year, the stage is reserved to the Kotor musicians whose work the regional audience has been watching for more than a decade. The public at the Arms Square will have a chance to hear a rich repertoire. The musicians have announced premier performances and numerous surprises.
29 Dec 2018, 17:53 PM

December 28, 2018 - Via Ferrata Kotor is open to all interested lovers of a healthy lifestyle and adrenaline entertainment. Montagna Travel Montenegro Agency, which manages the trail, has made sure to enrich the winter season in Boka Bay, where citizens and guests do not have a lot of outdoor activities during winter months. On the occasion of the holiday and the winter school break, they offered promotional prices under the weekend action, which will last until the beginning of March. You can go uphill tomorrow, and the next offer is January 5th and 6th.

Via Ferrata represents a secured mountain trail that through the help of cables and metal galleys crosses difficult parts of mountainous massifs. Ferrates are suitable not only for professional alpinists but also for people of average physical fitness who are not active in hiking and sports.

Via Ferrata is on the way out of the canyon of Skurda, near the entrance to the Old Town of Kotor on Tabacina. The trail begins at an altitude of 80 m, and its endpoint is 205 m above sea level. From the rocks of Via Ferrata Kotor, participants could enjoy an outstanding view of the Kotor Bay, the Fort San Giovanni, the Old Town of Kotor and the old pedestrian way towards Montenegro through the village of Spiljari.
Via Ferrata is a protected climbing route found in the Alps, but through time became more popular and recently found in many locations. Via Ferrata Kotor is the first safe climbing zone created in Montenegro, opened for visitors on 2 May this year.
For each participant, the Via Ferrata organizer provides the alpinist and protective equipment of the helmet, belt and safety system, which includes two karabiners and belt clip. The tours are leaded by experienced guides and hikers and members of the mountain rescue service.
28 Dec 2018, 17:27 PM
December 28, 2018 - NGO Expeditio- Centre of Sustainable Spatial Development from Kotor organises a promotional hiking tour on the pedestrian path Glavati-Gornji Prčanj-Gornji Stoliv-Donji Stoliv on Sunday, 30 December. This activity is a part of the project "Paths through the World Heritage" realised during 2018 under the auspices of the Kotor Municipality. Co-workers on the project were the Kotor Tourism Organization and the Mountain Club Vjeverica, whose hikers lead the Sunday hiking tour. Hiking starts at 9.30am.
“The goal of the "Paths through the World Heritage" project was to improve the tourist offer of the Natural and Cultural-Historical Area of Kotor located on the UNESCO World Heritage list and to encourage the active life of the citizens of this area," explains TMN project coordinator Aleksandra Kapetanović. Within the project, NGO Expeditio has worked on activating alternative types of ecological, active and cultural tourism through the analysis, mapping and production of information and promotional material on hiking trails. Part of the activities included field work on cleaning paths and old roads.
hiking path 1
"The network of pedestrian paths and trails connecting the coastal settlements in the bay with older settlements in the upper zone and the hinterland, as well as the network of roads formed as part of the defence system, constitute a significant segment of the cultural landscape of Kotor. These roads and paths, suitable for hiking, enable the values of the cultural landscape of the world's heritage to be fully seen and experienced from all angles," says Aleksandra.
The natural and cultural-historical area of Kotor, part of the bay of Boka Bay, is one of over 1000 sites from around the world that is on the UNESCO World Heritage list because it has an exceptional value for humanity. The harmonious relationship between the extraordinary nature of the bay and the diverse and rich cultural heritage, which is maintained over the centuries, gives Kotor the characteristics of a cultural landscape of exceptional universal value. By promoting the value and importance of the cultural landscape, Expeditio has been fighting for more than two decades to preserve it, which is a challenging task due to numerous issues.
"Walking trail Glavati (Sv.Ane bay) - Upper Prčanj - Upper Stoliv - Donji Stoliv has remarkable potential and so far has not been used to the fullest. As part of the project, we carried out cleaning of grafted parts as well as the marking of individual components, which were helped by the mountain club Vjeverica. We have also created an information map, which we will distribute to all interested parties, and will also be available at informative points of Kotor Tourist Organization.
While the network of roads that have emerged as part of the Kotor defence system is nominally recognised as a valuable segment of cultural heritage, the pedestrian routes linking settlements are not the subject of institutions for the protection of cultural heritage, although they represent one of the critical segments of the cultural landscape.
hiking tour glavati stoliv"The main paths of pedestrian roads in the area of Vrmac connecting the upper villages with settlements along the coast, as well as the villages of each other, were most likely to have occurred in the Middle Ages. At Kotor’s side of Vrmac, the main line was the main upper village road parallel to the coast, at a distance of about 200 m and at the height of 150-200 m. It connected all villages at the Kotor side to each other, and then with the villages on the Tivat side of Vrmac. Don Niko Lukovic calls it "an ancient country road" and the Austro-Hungarian plan from the first half of the XIX century marked this path as the Strada Sottomonte (the road below the mountain). From this main pedestrian path to the shore, it led to more crossroads. These crossroads are made of stairs and straight segments or mild ramps, and are often enclosed by stone walls in the drywall," explains the architect-conservator Aleksandra Kapetanović.
The walking trail Glavati (St. Anna bay) - Upper Prčanj - Upper Stoliv - Lower Stoliv is part of that old pedestrian path. This trail runs through a variety of landscapes with attractive views of the bay, through the remains of the resorts in Gornji Prčanj and Gornji Stoliv, and the specificity of the trail is that there is a higher number of sacral buildings - chapels and churches," explains Aleksandra.
hiking path 3There are two options available for Sunday promotional hiking tours. For participants with low physical fitness, they will walk along the segment of the Glavati-Old parish church-Prčanj (site Grasovo) for 50 minutes. The passage of the entire trail, which runs from Glavati to Donji Stoliv, leads through the remains of the settlement in Gornji Prčanj and Gornji Stoliv, through the centuries-old chestnut woods, leading to Donji Stoliv. This course in mid-length hiking tours is required for about 2 h 40 min. On the return, the organisers provide transportation from Donji Stoliv to Glavati (St. Anna bay).
27 Dec 2018, 16:12 PM

December 27, 2018 - NVU Karampana, in cooperation with the co-organizer the Tourist Organization Kotor, and under the sponsorships of the Kotor Municipality, organizes a series of events within the project "From Christmas to Christmas" from December 23rd to January 8th, 2019.

"This year we are presenting a rich program of twelve manifestations and events that will be organized in our city," said the NGO "Karampana". The event began with the New Year's concert by Kotor City Music, and it continued on Christmas Eve on December 24th, when “priganice” were served in front of the city's main gate to all citizens and guests.

Friday, December 28th is reserved for the cutest and the youngest. At 10:00 am, the Children's New Year Bazaar will be held in front of the main city doors, where the children from the kindergarten and Kotor schools will present the works that they prepared with their teachers. In case of rain, the location for the bazaar will be the Shopping Center "Kamelija". On the same day in the Church of St. The Ghost at 8 p.m. there will be a concert by the quartet "Lords of the Strings".

Saturday, December 29th is the New Year's Bazaar of Crafts at the Riva promenade at 10 a.m. The big New Year's Tombola will be organized on the same day in front of the city tavern "Dojmi" at 11 am, and the organizers have provided valuable prizes for all participants. In case of bad weather for both events, the host will be SC Kamelija.

At the Piazza from 8 p.m., visitors will hear the famous tones and hits “Anđele moj” and “Aj ća volin’ te” by klapa "Kampanel". An alternative location in case of bad weather will be JU Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" at the same hours.

Santa Claus and his elves have prepared a variety of surprises, which the youngest must not miss. The students of the Vida Matjan Music School will participate in the reception for the children. They will also have the opportunity to enjoy an interactive show titled "Let's Love - This is the Year of Love."

"Like every year, the unavoidable part of the Children’s New Year's program is the distribution of New Year's packages, which Kotor’s Santa Claus will distribute for all the present children," Karampana.

For children who, due to health problems, cannot attend the reception, NGO Karampana has organized the delivery of the New Year's packages at 12 pm at the Kotor General Hospital. It is a continuation of the "Fairytale for Health" action which started in 2015 as part of the project "From Christmas to Christmas."

The Children’s New Year will be followed by a musical happening entitled "Kotor- City of Good Music." The audience will be entertained by Who See, Niggor & Jelena Kženegra.

"The beginning of the New Year will be marked on January 3, 2019, under the title “Experience the Hundred,” where we will organize a special music program and the New Year's tombola with various prizes," said Karampana.

The Christmas Concert of the Serbian Singing Society "Jedinstvo" is scheduled for the 4 January in the church of St. Nicholas at 6 pm.

"Karampana" invites citizens and guests of Kotor to join the event announced for 5 January. "A humanitarian evening is dedicated to all Kotor originals, and all the proceeds from the sale of sausages and wine will be intended for the purchase of new instruments for Kotor City Music," the organizers said.

As for the Catholic Christmas Eve, Kotor will prepare “priganice” to celebrate the Orthodox Christmas Eve, which will be served in front of the central city gates on January 6 at 10 am.

The sixth “From Christmas to Christmas" manifestation ends on January 8th with the gastronomic specialities of Kotor hosts, which will be presented within the framework of the "Papalada ala maka."

"Thanks to the support we received, without which this project could not be so successful, we owe the first place to Luštica Bay, which already traditionally helps the project “From Christmas to Christmas.” Also, thanks for the support and infrastructure assistance of the Municipality of Kotor, La Mia Casa from Podgorica and our colleagues by enthusiasm - Ocean Lava Montenegro," said Karampan with the invitation to attend the programs and the message “the New Year's Magic can begin."

Text by Boka news, on December 25th 2018, read more at Boka news

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