5 Traditional Montenegrin Dishes You Must Try

By , 29 Apr 2018, 11:13 AM Lifestyle

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A look at the five Montenegrin dishes you need to try on April 28, 2018. 

1. Montenegrin Prosciutto – Njeguški Pršut

Montenegrin prosciutto (pršut) is a special dish from the Njeguši village in Montenegro and is dry-cured ham with distinct aroma and flavor. Pršut is made from a pig’s hind leg. The dry-curing process lasts about a year, and includes cleaning, salting in sea salt, removing excess liquid, hanging and smoking in a particular environment in the fresh mountain breeze for months. It is served uncooked in thin slices.

2. Njeguški Steak

Njeguški steak is a meal created for real meat lovers. A pork steak (schnitzel) is stuffed with “kajmak”, local cream cheese and “pršut”, rolled up and usually served with french fries. This is a real Montenegrin restaurant classic!

3. Meat and potatoes “ispod sača”

Meat and potatoes “ispod sača” is a special dish in which meat, usually veal, lamb or goat, is slow-roasted with potatoes, and sometimes carrots, onions, tomatoes and a pinch of paprika under an iron dome covered with coal. Montenegrins adore the “sač” (pronounced as “such”), as the dishes prepared under it result in stunning deliciousness and aroma.

4. Kačamak and cicvara

“Kačamak” is a local kind of porridge made with wheat or corn flour, crushed potatoes and cheese, and served with white cheese, “kajmak” or local homemade yogurt. Cicvara is a traditional Montenegrin meal made out of corn flour with local cheese, “kajmak”. Most national dishes include this local cheese, as it gives a unique flavor and aroma to each course. All Northern Montenegrins grew up savoring these delicious meals!

5. Priganice

Priganice is a small and airy type of doughnut prepared with flour, water, oil, salt and sugar. These delicious delights can be eaten in a salty version, with cheese, “kajmak”, local yogurt; while serving them sweet, they include sugar, local honey and various types of jam. 

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