Fish Carpaccio: Authentic Eats from Boka

By , 26 Jun 2018, 13:31 PM Gourmet
Fish Carpaccio: Authentic Eats from Boka Yulia Mengo

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June 26, 2018 - When looking for an authentic menu item at a local Montenegrin restaurant, you may likely skip the carpaccio offered among the other appetizers. Don’t make this mistake; here is why.


My friend Boban Mihajilo who is the chef of the modern Bevanda restaurant in Tivat and was raised in Boka Bay has shown us how to prepare fish carpaccio while telling us about its authenticity.

  • - Raw fish is actually not something unusual for the coastal area of Montenegro. Raw fish and mussels have always been the common food of local fishermen. I remember my father always kept a knife with him when going to the sea to open the mussel shells or cut a freshly caught fish. That was the food that supported us in the fishing process which could last quite a long time. My friends and I spent time on the beach and used to pick mussels, open them, squeeze some lemon juice on top and eat them just like that.

So, what you're saying is that fish carpaccio is an authentic Montenegrin food, at least for the Boka Bay…

  • - Of course, and I prepare a modern version of it here using lime juice and olive oil with a truffle flavor. However, this is still the food of my childhood.

It shouldn’t be complicated then. What do you need for fish carpaccio?

  • - Carpaccio is prepared from first class white fish – Seabass, John Dory, Dorado, and others. It should be freshly caught, not longer than 2 hours, cleaned and then cut into very thin slices. Originally, we used to pour lemon juice on it, but I prefer lime because it brings both a sour and bitter taste to the dish and this combination perfectly reflects the Adriatic flavor palate. 

Let’s see how this seafood delicacy is done.


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