Fish Burgers on Rocket: Perfectly Balanced Dinner in a Few Easy Steps

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Fish Burgers on Rocket: Perfectly Balanced Dinner in a Few Easy Steps Fish Burgers On Rocket Plate, Copyright: Hrono magazin

May 26, 2019 - Rocket is one of the greatest joys that spring returns to the Mediterranean cuisine. Here's a suggestion of how to make it perfectly, with its fresh bitter taste, with fish burgers, which you will prepare without much effort, and in a little time. With fine wine, it the perfect dinner for the long days of the early summer.

Although in recent years we've received delicious, washed and packed rocket from various European countries, it's still the most beautiful thing when your rocket comes from your garden, or you get it in one of the fresh food markets nearby. A special place is on Saturday morning at the Kotor Market with an excellent selection of locally produced organic vegetables from Grbalj and Grahovo. There you may find fresh white fish, which can replace the frozen hake, which we suggest to prepare for this meal.
1/2 kg of hake fillet (or any other white fish)
50 g of green olives 
Five cloves of white garlic
One tablespoon of flax seed
One tablespoon of chopped parsley
Two large egg whites
Sea salt
120 g of rocket
One lemon
Two tablespoons of olive oil
Olive oil for baking
Cook the fish in salt water, then rinse thoroughly and let it cool down. The flesh of the hake is crushed so that it can be combined with two teaspoons of garlic, seeds of flax, parsley, sliced olives, and whites. Add some salt to taste, and mix well. From the prepared mixture, oil your hands and form small burgers. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper and sprinkle the paper with oil, then fold the fish fillets. Bake in the oven preheated to 200 degrees Celsius until they get a brown color - about 20 minutes.
While the fish burgers are baking, prepare a salad. Wash the rocket and combine it with lemon juice, the remaining white onion, olive oil, and spices.
When baked, serve fish burgers on a rocket salad. With this extraordinarily balanced meal of low calorie and glycemic value, a glass of wine will fit in very well. Maybe some Rose. Bon Appetite!

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