5 Gourmet Specialties of Coastal Montenegro You Don't Want to Miss

By , 01 Jun 2018, 13:34 PM Gourmet

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The menu offered in traditional Montenegrin restaurants can vary greatly depending on the region. In the Durmitor area, you'll be offered lamb cooked in milk and veal steak under a forest mushroom sauce and for lunch, after visiting the Ostrog monastery, you may try „sach“ (sac) beef or lamb baked with potatoes on wood in a traditional oven. Montenegro is definitely worth visiting for a gastro tour, but if you're staying just for a week on the seaside, the most touristic area of the country, you might get confused with the Caprese salad and Vienna schnitzel offered on the local restaurant menu.

Here is our short guide for the typical Montenegrin coastal dishes worth trying.

What should logically come into focus is fish and seafood - and if you can't professionally distinguish wild orada from farm grown, look to risotto. Every fish restaurant would recommend you to try their black risotto and you should. Its black color comes from the cuttlefish ink and it brings very specific and tasty flavor to the rice. The cuttlefish itself has a structure similar to squid and is typical local seafood. The black risotto is considered a festive food traditionally prepared on special occasions at the time of fasting.


Another good choice is mussels. Offered in a variety of dishes such as pasta, salad, and stew, mussels are the real kings of the Boka bay. There is historical evidence that mussels were the authentic food of people who lived in Boka 5000 years ago. And even today „muslje na buzaru“ or stewed mussels are one of the local favorite summer delicacies. You can read about the cooking methods for the shellfish here.


If you're lucky enough to find the restaurant offering a „brodet“ similar to „brodetto“ in Italian, or a red fish stew (possibly in the Boka bay), order it. Brodet is a mixture of different small fish (there are many combinations) stewed in tomatoes with onion, garlic, bay leaves, and parsley - a fantastic taste of authentic coastal village life.


Lunch at a high-class fish restaurant is usually complemented with some bite-size starters. However, for the real fish lovers, I'd recommend ordering a portion of homemade fish pate, if it's on the menu. It is a lovely spread with a delicate texture perfect in combination with slightly grilled bread.


Speaking of bread – don't underestimate the importance of this meal ingredient in the overall food experiences. Always ask your waiter if they have homemade bread, as some of its versions will impress you.


Most people accompany seafood with white wine. What my suggestion would be (especially for the hot daytime) is to dilute it. A Spritzer is the perfect refreshment and goes well with the flavors of fish. Mix a dry white wine with soda water (don't use mineral water, please) and enjoy.


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