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13 Nov 2018, 03:45 AM

12 November 2018 - The exhibition "Vincenzo Maria Coronelli and Perast", which will be held on Wednesday, November 14 in the Museum of Perast, will mark the beginning of the programme for the 21st of November – Kotor Municipality Day.

The exhibition is being organised on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the death of Coronelli, the most famous Italian cartographer from the 17th century Venetian Republic and the founder of the oldest geographical association in the world (Accademia Cosmografica degli Argonauti).

The author of the exhibition is conservator and restorer Maja Uskoković.

The opening of the exhibition is on November 21 at 7 PM and it will mark the start of the Kotor Municipality Day celebration.

Coronelli is known as a theologian, geographer, cosmographer and publisher, known in particular for his atlases and globes. As a cartographer, he is known in Montenegro through isolarios: ”Mari, Golfi, Isole, Spiagge, Porti, Citta, Fortezze ed altri Loughi dell’Istria, Quarner, Dalmazia, Albania, Epiroe Livadia” and atlas "Atlante Veneto" kept in the Museum of Perast.

In order to preserve and protect the cultural heritage, the exhibition will present the stages of the implementation of conservation and restoration works on the isolario, and visitors will be able to get acquainted with its appearance before and after the conservation work.

Coronelli's works are the basis for all subsequent cartographers and travel writers who explored this part of Europe.


Source: Boka News

12 Nov 2018, 02:45 AM

11 November 2018 - Along with numerous participants and several hundred visitors, Tivat hosted an all-day festival dedicated to autumn - "Luštica Bay Fall Colors Fair" was held on the promenade in the Marina settlement in Luštica Bay.

This festival featured an exhibition of local delicacies and products led by producers of Agroklaster Nikšić who offered organic produce and cultivation by Bulajić family, ethnological household "Dedovina" from Grahovo, Dabović winery, Miljanić's cheese products from Nikšić, and information on a one-day excursion from the Bay of Kotor to Grahovo. It is interesting that among the 20 domestic producers, there were three producers who live and work in the Bay of Kotor and who initially came from abroad.

In addition to a wide range of over 20 varieties of cheeses, Olga Ovčar from Ukraine presented her various dairy products, such as sour cream with and without spices, while the children enjoyed this product the most. Her pepper cheese was definitely the most demanded dairy product. The Morić family has presented a wide range of olive products from their olive groves with 1500 trees, as well as other products, starting from cake and pancakes all the way to almonds. Also, their brandy was an unforgettable experience for many who tried it for the first time.

Festival1110 1

Furthermore, honey and products made out of honey were offered by Radojica Radović and Vidak Tomašević, beekeepers of the company "Grbalj". Products from olive oil were taken care of by the Abazović family, while medicinal herbs could be smelt throughout the whole fair from the stand of Julka Radmanović. Variety of juices, wines and vegetables were a specialty of Bosiljka Vuksanović. Many other manufacturers offered ham, pears, pies, sweets, juices, honey products and goat's milk. "Rančevka" produced by Predrag Klakor and Jovica Peričič was the most popular brandy. Visitors also had an opportunity to buy handmade pillows and handbags which were offered by Jan March.

"We are very satisfied with the response of the visitors and the atmosphere that was present in Luštica Bay. With many guests, especially the youngest, excellent offer of domestic products, we think that this is an approach that we will definitely nurture in the future," said Slavica Milić from marketing team of Luštica Development.

11 Nov 2018, 03:23 AM

10 November 2018 - On the occasion of the conference of the European Capitals of Culture and meetings of the new edition of Unity in Diversity, the President of the Kotor Municipality Vladimir Jokić paid an official visit to Florence at the invitation of the Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, last week, and attended a joint gathering of representatives of cities of Europe.

Unity in Diversity represents a platform undersigned by Mayors from over 60 countries, which collects Mayors from all over the world that are willing to listen to and talk about culture, media, democracy, arts, education, science and research for the purpose of peaceful coexistence and progress of citizens. The conference is supported by a number of high representatives, international experts and opinion makers, artists, journalists, students, Academy Award-winning actors, scientists, Nobel laureates, religious leaders, delegates and many others who are ready to discuss actions in terms of public administration and decision making, and order to build a better future.

The opening of this year's Conference was attended by Italian Minister of Culture Alberto Bonisoli, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Tibor Navracsics and the Mayors and representatives of more than 40 different cities.

During the opening of the manifestation, Italian Minister of Culture Alberto Bonisoli noted that "this conference is held in the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage". This conference was the perfect spot for networking and exchanging the best practices of the European Capitals of Culture cities regarding the preservation of cultural heritage.

Unity1110 1

The mayor of Kotor has received a formal invitation from the Mayor of Florence because Kotor has been recognized in the world as the Capital of Culture in Montenegro. Kotor has managed to preserve its distinctiveness through a number of unique manifestations and events such as the fashianda, winter and summer carnival, Boka night, Kotor Children Theater festival, Kotor Art Festival, Refresh festival, Searock festival and many others. This city devotedly cultivates the idea that it is a city that belongs to the world's cultural heritage under the protection of UNESCO, enjoys an international reputation, brings together great artists from around the world, and attracts a wide range of audiences with its quality and diversity.

At the conference, the Mayor presented Kotor, its cultural and historical heritage, and also expressed Kotor's readiness for cooperation with other cities in the fields of culture and tourism. President Jokić met with the Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, and invited him to visit Kotor in the coming year to mark the 40th anniversary of the day when Kotor was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Unity in Diversity aims to build a network that will support and implement specific projects, in particular, those focused on supporting cultural heritage protection, cities' resilience and sustainable development, to facilitate actions directly generated by the needs and ambitions of the local community.

08 Nov 2018, 07:03 AM

07 November 2018 - The Festival of Fall Colours will be held on Saturday, November 10 at several locations on the promenade in the Marina resort Luštica Bay. The event will include a painting colony, a collection of local delicacies, and a folklore performance.

The "Autumn Table", as a part of the programme of the Festival, will present local gastronomic specialties created by the agronomic producers from Tivat and Nikšić.

Fans of the autumn landscape will be able to enjoy the colours of this season which will be painted on canvas during the painting colony "Colours of Fall" by students of two primary schools and a high school centre from Tivat. Works of colony participants will be presented in the exhibition on the occasion of the Day of Tivat Municipality on November 21. The event will also include the participation of children from the "Kadena" Cultural and Art Centre, who will promote Montenegrin folk dances.

Free transportation will be organised from Kotor (in front of the Employment Bureau) and Tivat (old bus station), departing at 11 AM each, and going back from Luštica Bay at 5 PM.

07 Nov 2018, 00:36 AM

06 November 2018 - A modern multimedia web presentation that, like the new visual identity of the institution, was based on guidelines of branding and strengthening the institution as a whole, was recently promoted as the new internet presentation of the Museums of Kotor - the Museum of Perast, Lapidarium, Church of St. Pavle, Solidarity Gallery, Small and Large Grudge, as well as the other heritage under the authority of the Museums of Kotor.

The internet presentation of the cultural treasure which the heritage guarded under the Museums of Kotor has been based on the model of the leading regional web portals intended for culture and museum activity, keeping the modern aesthetic and technical internet categories, with the utmost respect for the principles of originality and belonging to the Mediterranean cultural circle.

The multilingualism of this presentation is also a significant step forward, but also a valuable rarity among the cultural institutions of this region, because the complete content, including news, can be followed in English, Italian and Russian in addition to the Montenegrin language. This feature of the official website of the institution is valuable because of the more contentious presentation of valuable cultural heritage and the promotion of international cooperation, and the importance of attracting foreign visitors and strengthening the commercial segment of the institution with the aim of its self-sustainability.

Comprehensive service information is available to interested visitors, experts and users of the institution's premises, and in order to comply with legal obligations and transparency of work on the site, relevant data on public procurement and anti-corruption documents are also available.

The official website was made by the renowned company Implementacija d.o.o. in cooperation with the professional staff of the Museums of Kotor.

Internet presentation of Museums of Kotor is available for all guests and you can read more about it here.

05 Nov 2018, 02:14 AM

04 November 2018 - As a result of the long-term cooperation between the "Pasar" Gallery, the Herceg Novi Comics Festival and the comics shop "Mr No" from Podgorica, the first comics shop in the Bay of Kotor opened in Herceg Novi.

The opening of the comics shop located in the Art Craft Gallery "Pasara", will try to revive the habit of reading comics, as noted from representatives Herceg Novi's Comics Festival.

"This is kind of a logical step in the development of our festival. The recently completed twelfth Herceg Novi Comics Festival has shown that the event has reached the level of European manifestations devoted to ninth art, as well that the best promoter of Montenegro in the world of comics, and also the best promoter of comics culture in our country is this festival in particular. We simply aim to return this form of art to people, return to the place it belongs to, and return comics to the citizens, as well as create a habit of reading comics," said representatives of the Herceg Novi Comics Festival.

Apart from the favorite comics of renowned publishing houses, the comics shop offers aworks by top authors who have toured at the previous festivals, as well as various souvenirs.

"Herceg Novi's comics shop of the gallery "Pasara" will feature all the kiosks from "Veseli Četvrtak" and "Ludens", to the exclusive collection of Belgrade's "Darkwood" and Zagreb's "Fiber", as well as all other renowned publishing houses from region, with a large selection of Japanese manga comics that are released in our region. In addition, the comics shop will also feature works created by top authors visiting our festivals, and there will be all Herceg Novi Comics Festival souvenirs and memorabilia such as t-shirts, posters and calendar for 2019 with the works of our 12 special guests this year," concluded representatives of the Herceg Novi Comics Festival.

They also believe that the comics shop will be a place for the gathering of lovers not only in the ninth art but of creativity in general, given the fact that the gallery "Pasara" was founded by Herceg Novi's artists Boris Šuberić and Vanja Berberović Šuberić.

02 Nov 2018, 13:10 PM

November 2, 2018 - It has been almost 500 days since the beginning of the reconstruction of the indoor pool in Kotor, and there is no announcement for the eventual completion. Tenders are being annulled, and time passes. Absurdly, but true: our athletes have traveled to the nearest pools for the last two years. And when they get there, they face another problem - there is not enough space.

Unfortunately, one pool is used by three clubs, which practically means that more than 100 people are in the pool at the same time, said the chairman of the president of the Democrat’s Committee from Kotor Slobodan Mačić.

He said that "between our political games, imposed bureaucracy and systemic irresponsibility of the state institutions in charge, are our children".


Slobodan Mačić

"Disappointed by the inability to solve this problem, they slowly lose their motivation, give up or even pursue their future in sports somewhere else outside the borders of Montenegro. Hereby, we request from the competent Public Works Directorate to finish the formal procedure and elect the contractor by the New Year and, if they fail to do so, inform us in a timely manner that they are unable to do so, so that through the Plan of the Directorate for Planning and the construction of Kotor we would seek a way to solve the problem. We also argue that if this process is not completed within a reasonable time, and in order to rescue water polo as a sport in Kotor, we, the Democrats from Kotor, will not seek the reasons for the delay, but we will call for clear responsibility for what was done, i.e. not being done on this project, of which the completion depends on the future of water polo and overall sports in Kotor," Macic said.

Text by Boka news, on November 1st 2018, read more at Boka news

01 Nov 2018, 20:11 PM

01 November 2018 - Groovy Castel Nuovo recently announced that they organized an unforgettable party with the Verboten and German duo Teenage Mutants, whose signature was on the releases of Stil Vor Talent, Octopus, Suara and many others. The party will take place on Friday, November 2, from 11 pm to 5 am at Maximus Discotheque in Kotor. Tickets are for sale for 8 EUR.

By honing a uniquely catchy and inspired sound, the past years have seen the German techno duo Teenage Mutants tirelessly forge their place on the map of outstanding, timeless electronic music hailing from the heart of Europe.

At the very core of Teenage Mutants’ mission is one simple goal: to spread their remarkably feel-good, energy-driven style of techno to a global audience. And, by now, their reputation speaks for itself: the scene has long been enamoured with the authentic pair from Mainz, as they refreshingly let their skills do the talking, both in the booth and in the studio.

Teenage Mutants have a great presence on the charts of leading music platforms such as Beatport, where you can hear their creativity in many music directions from deep to techno sounds. Behind the German duo is an impressive collection of respected artists with whom they collaborated, like Purple Disco Machine, Moonbootica, Laura Welsh, Betoko and Jonas Saalbach. These are just some of the names they shared the studio with. They also created numerous remixes in cooperation with Nervo (“The Other Boys” feat. Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears & Nile Rodgers), Autograf (“Metaphysical”), Sailor & I, Third Son (“Alaska”), Niiche, EdOne, Edouard!, Simion, etc. which further show how wide their musical opus is. The worldwide clubbing scene has surrendered to TM’s haunting grooves, skills and a praiseworthy attitude during the last couple of years. Talent never falls on deaf ears, for this very reason TM have published great tunes on labels such as Sony Music, Ultra, Suara, Stil Vor Talent, Bunny Tiger, Hedkandi, Incorrect, Click Records, Nervous, Katermukke, Definition Music or Light My Fire.

It is certain that this night will serve us energetic and melodious sounds, with the support composed of P.S. & Raven Tk, who will ensure that the audience stays awake until morning.

You can find more information about the event on the page here.

01 Nov 2018, 02:51 AM

31 October 2018 - Many world countries have long assessed and understood the numerous advantages of bicycles as a means of transport and an active holiday. Under the great influence of European trends of improving sustainable transport, cycling activities begin to grow not only in Podgorica as the Capital, but throughout Montenegro.

Montenegro's amazing mountain landscapes and clear blue sea welcome all cycling fans in one of Europe's most thrilling cycling destinations. This is a place where cyclists can enjoy the most testing and exciting moments on a bike, but they can also feel a true sense of freedom as well. If you enjoy mountain trails, coastlines with the most amazing beaches, icy-cold rivers, fascinating sites and picturesque sceneries to explore, then you’re probably going to like cycling through the country.

So, what can you expect while cycling through Montenegro?

  1. Gorgeous scenery over the Bay of Kotor and beyond!

While cycling through Montenegro, you can definitely enjoying its spectacular nature. Complete relaxation, rest and acquiring new energy awaits all those who seek to get to the most amazing viewpoints in the country. Great fun, adrenaline spikes, competitive excitement are just some of the thrills you might get to experience while exploring thousands of kilometres of hiking and biking trails.

  1. Welcoming family-run hotels and delicious traditional dishes

Family-run hidden gems still exist in Montenegro, it’s up to you to just choose! Historic bed-and-breakfasts that have maintained their traditional vibe are common in Montenegro. In traditional hotels, rooms are usually peaceful and minimal, budget-friendly and followed by a morning chit-chat with personable hosts. You definitely do not want to miss any of the tastes of Montenegrin cuisine from the coast to the north! The tastes of the Mediterranean give you the holy trinity - fish, wine and olive oil accompanied by local wines. However, Northern Montenegro introduces you to the cuisine of highlanders, served on wooden trays: meat and potatoes under the sač, cheese, kačamak (Montenegrin polenta with cream cheese, cheese, potatoes) and prosciutto. This is all perfectly followed by homemade brandy – rakija.

  1. Feeling the thrill of life on a bike

When the weather conditions are at their best, everything in Montenegro is crystal clear and bright – the air, the water, and the spirit and breath of the sea and the mountains. There are many places from which you can see breath-taking panoramas, amazing works of art in nature in five national parks, the pearls of the Bay of Kotor, coastal medieval cities, Cetinje the city – museum; visits to old wineries in Crmnica or staying in eco-villages – it is easy to get smitten with so many choices.

  1. Steep mountain bike trails

If you challenge yourself to cycle on some of Montenegrin mountain trails, like Lovćen and Durmitor, be prepared for a challenge. Mountainous terrain comes with lots of climbs and scenic nature. Still, when you reach the mountain's viewpoints while sweaty and with your teeth clenched, it will feel like you're on top of the whole world. And, despite the pain and the fatigue, you will still smile and feel alive!

cycle3110 1

  1. Narrow roads with traffic

To be honest, narrow lanes throughout Montenegro represent a huge problem for cyclists. When considering road cycling, the infrastructure for travellers on bikes is almost non-existent, and car drivers are not attentive enough. While riding on two wheels, you should definitely stay alert and keep your eyes wide open. The road surface in the country is mostly bad, and the lack of quality bike parking is a huge issue as well. The most common bike parking option throughout Montenegro is still the low-standing single wheel securing spirals.

  1. Feel like renting a bike?

If you are looking to rent a bike, you need a document proving your identity: passport or driving license, in order to make the contract of lease of sports equipment. You should probably research rental companies and contact them before your arrival. Some rental companies ask for a cash deposit for each type of Sports Equipment. When returning the bicycle, if you have met all the terms of the lease and the operating rules, the deposit is fully refunded to you. The rental period of the Sports Equipment is usually counted in hours. The lessee bears full financial responsibility for the equipment.

  1. Looking for the thrill of a campsite?

There is generally a large number of campsites throughout Montenegro, so you should be able to find one without much effort. If you feel like camping, you will find out that camping is really not an expensive option for your stay. However, not many campsites get improved over time, so do not have high expectations. It is also quite popular to ask for permission to put a camp on the local property. Still, you might get in a situation where they will charge you, or, if you get lucky, the locals can get very interested in your stories, and might invite you for a pleasant drink, delicious meal or even ask you to stay indoors.

29 Oct 2018, 13:27 PM

October 29, 2018 - "I have to point out that the Municipality of Kotor had several meetings with Ministers of Tourism and Culture, Mr. Pavle Radulovic and Mr. Aleksandar Bogdanovic and their teams, with the intention of finding a method and a model to secure this space with a good planning document. Whether this will result in such a document, remains to be seen. Within its scope, the Municipality of Kotor makes efforts to make this document,"  Vladimir Jokić, Mayor of Kotor

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