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09 Dec 2018, 18:55 PM

December 9, 2018 - A special police team working with the Special State Prosecutor's Office has asked the Kotor Municipality to submit the complete documentation regarding the procedures of local government in connection with the issuance of building permits for investors, the company "A-Y Montenegro" from Kotor.

"Dragan Radonjić, leader of the team as per the instructions by SDT on November 15th, requested from the Municipality of Kotor insight into the complete documentation and files of the cases related to the administrative procedure in relation to the application for issuing construction permits to the company “A-Y Montenegro”. "From this, I assume that this investor filed a criminal complaint against me to SDT because these permits have not been issued to them till today," said the Mayor of Kotor Vladimir Jokić (Democrats).

"AY Montenegro" submitted in September or November 2016 a total of eight requests to the Kotor municipality for the issuance of construction permits on the plots owned by that company in Kostanjica, and requested the approval to construct as many as thirty new residential tourist and auxiliary facilities, a total area of almost 8,700 square meters. They asked for this, referring to the controversial, amended DUP Kostanjica from 2009, which on the then untouched area from the Turkish cap to Kostanjica, is registered dozen of new objects of "tourist purpose". This DUP was brought to the time when Kotor was the ruled by the local DPS-SDP authority for the mandate of Mayor Marija Ćatović.


Boka Kotorska – photo Boka News 2018.

In 2009, the Regional Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments gave a negative opinion on the proposal of amendments to the DUP Kostanjica, but the opinion, however, was expressed after the deadline of 15 days of how long the institutions have to send their approval on the proposed planning document. Therefore, the Municipality of Kotor, managed by Ćatović at that time, adopted DUP Kostanjica, formally declaring that the Institute did not pronounce its opinion within the deadline, which is considered to be a tacit consent. In the meantime, according to this planning document, several tens of thousands of square meters of housing facilities in Kostanjica have already been built, which has already destroyed the image on the islands of Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George from Perast. UNESCO warned that further construction in this area would certainly jeopardize the survival of Kotor in the list of protected sites of the world's natural and cultural heritage under the UNESCO patronage.


Kotor – photo Boka News

The current ruling coalition made by the Democrats-DF-URA-SDP, with the parliamentary support of the SNP, was put in an unenviable position because the government allegedly trying to keep Kotor on the UNESCO list, and a year ago introduced a moratorium on a new construction in Kotor Bay, but simultaneously, through the mouth of Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulovic (DPS), told the local authorities to "act by law" and issue all the building permits for which the requests were submitted before the entry into force of the moratorium. Among them are the demands for some very controversial projects that, according to the UNESCO expert's viewpoint, could jeopardize the status of Kotor as natural and cultural heritage, especially in the area of Kostanjica, Dobrota, and Glavati.

"The purpose of all this with the SDT is now to put pressure on me to issue these building permits to this investor," Jokic said, reminding that in the meantime, Minister Radulovic recommended Jokic in several public appearances "that these permissions should be rejected", and such opinion was signed even publicly in front of RTCG cameras by the then director of the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Property Anastazija Miranovic, when the Mayor of Kotor offered it to her.

None of the leaders of the state, except Radulovic who officially said that he "acted according to the law," did not respond to the letter of the mayor Vladimir Jokic, who in December 2017, from Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, the president of the Assembly, Ivan Brajovic, the then president of the state, Filip Vujanovic, and several other competent state institutions, demanded that the state takes a stand on the issue of further construction on the locations identified as critical ones by UNESCO, including Kostanjica. The government also ignored the invitation to the Council for the Management of the Natural and Cultural-Historical District of Kotor, which in January asked the Government to urgently, at its next session, to take a position what the Municipality of Kotor should do regarding the application for issuing construction permits for the new mammoth construction in the area of Kostanjica. The same request to the Government in March was also unsuccessful, sent by SO Kotor. The approval of such construction would definitely bring Kotor out of the list of protected heritage, which would have unreasonable negative consequences for both the town of Kotor and the state of Montenegro.


Vladimir Jokić – photo Boka News

"We are asking the state and all competent institutions to get involved in resolving the issue of Kostanjica. This is not a question of today's coalition government in Kotor, nor the authorities that will come tomorrow. This is the issue of preserving the space that we have to keep, this is the issue of preserving Kotor on the UNESCO list. The "permanent silence" of the state is astounding. I think it is time that we in this town finally get an answer to the question of whether the state of Montenegro intends to preserve the status of Kotor on the UNESCO list or not. Both of them are legitimate, but we need to know where we are "- mayor Jokic said at a session of the SO in March this year. He called on the state to "stand by its authority and power" on behalf of the town.

"What I assure you is that even if the state remains silent if the legal procedure does not change drastically, the Municipality of Kotor, while I am at its head and while this team is in the local executive power, will not allow such a devastation of space. We will not allow someone to mock at what has remained in the heritage of this generation to be protected," Jokic concluded. 


Gospa od Škrpjela (Lady of the Rocks) and Kostanjica March 2018.

The 'fruits' of his decision to not allow the further continuation of the destruction of Kostanjica, and to preserve Kotor for UNESCO, Jokic brought in front of SDT led by Milivoje Katnic, who sent a special police team to Kotor to inspect all the documents regarding the requests by the company “A-Y Montenegro”. In the meantime, this company appealed first to the Chief Administrator of the Municipality, and then to the Administrative Court, which ordered the Municipality to "decide upon the request" for building permits. Since the permits have not been received even to this day, "A-Y Montenegro" has addressed Katnić.

Text by S.L., on December 8th, 2018, read more at Boka news

07 Dec 2018, 00:59 AM

06 December 2018 - For the first time in Kotor, on Saturday, December 8 and Sunday December 9, a two-day NLP Basic training for improving business skills is organized.

Whether you are an employer, manager or employee, the complexity of the business environment is conditional on the need for continuous additional training said Aleksandra Anđelić from NLP Network.

NLP methodology is currently the leading methodology for improving business skills and it is used in all activities, such as sales, marketing, management, etc.

For the improvement of business, three reasons are of the utmost importance.

Interpersonal relationships in the workplace - numerous research has come up with data that employees in over 80% of cases leave companies because of poor communication, poor relationship with the manager. Employees do not actually leave companies, but bosses. The reason is the inability of quality communication, a lot of stress, reduced productivity or motivation. You can imagine the cost, when every time someone leaves the company because of bad interpersonal relationships.

NLP0612 1

Research say that more than 80% of sales are made due to the relationship the seller builds with his client, not because of the product or service. What makes this relationship - first of all, quality communication, which includes respect and trust, flexibility to diversity. The third reason is the increase in employee motivation.

It is known that only motivated employees are productive employees, however, a very small percentage of employees is truly motivated. Some research says that every 4th employee like the job they do. At work more and more employees often spend more than 8 hours, and it is important to be motivated. However, employers seem to fail to find adequate drivers for their employees. It is not easy because everyone is starting different things.

These are some of the topics covered by the NLP Basic two-week training conducted by licensed NLP coaches Danka Ćetković and Aleksandra Anđelić, founders of NLP Network.

"We are all more and more seriously disturbed by the balance between business and private life, and for that reason, we feel dissatisfaction, constant stress, worry, nervousness and so on. All of this, in the end, leads us to, in spite of the increased effort, to miss the desired results and not to realize all that we can for what we have potential. These are some of the reasons why it is necessary to work on improving the communication skills, flexibility, goal setting, as well as reconsidering their beliefs that can be supportive or even limiting to achieve the desired results, in which NLP can greatly help us with its methods," concluded members of NLP Network during their lecture about methods of neuro-linguistic programming which took place in mid-November in Kotor. Read more information about this lecture here.

Until now, NLP education was conducted only in Podgorica, however, due to the interest shown after the Info Lectures, for the first time in Kotor NLP Basic is being organized - a two-day training programme which will take place during December 8-9. Information and applications can be found here, and you can also follow NLP Network on their Facebook Page.

Information and applications at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone number 069 564 117.


06 Dec 2018, 23:23 PM

06 December 2018 - In recent years, healthcare has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. The wellness and fitness industry is flourishing worldwide and these aspects of life are gaining popularity in Montenegro as well. According to research in this field, physical fitness (being fit), as a state of health and well-being, is achieved through proper nutrition, moderate-vigorous physical exercise, and sufficient rest. Montenegrin citizens are slowly gaining more insight on the aspect that regular workout routine helps to counter the side-effects of hectic urban lifestyle, reduce stress, anxiety and depression and other diseases that negatively affect health.

Two women, who moved from abroad to Montenegro, recently launched an exciting project in Herceg Novi. Esma Cerinan Otović (28) and Sule Kadan Turkel (45) founded an association that brings together women of different profiles (age, profession, descent) but still linked by the desire to spend their free time healthily and beneficially.

Fit Woman Montenegro1

As these two women entrepreneurs stated in an interview with local News Portal “Radio Jadran”, Fit Woman Montenegro is a community that is free and open to all women of Herceg Novi, Bay of Kotor and beyond, who see themselves in the “world of wellness and wellbeing”. The association has their door open for females who want to participate in various activities that contribute to making a person feel satisfied and healthy.

Esma Cerinan Otović explained that the Fit Woman Montenegro Society plans that every week, members of the association will gather at least two times, and she invited all interested women to join them if they want to. The planned activities include stretching and breathing exercises; recreational walks in different locations, visits to tourist and cultural sites, photo-trekking tours, indoor and outdoor sports activities, visits to ethno-villages and agricultural farms.

Fit Woman Montenegro2

Fit Woman Montenegro represents a Wellness & Well-being Community for Women with the primary goal to encourage members to lead an active, social and healthy life.

"The membership to our community is free for all women. We want to encourage each other to lead an active, healthy, social life. Come and share your time with us, "they said from the Fit Woman Montenegro Association, inviting all interested to follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

05 Dec 2018, 15:37 PM

December 5, 2018 - Great names of the local and regional rock scene - Damir Urban, Darko Rundek & Ekipa, Bombaj Stampa, Psihomodo Pop, Galija, Four Blues Drivers, Autogeni trening and M.O.R.T. will perform in Kotor during the New Year's holidays.

Kotor was the first town in Montenegro to organize an outdoor New Year’s concert in 1997, and for the second year in a row, the celebration takes place as the event called Rock New Year.

The festive rock spectacle at the Main Square in Kotor will open with a rock band from Sarajevo, founded in 1982, Bombaj stampa, led by Branko Djuric-Djuro, with the recognizable hits „Bolje letim sam“, „Uzalud me podsjećaš“, „Mrak i ja“ and many others.

From Zagreb and remembered on the Yugoslav scene as one of the founders of the band "Haustor" from the late seventies, Darko Rundek and his Ekipa band will perform a multi-instrumental spectacle with a repertoire four decades long, reminding the audience of the hits Šal od svile“, „Šejn“, „Ena“, „Bi’ mog’o da mogu“, "Makedo”, „Apokalipso“ and many others that are remembered by all generations.

From Rijeka, Damir Urban will perform in the first hours of 2019. His specific vocals have permeated into the regional music scene for three decades, from the first published album in 1993, through cooperation with the great names of alternative rock, to independent and especially appreciated recordings of concert performances.

Rock band M.O.R.T. whose performances are characterized by fierce sounds and melodicism, was founded 15 years ago in Sinj, and since then has published three studio albums. They began to gain popularity among regional audiences, thanks to numerous festivals, thanks to songs „Meni se skače“, „Tango“, „Olovni vojnici“, „Nina“, and „Buka u glavi“.


New Year’s Kotor – photo Boka News

The second musical evening will also have four concerts, the first of which will be the performance of the blues group Four Blues Drivers, bringing powerful performances that are the synthesis of the best and can be extracted from classic rock by the best music and standards.

For more than four decades, the band Galija, characterized by a specific progressive rock sound, has made their songs known to all generations in this region. With 14 studio albums and a series of compilations and major studio and concert performances, they are known by hits „Stare trube“, „Još uvek sanjam“, „Da me nisi“, „Skadarska“, „Uzalud se trudiš“, and tone dedicated to the town where they perform this time - "Kotor". 

The 35-year-long existence of the Croatian rock band Psihomodo Pop, one of the most recognizable ex-Yu pop punk bands, is accompanied by an uncompromising sound and specific stage performances. The audience always sings the unforgettable "Frida", "Ramona", „Ja volim samo sebe“, led by Davor Gobac, a painter who is also remembered by numerous television and film roles.

The ending of the concert performances belongs to the Montenegrin band Autogeni trening, which has been resisting the challenges of the domestic scene for 18 years, uncompromisingly maintaining the sound quality and sharpness of texts with powerful messages through "Mulj", “Raskrsnica“, „Ljubav i izgaranje and many others that describe problems and challenges of the people today. The organizer of the program is the Tourist Organization of Kotor.

Text by Boka news, on December 5th, 2018, read more at Boka news

05 Dec 2018, 07:39 AM

04 December 2018 - A protocol on cooperation between Tourist Organization Herceg Novi and Tourist Organization Saint Petersburg was officially signed by the TOs directors Pavle Obradović and Nadezhda Petrovna Vitalevna. This protocol is based on tourist promotion, exchange of cultural and artistic groups and societies.

The conference was opened by the Saint Petersburg Regional Commissioner for Culture Konstantin Zuardovich Suchenko, who appointed Svetlana Lavrecova to be an ambassador of cultural and artistic cooperation between Saint Petersburg and Herceg Novi. She is also an artistic director of the Days of Russian Culture in Herceg Novi.

"They appointed the budget for daily allowances and air tickets for artists who will come to Herceg Novi, and we have provided accommodation, trips, and stages for those. If this pilot project turned out to be successful, it is planned to upgrade it to even higher levels of cooperation. We hope that it is because we plan for Herceg Novi to become capital of culture in a region such as Saint Petersburg is in Russia," said Pavle Obradović, director of Tourist Organization Herceg Novi.

At the conference in Saint Petersburg was also the Vice President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi Miloš Konjević, representatives of Herceg Novi's hotels Lazura, Perla, Simo Milošević Institute, Trend Travel Agency, Montenegrin Holiday DMC Agency, as well as the representatives of Tourist Organization Budva and Tourist Organization Kotor, Montenegro Airlines and the Ambassador of Montenegro to Russia, Ramiz Bašić.

"We had an extremely successful conference with 32 tour operators from the Saint Petersburg region and 17 media companies," Obradović pointed out.

He added that the Days of Saint Petersburg and Russia would be held in Herceg Novi in June during the next summer season.

"They are interested in coming here in September, so there is great potential for this cooperation to work, since in that period, when the city is not filled and when there are plenty of free capacities, we can bring many different cultural art societies, theater, and dance groups. We try, by doing this, to attract the Russians and the local population from the region," concluded Pavle Obradović.

05 Dec 2018, 07:20 AM

04 December 2018 - The first New Year's decoration in the old town of Kotor announcing the upcoming holidays appeared all around town on December 4. The town started preparing decorations and the job was much more relaxed this year since many decorations have already been bought, preserved and neatly organized during the last year.

Traditionally, first of all, the streets will be decorated above which is a green wreath from the branches.

"Firefighters of Kotor, who are always there to help in any situation in order to make the city more beautiful in the holiday's spirit, are doing a great job and this part of the work will be finished in no time," said Milana Andric, architect at the Directorate for the Construction and Development of Kotor.

She added that the city would be decorated in the same style as it was during last New Year, with a few minor changes, due to the satisfaction of citizens who had positive comments for the 2018 New Year's Eve.

As for the bright lights decoration, this programme will be even more vibrant. There will be more light curtains all around the city, and all the arches will be illuminated with lamps as well. The space in front of the old town will also be revived with a new figure.

KotorHolidays0412 1

In this spirit, on the behalf of the organization of "Vida Matjan" Music School and KotorArt "Don Branko's Days of Music" on Thursday, December 6, 2018, starting at 8PM in the Concert Hall - Saint Spirit Church, the Concert of the opening ceremony of the Kotor concert season 2018/19 will be held.

On this occasion, performers such as Dimitrij Prokofiev, playing the cello and Ratimir Martinović, playing the piano will present their performances to the audience.

04 Dec 2018, 23:40 PM

04 December 2018 - Montenegro can genuinely be proud of its beautiful 293 km long coast with 73 km of sand, pebble, and rocky beaches spread over 117 locations. Each summer season, beaches attract numerous tourists from all over the world to Montenegro. Having clean and beautifully arranged beaches have been recognized as a necessity by the Montenegrin Government, so The Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro decided to make an effort to improve beach appearance and positively affect the tourist offer of the country during the summer.

As announced from the Coastal Zone Management Company, as of next summer season, Montenegrin beaches will have a new, unique look when it comes to beach equipment that will be more appealing to tourists from the country and guests from abroad. Achieving a beautiful looking coast should contribute to an increase in satisfaction with tourists who travel to Montenegro for the summer holidays.

The Local News Station RTV Budva recently interviewed Blažo Rađenović, the director of the Limited Liability Company "Mediteran reklame" (English: "Mediterranean Advertising") on the subject, and he explained that the new decision that will soon be made and the three-year plan proposal would introduce new regulations when it comes to beach advertising. He justified the recent agenda with the unsightly multicolor picture of Montenegrin beaches, where umbrellas, sunbeds, and cabins are used for commercial purposes, and they do not reflect the beauty of the country’s coastal area.

Beaches0412 1

According to Rađenović, The Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro will create new coastal area regulations in the following period, so that all beaches have their unique appearance that is focused on attracting tourists, and not creating commercial effects for private companies.

In the past period, before the issue of coastal zone appearance was brought to the surface by the authorities, LLC “Mediteran reklame“ was in charge for controlling the advertising aspect on the Montenegrin beaches, and have charged a fee for advertising in beach zones.

"We tried to act preventively with our taxes and limit the advertising options. In Montenegro, that was the only way to influence and change something for the better. If our company did not exist, everyone would have the right to place hundreds of ads, and that would worsen the image of the country’s coastal area, "Rađenović concluded. He is pleased that the public company has recognized the importance of this issue and that taxing will no longer be the method for creating a more beautiful image for the beaches.

04 Dec 2018, 23:29 PM

04 December 2018 - Even though winter is just around the corner, the weather in Montenegro manages to impress even the locals. Chilly days filled with sunshine are lining up, almost ideal for a day trip to one of the coastal cities of Montenegro! Half-Day Private Tour of Perast & Kotor is a perfect way to spend your day, taking advantage of the favourable weather conditions before the winter catches up.

Enjoy a 4-hour tour of the most beautiful bay in the Adriatic. Visit the Baroque town of Perast with the islet Our Lady of the Rocks. Take a walking tour in the medieval town of Kotor. This tour will provide you with a chance to see the best part of Bay of Kotor, one of the gems of the Mediterranean. You will visit the Baroque town of Perast, a small place with a rich history.

There, you will have a short boat ride to the island Our Lady of the Rocks to visit the church with a museum. According to legend, the island was created over the centuries by local seamen who kept an ancient oath after finding an icon of the Madonna and Child on July 22, 1452. Upon returning from each successful voyage, they laid a rock in the bay and, over time, the island gradually emerged from the water. The custom of throwing rocks into the sea is alive today. After the tour there, you will head back to Perast to have a short walk and some free time.

Kotor0412 1

Head back to Kotor, a UNESCO site and a well-preserved medieval fortified city. Take a walking tour of the old town there and see the 12th century St. Tryphon Cathedral, its narrow streets, and palaces unfold before your eyes. In Kotor, you will definitely want to investigate the tremendously rich history of the town on tour with a professional guide.

The tour includes private transportation with a comfortable car/ van, licensed English-speaking professional guide, taxi boat tickets, museum entrance fees and Old town Kotor entrance fees and maps. The ticket does not cover your meals and drinks.

Kotor0412 2

Discover the pearls of Bay of Kotor including Perast and Kotor Old Town on a sightseeing tour of Montenegro, ideal for those with limited time, especially cruise ship passengers. Learn the legend of the Our Lady of the Rocks island and more!

You can find more information about the tour here.

04 Dec 2018, 16:48 PM

December 4, 2018 - The continuation of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th regular session of the Municipal Assembly of Kotor, which was supposed to, among other things, decide the confirmation of the 14 decisions that had been taken by the mayor Vladimir Jokic (Democrats) was not held yesterday because the president of the local parliament Dragica Perovic DSS) canceled it due to "the impossibility of attending sessions at the scheduled term by certain members of the ruling coalition."

According to our findings, the collegium of the president of the SO will be held on Wednesday when it would be necessary to finally determine whether the local parliament will be scheduled again by December 29th. Then, the half-year term expires in which, according to the law, if there is no Session, the Government introduces forced administration to the municipality as an introduction to extraordinary local elections.

"On our side, once again in spite of the difficult words heard in the past days, we will talk to our partners and we will try to reasonably overcome the problem and preserve the local government. However, the other side is needed by for achieving the agreement," said the source from the top of Kotor local government.

The ruling coalition (Democrats, DF, URA and SDP) in SO Kotor, with parliamentary support from SNP, has 17 votes of councilors, while the opposition made by DPS and its close parties has 16 councilors.

The last parliamentary session of the Kotor parliament was held on June 29th, when the meeting was interrupted because they did not vote on the purchase of Jugopetrol real estate in Škaljari and the industrial zone because Nova and SDP were against it. Since the end of June, the parliament has been virtually blocked by disagreements among local government actors, predominantly Democrats and URAs on one hand and SDP on the other. The Party of Ranko Krivokapic withdrew support for the purchase of Jugopetrol's real estate, on which its staff has been working since the beginning of this project rated as very important for the further development of Kotor.


Vladimir Jokić – photo Boka News

Mayor Vladimir Jokic (Democrats) SDP objected that "it would usurp the basic Constitutional and legal right of Municipal Assembly members to decide, without calling them" and that in the meantime he has allegedly issued a number of illegal decisions, to which Jokic replied that he had, according to the law, the right and duty in a situation where the work of the local parliament is blocked. SDP also accuses Jokic that "as a tool of the waste from SNP Snezana Jonica", in the local public enterprise employees are being dismissed from SNP personnel and appointing them to Jonica or her associates with whom she allegedly makes a new party. The SDP felt threatened because a possible replacement of Krivokapić's party Mladen Lučić from the position of director of the Utility company that is, Safet Luković from the position of director of the company Water and Sewage was announced from the circles close to Jonica. SDP had to let the staff of DF and Jonica's SNP wing, which controls all SNPs in the Kotor parliament, several vital places in the municipal company Luka Kotor, which in no way beneficial to that party.

DPS has not yet announced whether they will formally submit an initiative to vote for Jokic's distrust, because they do not have a decisive, 17th vote among the party councilors at the state level, officially a "heavy" opposition to the DPS.

SDP holds the key to the survival of the coalition

From OO SDP Kotor, they confirmed that they would attend the Collegium of the President of the SO on Wednesday "in order to re-request the return of legality in the work of the local self-government and finally to hold a session of the SO that would decide on the decisions they made on its behalf".

"For us, the primary interest is the respect of the law and the will of the voters who have made it clear that the government must work in the interests of the citizens."

Text by S.L. on December 4th, 2018, read more at Boka news

03 Dec 2018, 21:22 PM
The most striking and strategically crucial strait of Bay of Kotor is the Strait of Verige, which is opposite the town of Perast. Today, Verige is one of the most popular photo locations in the extremely photogenic Boka Bay, a place where the view leaves you breathless on both romantic summer evenings and the winter days when the snow falls down the hills of the Herzegovina Mountains, sometimes also covering  the coastal villages in Risan Bay and Perast itself.
verige coming from tivat
Imagine the surprise and fascination of cruise ships guests, who, after passing through Kumbor's Strait, opened to Tivat Bay? The sea surface reflects the scene, where like the eagles, the wings of Lovćen and the slopes of Orjen watch for the Bay. Everyone is instantly aware of the fact that he's coming to the area of unusual beauty. Here the “mountain wings“ are located in the hinterland of the Tivat plain, the impression is less intense than the landscape that opens before you then go to the Kotor-Risan basin through the strait of Verige. You do not need to be familiar with the history of this region to immediately feel the tremendous strategic and historical significance of this narrow sea strait, which marks the former border between the Christian towns of the bay and the Turkish Herceg Novi.

Verige through history

Thus, in 1498, Kotor's Venitian Governor asked for the Senate of the Venetian Republic to approve 350 ducats to build a fort at Verige. He claimed that there were already a lot of soldiers, and the money he had asked for was accepted.  But for some reason, landlords of Perast did not use it for the construction of the fort but obtained some cannons from that fond.
In the Verige strait, there were bloodstained battles in the late 15th century. The Governor of Kotor reported to his superiors in Venice that Turks threatened to set up some bastions on Verige and to transfer construction materials there. The Senate had a strong opinion about it and suggested to build two fortresses at Verige, one at each side of the strait. However, the Christian army at that stage was late because the Turks started to realize their plan. They dug up limescale holes on both sides and prepared everything for masonry. The Venetians had prevented that goal making Turkish builders leave the strait.
The Turks, however, made Kotor's Governor report to the Senate about the new Turkish preparations for the construction of a fortress at Verige after four years, and then again after four years. Indeed, the Turks then dropped out of the narrow Verige and built one of those fortresses at the strait of Kumbor, which was soon destroyed.

Our Lady of Angels in Verige

No matter how much the Venetians complained about the Turkish ventures around Verige, they were not ready to give up, so they raised the fortress with the grate and the church of Our Lady of Angels at the south-eastern cape of the strait. Although above the church door reads the years 1585 and 1654, it is considered that this church was created earlier and that its significant restorations were made in those years. Thus, in 1585, the landowners of the town of Perast rounded the church with loopholes and built a strategic fortress for the defense of this town. Inside the wall, there is a smaller one-store building, where the guards were probably located and through which they could enter the church. The church was destroyed on May 15, 1654, during the Turks' attack on Perast, but restored in the same year.
verige our lady of angels
From the Our Lady of Angels, there is a beautiful view of Perast and the island of Our Lady of Rock and Saint George. With its defending walls, the island of Saint George together with the fortification on the Cape of Our Lady of Angels aided the defense of Perast from the sea.

Are Verige chains?

The best historians of this region through centuries wrote about Verige. Ivan Lučić and Andrija Zmajević both think that the name Verige keeps a memory of a chain (in local dialect: verige) that prevented entry into the bay. Of course, this has different views, because the documents of the Historical Archives in Kotor gives rise to a different interpretation of the name Verige. It seems that the title of this strain does not come from chains, but from the Catena family, a noble family from Kotor, which in that part of the bay had possessions, whose name in Italian means chains or verige.
"It is possible that some guards occasionally set up chains on both sides of the straits to block access to unobtrusive ships in the wealthy cities that settled in the depths of the Kotor fjord due to sanitary or customs formalities," Croatian academic Slobodan Prosperov Novak wrote in his book "Boka Kotorska from Bell Tower to Bell Tower."

Verige of Today

Today, Verige is one of the most significant neuralgic points of the UNESCO area of Kotor and the rest of Boka Bay. Traffic through narrow straits during the summer months is incredibly intense. Cruise passengers are so often in a position to enjoy sailing regattas when sailing through the Verige and admire the skills of today's Bokelian sailors who navigate their course knowingly avoiding the "giants" with which they are passing by. And there are yachts, charter sailing boats, small wooden boats of the local families. Rush hour all day long. As well as a magnificent view.
verige view over parast islets
The Turks have never succeeded in building a fort in Verige. In addition to Our Lady of the Angel, who delighted Verige since the 16th century, if not before, no one came to mind to disrupt the untouched nature of the Verige huts, whose servants of greenery and rocks advise the traveler to enter into one of the most amazing and fascinating nature artworks- Bay of Kotor.
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The Turks did not succeed, but independent Montenegro allowed itself to ensure all necessary documents and support the private investor to destroy the natural shape of the NW cape defining the strait of Verige. Despite the numerous public and citizen appeals, the Montenegrin Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and cultural heritage services allowed the building of concrete construction at Verige. In this object is housed in an exclusive restaurant offering fine dining with views of Baroque Perast and its islets. No dilemma, a deep breath. The view from Perast is not that overwhelming, but it is how it is...
On the eastern side of the strait, just before the Church Our Lady of Angels, there is a natural sandy and rocky beach of about 250 meters, on which a temporary catering facility was built, called Verige. For the summer months, this is one of the favorite Boka beaches. During the winter, an exciting place to be protected from the wind and with a hot drink watching the wreck of Risan Bora, one of the strongest winds in Boka Bay.
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Interesting is also the view of the strait of Verige from the ferry on the Kamenari-Lepetane line. Looking from this position towards Perast, you can imagine flying in some ancient times when small stone coastal settlements in Boka were divided by untouched green passages. Times, when only bell-towers of numerous churches of Boka disturbed the homogenous landscape of those little stone villages and towns, are gone forever. But, there are enough marks all around the Bay that could help us reconstruct the way of life made this area, besides its natural beauty, also one of the significant cultural regions in Adriatic through centuries.
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