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18 Feb 2019, 14:51 PM

16 February 2019 - On Saturday evening, Rotary Club Kotor hosted a masquerade ball fundraiser for medical equipment at the business centre "Vukšić D-Event”. The collected funds will be used for the purchase of a colposcopy machine for the Public Health Institution “Health Centre Tivat”.

Thanks to the donations by the members of the Rotary Club Kotor and also by more than 120 officials, a total of 7.790 EUR was collected on this occasion.

The aim of this event by the Rotary Club Kotor was to raise money to purchase medical equipment which will help diagnose, investigate and treat patients. They stand to benefit those members of the local community who may need to use the purchased equipment. It was no surprise that Montenegrin companies and individuals decided to support this purpose, but the members of the Rotary Club were still surprised by the turnout.

Masquerade Ball Fundraiser for Medical Equipment in Kotor

The campaign was attended by numerous companies and individuals who have allocated funds for this purpose including the Municipality of Tivat, the Tourist Organisation of Tivat, the Airports of Montenegro, Rotary Club Bar, Voli Trade, the Bus Station Tivat, Rotary Club Pljevlja, Tivat Water Supply, Montefish, Ivan Stipanić from Tivat, Besix Tivat, Tea Gallery Tivat, NGO Maškarada, Kovinić Company, Komunalno Tivat, Račica, Yachting Services - Marković, Dubovina Tivat, Apoteka "Poen", Arh Ing, A Team, Object, Mansa Medica, Đurović Inženjering, Nikola Radulović, Dejo Pajovic, Larisa Company, Gani Resulbegovic, UNA, Status and Dika Saveljić.

The organisers of the event also prepared a lottery, and the collected money from the ticket sales will be used for the purchase of the aforementioned medical equipment. Lottery prizes were provided by members of the Rotary Club Kotor, as well as the Kotor and Tivat companies Dry Cleaner "Limili", beauty salon "Beauty", Meridian DMC, hairdresser "Isidora", dry cleaner "Polar Clean", Beauty Center "Queen" tavern "Bacchus", Caffe Sapori, beauty salon "Žana", hairdresser "Helena", perfumery "Life", hairdresser "Belami", florist "Nina", hairdresser "Miro", "City Hall", "KLM" Tivat, FBZ "Bajlo", Vlado Hair Design, "Big Ben", hotel "La Roche" and restaurant "Bevanda", DOO "Shells of Booka", "Blue Laguna", "Minjon" pastry shop, "Forza" cafe and "Organic Concept Store". NGO Karampana and Olivera-Olja Risteljić handed masks, thus traditionally contributing to the success of the donor ball.

The event was organized in the spirit of the carnival tradition presented to the guests of Kotor from the Rotary clubs of the District 2483 through the program featuring NVU Maškarada, which also responded to the humanitarian action, as well as the Mažoretke of the dance club Bellissima from Tivat.

17 Feb 2019, 23:01 PM

February 17, 2019 - A small fish stew – Muo Stew is one of the two fish stews prepared in Boka Bay. The first one is called the Bokelian Stew, and to make it, you need quality white fish. Unlike this delicacy you need "a few good pieces." Muo Stew is prepared from tiny fish, smelts or small sardines.

The inhabitants of Muo were great fishermen, and their wives were even better chefs. Fishermen's companions have swarmed with flocks of wild fish. Fishers usually catch smelts or sardines when they come to the shore. The net with tiny mirrors is shining with silver, and valuable homemakers are already preparing onions, without which whatever fish you have, there is no fish stew. And how is this famous delicacy prepared? Pretty simple, you’ll see.
1 kg of fish (smelts or sardines)
Two bigger onions 
3 - 4 garlic pieces
Two laurel leaves
Salt, pepper
Tablespoon of tomato cans or 2-3 chopped tomatoes
Two dl of white wine
Little vinegar
Table Spoon of Flour
Olive oil
A small bundle of parsley
You have to clean and wash the fish, which with small fish is not the most fun work. But it is how it is. Cut the onions into circles, and chop garlic and parsley. Add the onions to the hot olive oil and cook until soft, then add parsley and garlic. Stir another minute, place the fish over the onion. Add a spoon or two of vinegar, tomato canned, (or peeled and chopped tomatoes), white wine and a spoon of flour mixed with a little water. Shake the pot and add hot water, and even better fish soup - just enough to dive the fish into the water. Cook the meal on a light heat for at least an hour. The longer you cook, the better the stew.
Sprinkle the broth with chopped parsley before the end of cooking. Serve it warm.
Local gastro expert, Maso Cekic, told us that the Muo Stew once was served with boiled barley. 
16 Feb 2019, 13:36 PM

February 16, 2019 - Kotor Festival of Theater for Children once again confirmed its quality by being awarded the Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe (EFFE) label the next two years, the Organizing Team of the Festival announced.

"The first mission of EFFE is to label quality. This award festivals obtain for artistic dedication, inclusion in the local community and the European and global context.
Two years ago, the Kotor Festival of Theater for Children received this quality label for the first time when the international jury approved the application after a successful evaluation by the team of experts.
The quality that was then recognised the Festival team succeeded to keep in the last two editions, and the festival extended the EFFE label for the next two years (2019-2020). EFFE Platform is part of the European Festival Association’s active involvement in the European Cultural Policy Development Mission, and EFFE - Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe is the result of a long-standing EFA cooperation with the European Commission and the European Parliament.
Kotor Festival of Theater for Children will boast quality in the coming period, as witnessed and committed to the work of the renowned children's festivals and theatre troupe for the 27th edition of the festival that is expected this July," says the Festival’s announcement.
"With such dedication and work for children, we make Kotor and Montenegro better places - more noble, creative, more beautiful and more culturally. Our vision is that Kotor is the centre of theatre arts for children and young people in the region of South East Europe and beyond. From summer to summer we are making a fairy tale town for children," said Kotor Festival of Theater for Children.

How was the Kotor Festival of Theater for Children born? 

(from the Festival's website)
Precisely at noon, on February 12th way back in 1993, in the town of Kotor, the meeting was held. And not just any kind of meeting, but an exceptional and interesting one. That meeting brought together a group of like-minded people, theatre enthusiasts among which were  Vladimir Grubanov, Živomir Joković, Milan Karadžić, Stevan Koprivica, Slobodan Marković, Vanja Popović, Ljubivoje Ršumović, Branislav Milićević, Voja Soldatović and Stevan Bošnjak as idea creators and initiators of this meeting. Besides the President of the Municipality of Kotor Assembly, Vidosava Kašćelan, the Minister of Culture of Montenegro, Ilija Lakšić and town officials attended the meeting.  
Two months later, on April 14th, in Belgrade, it was decided that the Festival will be held in July, and the Assembly of Municipality of Kotor made the decision about founding Yugoslav Festival of Theatre for Children.
Although it was named Yugoslav Festival of Theatre for Children, the initiators had hoped even before the first festival took place, that the festival will soon become an international event.
The first festival was officially opened by Vidosava Kašćelan, on Saturday, July 3rd, 1993 on the Square of Arms with a ceremony named Kotor fairy-tale. And from that day on, there is no end to Kotor fairy-tale.
Year after year, the festival has grown as some mischievous freckled child from Kotor, every time more cheerful, colourful and imaginative, but always as a child in its heart. In its eleventh year, the Festival decided to change itself a little bit. On Friday, March 12th 2004, the former Yugoslav Festival of Theatre for Children received a new name - Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children, named after the town in which it was created.
kotor festival for children mapFestival's Map, Copyright: Kotor Festival of Theater for Children 

Kotor Festival of Theater for Children Call for Cooperates for 27th Edition

Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children Foundation announced the call for entries in Educational and Creative Arts for Children Programs of 27th Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children, to be held 1-12 July 2019. The call is open February 7 - April 1.
Educational and Creative Arts for Children Programs mean educational, literary, visual art and music programs. Detailed instructions and application form are available at the Festival's official website. 
The primary criterion for selection of these programs is their artistic quality, innovation and novelty of subjects. All applications must be submitted by April 1, 2019, at the latest. The result of the final selection and the Editorial Board of the Festival decisions will be announced on Festival's official website by May 15, 2019, at the latest.
12 Feb 2019, 14:49 PM

The main nautical season this year in the Port of Kotor started earlier than ever because the first big cruise ship already arrived this year - the brand new “Viking Jupiter” with 640 passengers.

The cruise ship which is on its first, so-called shakedown or trial cruise, only four days ago was handed over to its owner, the Norwegian-American company "Viking Ocean Cruises", at the Italian shipyard Fincantieri in Ancona where it was built.

This company has been operating since 2015 when it started working with its first cruiser "Viking Star", and it is customary to bring all its new ships on the first voyage to Kotor, as was the case with “Viking Jupiter”, the latest 340 million-euro ship from the cruise series led by "Viking Star".

The new ship whose equipment and furniture just peeled off the protective nylon layer, and the interior which still smells of fresh paint, sailed to Kotor by captain Atle Hakon Knutsen.

It is his fifth arrival with newly built ships by the company “Viking Ocean Cruises” to the busiest Montenegrin maritime port, and this time there was the owner of the company, the Norwegian naval magnate Torsten Hagen, who had already built a special relationship with Kotor.

Our port, which was among the first to bring its ships, apparently brought luck to Hagen and his company because “Viking Ocean Cruises” is currently the fastest growing cruising company in the world with a fleet of six new ships, that will be joined in the next few years by another four cruisers made in Italy, as well as two more new expedition cruisers that are made for the "Viking" in Norway.

The director of the Port of Kotor, Captain Branko Kovacevic welcomed the new ship and his 460-member crew, as well as the director of th BCM agency, which represents the "Viking Ocean Cruises" in Montenegro, Captain Goran Macic.

They exchanged appropriate gifts with the commander of the "Viking Jupiter", captain Knutsen, whereby the Norwegian received a painting representing Perast islands of Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George, which made Knutsen very happy because these two islands in Boka are one of the most beautiful attractions and motives which travelers keep as their longest and most precious memories.

The delegation from Montenegro was able to visit the new 227-meter-long and 28-meter-wide cruiser of 47,800 gross tons, with the unique honor of visiting the command bridge of this ultramodern ship which is characterized by a high degree of automatization.

"Viking Jupiter" is designed in accordance with the latest "Safe Return to Port" (SRtP) requirements of SOLAS Convention, which means that the ship is capable of safely returning to the nearest port even in the event of a major fire, without the evacuation of passengers and crew in case of emergency, or penetration of water caused by damage to the hull.

The boat is also ecologically powered by an advanced diesel-electric hybrid drive that, along with the optimized form of the underwater hull part, which allows a high cruising speed of 20 knots with the reduced fuel consumption and "Viking Jupiter" also has additional solar power panels, state-of-the-art technology for the treatment of solid waste and waste points, while for the lubrication of bearings in the hulls of its propellant shafts, this ship does not generally use biodegradable oils, as is the case with other vessels, but the seawater itself.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on February 11th 2019, read more at Vijesti

10 Feb 2019, 02:47 AM

08 February 2019 - The second phase of the reconstruction of the Nikša Bućin swimming pool in Kotor, for which the Government has allocated 3.5 million EUR, will begin on 18 February, and the swimming pool will be put into operation at the end of the year, said Minister of Sports and Youth Nikola Janović.

"Today, with particular pleasure, I can point out that the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Sport and Youth, in cooperation with the Directorate of Public Works, have created all the necessary conditions for the beginning of the reconstruction of one of the most important sports infrastructure projects in the field of capital investments. The problem of reconstructing the Nikša Bućin indoor swimming pool, which has existed since 2014, has been resolved today," Minister Nikola Janović explained.

He said that this is great news for his fellow citizens of Kotor, but also for water polo players, especially for junior water polo players and their parents.

"Kotor is a city of sport, but above all Kotor is the symbol of the biggest Montenegrin successes in water polo. Through investing in sports infrastructure and implementing this project, the Government shows that it wants to enable our youth, children and citizens to practice sports in a more adequate way," Minister Janović underlined.

Minister of Sport and Youth announced even more dynamic realisation of projects of infrastructure reconstruction and adaptation of sports fields and sports halls throughout Montenegro.

"We will now place a special focus on our less developed municipalities, namely Petnjica, Berane, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, Rožaje. The Government of Montenegro wants to invest in capital sports facilities, but also in capital projects in other areas, in order to create conditions for the improvement of the living standards in these municipalities," Minister of Sports and Youth Nikola Janović concluded.

09 Feb 2019, 17:43 PM

February 9, 2019 - In 2019 Boka Navy will mark few significant jubilees for Kotor and Boka Bay, and realize a representative exhibition on the Navy in Montenegro and then in some European cities. In addition to planning foreign visits, the organization also focuses on selecting, processing and preparing about 800 documents from the history of the oldest maritime organization in the world, said in an interview for the daily newspaper Pobjeda the Boka Navy Admiral, Dr. Antun Sbutega. 

In 2019 Boka Navy marks 1210 years since its foundation. What is the Boka Navy today? Must it be much more than participation in the St. Tryphon’s festivals and dancing the St. Tryphon’s round dance?
Boka Navy connects its roots with 13 January, 809, when the relics of St. Tryphon came in Kotor. It links to his cult and the town of Kotor.  After the Church, it is the oldest existing institution in Montenegro and the oldest maritime organization in the world and by this unique one. Boka Navy's Heritage is an exceptional historical memory, tradition, moral, spiritual and cultural values. We are nurturing tradition, participate in the festivals defined by the Statute, and dance the ancient round dance. But, it is far more than that, an active factor in cultural life and civil society, as evidenced by numerous activities last year. The Navy participated in the 100th anniversary of the rebellion of sailors in Boka and guest abroad, in Piran and Trieste. We work intensively with the Montenegrin Maritime Museum, Navy of the Army of Montenegro, Kotor's Historical Archives, Kotor's Music School, Kotor Art Festival, City Music in Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi, other cultural institutions and are involved in numerous cultural projects. With the funds approved by the Ministry of Culture, we procured new uniforms, while the restoration of an ancient weapon was underway. We have publishing activity, and through the site, social networks and media, inform the public about the events.
What are Boka Navy’s plans for 2019? What do you plan to accomplish?
The plan is ambitious, and we hope to realize it as well as the previous one. Among other things, the Navy will participate in ceremony to mark the 40th anniversary of the Earthquake on the Montenegrin Coast, 40 years after the entry of the Kotor area into the UNESCO Natural and Cultural Heritage List, 60 years after the establishment of the oldest unit of the University of Montenegro- Faculty of Maritime Studies in Kotor. We plan a representative exhibition about the Navy in Montenegro, and then in some European cities. We are working on a selection, processing and preparation project for about 800 documents from the Boka Navy History.
The Admiralty and You personally in public performances insist on the universal, multi-ethnic and multicultural character of the Navy. Why is it so important to emphasize?
The Navy is a real example of universal, multiethnic and multicultural values, which are also the fundamental values of Montenegro, as written in its Constitution. Unfortunately, we are witnessing that from various sides the so-called identity issues, that is to aggressively insist on ethnic, national, religious and other affiliation, contradicts their identity, falsifies history in a primitive way, which has often been the cause of the tragedy. And the Boka Navy is exposed to political and media pressures trying to deny its fundamental values and falsifying its history. That is why in December 2016, in Pobjeda, we published the text "Whose is the Boka Navy" to whom we have nothing to add or subtract.
The candidacy of the Boka Navy by Montenegro for entry to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage is undergoing. When we could expect the finalization of this process and what benefits could the Boka Navy and Montenegro have?
I would say that the most critical success of the Boka Navy in the last two years is the nomination for UNESCO, the first non-material good of Montenegro. We received a great deal of support from the Presidency of Montenegro, the Government, especially the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the municipalities of Boka Bay, the institutions of culture, civil society and citizens. The making of the Nominating Application Document was a complex and long-term job, conducted in cooperation with the experts of the Ministry of Culture headed by Milica Nikolic, whom we are very grateful for her support and help. The Montenegrin diplomatic network and the Ministry of Culture are following the candidacy process. UNESCO has informed that the nomination was technically satisfactory and that it was in the evaluation procedure. We believe that in the UNESCO's Nobility Committee in December this year in Bogotá, the Navy will finally be enrolled in Representative List. It will have immense importance for the Navy, but also Montenegro's promotion in the world as culture is essential for forming images of states, especially those that are not well known. I am convinced that this will be significant for a world that will reveal the marvelous values of the Navy.
This candidature caused numerous reactions in Croatia. Why was the joint nomination of the Navy for UNESCO by Montenegro and Croatia not possible?
These reactions were inadequate, excessive and without valid arguments. Being subject of the Assembly of Montenegro, the Croatian Parliament, and the European Parliament, and we were also exposed by an incredible media campaign that challenged Montenegro's right to this candidacy, insisting that the Navy is the first cultural heritage of the Croats. We do not need to know who we are, we have learned it well in 1210 years. The joint nomination was not possible and because the Navy did not come from Croatia to get an official bid for a joint application, and above all, because the arguments highlighted about our history and identity are not true. The Prime Minister of Montenegro has put forward a clear position, which is the attitude of the Navy, and Montenegro has independently nominated the Navy. However, the coordinated action of a part of the institutions and diplomacy of the Republic of Croatia, the Croatian brotherhood of the Boka navy 809, which separated from us in 1991 and the Croatian National Council in Montenegro, try to continue to UNESCO to challenge our candidacy. It does not concern us because we are sure of the validity of the nomination and our arguments. The Navy is older than states and nations in this area and has accumulated valuable experience, values and collective wisdom for the ages, thanks to which it has endured numerous dramatic historical reviews, and will do so.
boka navy pineBoka Navy, Tivat, photo by Antonela Stjepcevic
Do you expect that in the event of Pope Francis' visit, his meeting with members of the Boka Navy would be an indispensable part of the protocol?
During the visit of the Secretary-General of Vatican cardinal Pietro Carolin of Montenegro last year, in agreement with the state protocol, the Boka Navy welcomed him and danced in his honor. We believe that if we come to a historic visit to Pope Francis of Montenegro, we will have the opportunity to meet him.
You are the author of "Marine History of Montenegro in the context of Adriatic, Mediterranean, and World Maritime Affairs." You wrote it by comprehensive education and the perfect knowledge of the methodology of scientific work. Within your private history and motives, what inspired you to write this book?
The Boka Navy was a co-author of that book with the Montenegrin Maritime Museum, thanks to the funds of the Ministry of Culture. It is a 522-page book of A4 format, with 1137 footnotes and about 750 bibliographic monographs. It is the first book on this topic that covers maritime history in the territory of today's Montenegro from Illyrian and Roman times to the present. It is a result of the naval tradition of my family over a period of more than four hundred years, a research that I started in my youth, the fact that I had been teaching at the Faculty of Maritime Studies for a long time, my degree and my doctoral degree in maritime science and decennial work. Although written following the scientific methodology, I tried to make it attractive to all readers.
Are maritime affairs in Montenegro just a glorious past? Do you have data that deny that stereotype?
Maritime affairs in the territory of Montenegro have a history of about 2,500 years. Naval tradition is deeply rooted here, especially in Boka, and is an essential factor in the development of maritime affairs. Over the years, naval affairs have been going through several crises, but have the vitality to be renewed. One of the gravest crises began in 1991, in the time of the collapse of Yugoslavia, wars, and sanctions that hit maritime affairs. But most of the fleet, port and shipbuilding and other activities, albeit weakened, survived that period but had a dramatic fall in the coming years due to inadequate maritime policy in the country. Later on, there was a sure recovery of ports and shipping, while shipbuilding disappeared. Today, we have two shipping companies with only four vessels, which do not show the ability to operate on the maritime market successfully. Port of Bar is a small and poorly-used capacity. Even today, Montenegro has no naval policy. 
Meanwhile, there has been a rapid development of nautical tourism and arrivals for cruise ships. In Montenegro, there are 6- 7 thousand seafarers, of which over 95% are sailing on foreign companies, earning revenue of 200-300 million per year. How I have managed to establish Montenegro is by seafarers number compared to the number of inhabitants in the world's first place. There are numerous problems in the process of naval education and the recognition of their authority in the world. The Boka Navy has the task of promoting maritime affairs and working with seafarers' associations to solve problems in this area.
08 Feb 2019, 20:25 PM

February 8, 2019 - Winter Carnival Festivities in Kotor begin on Saturday, 23 February, and last until Sunday, 3 March, including a large number of events.

The Winter Carnival, with its long tradition of over half a millennium, is a unique folk event held in the area of the Kotor Municipality.
In a multitude of carnival groups and masks from Kotor, Montenegro and the region, numerous visitors can enjoy the colors of original costumes, the carnival rhythm and the Mediterranean spirit of the domicile population.
The program of this year's Carnival begins at the opening ceremony of the Arms Square on Saturday, February 23, with the performance of Klapa Contra from Split.
The day after, there will be a Children's Masquerade in the Business Centre Vuksic starting at 3 pm, while the Great Traditional Costume Ball will be held on 2 March from 8 pm in the same place.
To improve the promotion of the Traditional Carnival, this year, except in Kotor, the Cultural Center Nikola Djurkovic and the NGO Feste foresee Abrum in Budva and Tivat. Abrum in Budva is on the programme for 25 February from 5 pm, and in Tivat the day later, 26 February from 5 pm. On the same day, a joyful procession will also pass through the streets of Kotor, where they will animate citizens and guests from 6.30 pm. The second Abrum will be held the day before the carnival, 2 March at 11 am. Announcing Carnival, Abrum is realized by the Kotor City Music Festival and dance groups of the clubs Festa and Alisa.
Kotor's Winter Carnival Festivities will include a series of stage programs. On the big stage of the Cultural Center, on 27 February, at 7 pm, the dance studio "Alisa" will perform. The same scene will host the concert of the NGO Feste's majorette group with the support of the acrobatic group, under the title "We are all the Feast".
In the glass gallery of the Cultural Center Nikola Djurkovic, 28 February at 7 pm, the opening ceremony of the Carnival Costume Exhibition will be held.
The program of the Winter Carnival ends on Sunday, 3 March with the Great Carnival Procession, starting at 3 pm. 
At the end of the carnival parade, the "Terraross", the famous festival orchestra from Puglia, will perform on the main town square, followed by Goran Karan and Vagabundo band concert.
On the day of the carnival, a satirical bulletin of "Karampana" comes out traditionally from the press. The box intended for the submission of texts, which contains the contents of this publication, is located at the Tourist Information Office in front of the main city gates.
The organizers of the event are the Cultural Center "Nikola Djurković" Kotor and the Tourist Organisation Kotor, the NGO Festa is the official partner, and the Municipality of Kotor traditionally, sponsor the greatest winter manifestation Kotor Winter Carnival Festival, here with tradition longer than half a thousand years.
06 Feb 2019, 22:06 PM

February 6, 2019 - NGO Expeditio - Center for Sustainable Spatial Development within the project "Activating the Potential of Open Public Space for Improving the Quality of Life in Kotor" is implementing an informative and educational campaign on social networks aiming to raise the awareness of citizens and institutions about the values and potentials of public spaces in Kotor.

The project is supported through the ReLOaD program funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). In Montenegro, the ReLoD program partners are the municipalities of Kotor, Tivat, Niksic, Pljevlja, and Podgorica.
The development and functioning of the city are the victims of the process that neglects the potentials of the so-called "urban pockets," which are often entirely unused and ignored instead of being places that raise the quality of space and offer additional contents to people who gravitate to it. It is what motivated the new project by the architects from NVO Expeditio Kotor, dealing with issues of sustainable spatial development for over 20 years with an emphasis on public spaces.
"Failure to recognize the potential of these spaces for the quality of everyday life of citizens is something we want to change with this project. Also, public areas are not treated through an integral approach, viewing them as a whole that offers many available opportunities to enrich the facilities in the city. We also emphasize the problem of not knowing the real value of public space both by decision-makers and the general public, as we often testify that ignorance leads to permanent disappearance of space. Such a kind of ignorance often leads to situations when the consequences of specific activity in the area are noticed when it is too late to prevent devastation, and Kotor has also led to the danger of being removed from the UNESCO list. All this motivated a project for which the implementation began in September 2018."
Expeditio launched information and educational campaign on social networks about the value of space in Kotor. Namely, social network attendants can see three to five posts per week, with the aim of giving citizens a sense of the value of the public space in the area of Kotor, their potential and ways to improve them.
As the Architect from NVO Expeditio Aleksandra Kapetanović said to Radio Kotor, apart from the Old Town, there are not enough functional and well-designed public spaces in the Kotor area.
"Many of them are not adequately equipped or fully depleted, and those who have the potentials are not being used. Throughout the project, we are planning a detailed mapping and analysis of these areas, including guidelines for their upgrading.  We will make concrete proposals," said Kapetanović, adding that one location would be "elaborated" in detail and based on the project and adequately renovated and decorated.
The project is significant because it represents the beginning of looking at the potential of public space not from the aspect of opportunities for sale or construction, but from the perspective of expanding the quality of life of citizens in Kotor through the arrangement of the surrounding space. The target group is, alongside citizens, representatives of local institutions, and in the end, tourists visiting the city.
05 Feb 2019, 11:45 AM

February 5, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate opportunities in Montenegro through the mouth-watering catalogue of RE/MAX Montenegro, a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kotor.

Where is the most beautiful place in Montenegro? 

In a country of outstanding natural beauty, there are so many places to choose from, but few are surely more picturesque that Kotor and its delightful bay, the deepest fjord in southern Europe. 

remax-2-kotor (3).jpg

And when it comes to real estate in Montenegro, there are few things more important than the all-important view. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the Bay of Kotor is among one of the most breathtaking natural treasures in all Europe. Now imagine that your bedroom view was something like this every morning. 

Take a video tour of our latest RE/MAX Property of the Week, a 2-bed, 2-bath apartment, completely furnished and with access to not one, but two swimming pools which both look out onto the bay. And take note of the temperature in the video above - 26 Celcius in the middle of October. With Tivat Airport just 15 minutes away by car, owning an easily maintainable apartment in such a prime location becomes a great lifestyle addition for those looking for a little winter sun. 

remax-2-kotor (6).jpg

Life in the bay continues as it has for thousands of years, with the timeless beauty that makes Montenegro so addictive. The cruise ships are a more modern addition, and they too have their charm and rhythm in bay life. So much simplicity and beauty to be observed from your peaceful terrace. 

remax-2-kotor (1).jpg

And while the action in the old town of Kotor is no doubt livelier, observing the bay and way of life from a quieter fishing village such as Muo where the property is located, brings an additional layer of tranquillity to this gorgeous region. 

remax-2-kotor (10).jpg

For more information on the property itself, here is the official RE/MAX description:

remax-2-kotor (2).jpg

Kotor Vista Development is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room and kitchen, fully furnished fabulous apartment. Panoramic sea view which looks across to Kotor Old Town. Kotor Vista Development is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room and kitchen, fully furnished fabulous apartment. Panoramic sea view which looks across to Kotor Old Town.

remax-2-kotor (4).jpg

The apartment is large and has 80 square meters with a balcony to enjoy a glass of wine and admire cruisers coming into Kotor Bay.

remax-2-kotor (9).jpg

Muo is an anglers' place located inside the Boka Kotorska Bay. It is a picturesque view of the ideal Mediterranean village. Muo provides an exceptional view of the old town, Kotor.

For more information, photos, price and to book a viewing, check out the official RE/MAX listing

remax-2-kotor (5).jpg


03 Feb 2019, 11:44 AM

February 3, 2019 - Kotor celebrates St. Tryphon's Day today, the day of the patron saint of Kotor and Kotor’s Diocese, whose cult has been present in this area for 1,210 years.

St. Tryphon was born in Campsada (Asia Minor) in the then Roman province of Apamea, in the Christian family. The respect of this saint began after the martyrdom death in Nice, where he was tried before the prefect of all Asia Minor of Aquileia (during the reign of the Roman emperor Decius). The body of St. Tryphon after his death was transferred to Campsada, from there to Constantinople and from Constantinople to Kotor.
Today, on St. Tryphon’s Day, the guard near the power is kept by the sailors of the Boka Navy.
According to Kotor's parish priest General Vicar of Kotor’s diocese don Anton Belan, this is an opportunity to revive the historical moments and memories of this important event, not only for the city of Kotor but also for the history of today's Montenegro.
"To be a Christian never and even today was not easy. St. Tryphon's torture was not easy, it deserves our respect for the present day. And this year among us will be pilgrims from the environment," Belan said.
The Pontifical Mass at 10.30am this year was served by the bishop of Sibenik monsignor Tomislav Rogic, accompanied by pilgrims from Sibenik, and a performance by the church choir of the Sibenik cathedral.
"It is a good idea that Kotor also confirms traditional hospitality and shows itself in its beauty, which certainly will not be left indifferent to those who see it for the first time. What is St. Vlaho for Dubrovnik, and St. Duje for Split is the same and untapped as St. Tryphon for Kotor. We are therefore called to revive the historical memory of him and above all to follow him in the Christian virtues that are universal and contained in Christ's command: "Love God above all, and your neighbor as yourself," Belan said.
Before the celebrations of the patron saint of the town and the Diocese of Kotor, the holiday of the candlestick, or Kandelora, was celebrated yesterday.
kotor st tryphon 2Saint Tryphon's Cathedral, Copyright: Radio Kotor
In the full cathedral of St. Tryphon, the Evening Mass and the contemplation of holy powers began at 6 pm according to the ancient rule of the 16th century.
Six Catholics and six Orthodox believers participated, who during the reading or singing lessons from the Mariology of St. Tryphon wearing cunning men on the main altar, laid down the sacred powers.
The Boka Navy alongside relics keeps the guard at the same time.
In the words of the Vicar General of the Bishopric of Kotor, Don Anton Belan is probably about a unique preserved custom in the Christian world.
"This is also a nice example of respect and expression of the glory of the celebration of the East and the West. This custom, which represents ecumenism in action, was restored in 2000," don Belan recalled.
After the Holy Mass at the cathedral of Tryphon, a solemn procession takes place in the streets of the Old Town of Kotor, ending this year's St. Tryphon’s celebration.

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