Stew Prepared of Small Fish: A Delicacy from Muo

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Stew Prepared of Small Fish: A Delicacy from Muo Small Fish Stew- Muo Stew, Copyright: Radio Jadran

February 17, 2019 - A small fish stew – Muo Stew is one of the two fish stews prepared in Boka Bay. The first one is called the Bokelian Stew, and to make it, you need quality white fish. Unlike this delicacy you need "a few good pieces." Muo Stew is prepared from tiny fish, smelts or small sardines.

The inhabitants of Muo were great fishermen, and their wives were even better chefs. Fishermen's companions have swarmed with flocks of wild fish. Fishers usually catch smelts or sardines when they come to the shore. The net with tiny mirrors is shining with silver, and valuable homemakers are already preparing onions, without which whatever fish you have, there is no fish stew. And how is this famous delicacy prepared? Pretty simple, you’ll see.
1 kg of fish (smelts or sardines)
Two bigger onions 
3 - 4 garlic pieces
Two laurel leaves
Salt, pepper
Tablespoon of tomato cans or 2-3 chopped tomatoes
Two dl of white wine
Little vinegar
Table Spoon of Flour
Olive oil
A small bundle of parsley
You have to clean and wash the fish, which with small fish is not the most fun work. But it is how it is. Cut the onions into circles, and chop garlic and parsley. Add the onions to the hot olive oil and cook until soft, then add parsley and garlic. Stir another minute, place the fish over the onion. Add a spoon or two of vinegar, tomato canned, (or peeled and chopped tomatoes), white wine and a spoon of flour mixed with a little water. Shake the pot and add hot water, and even better fish soup - just enough to dive the fish into the water. Cook the meal on a light heat for at least an hour. The longer you cook, the better the stew.
Sprinkle the broth with chopped parsley before the end of cooking. Serve it warm.
Local gastro expert, Maso Cekic, told us that the Muo Stew once was served with boiled barley. 

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