13 Mar 2018, 09:04 AM

March 13, 2018 - Great news for the French community in Montenegro - a French school will open its doors in September.

12 Mar 2018, 21:23 PM

Radomir Šoro Vulanović, in the village of Laz near Nikšić, opened a gallery under the clear sky almost four years ago, and the setting is not yet finished.


12 Mar 2018, 18:48 PM

For centuries, each Montenegrin family has celebrated a special day called Slava. But what is this Slava thing? Why does this day, that is officially considered a day-off, turn out to be, in fact, the most tiring? Let's take a closer at the most important holiday celebrated in the Southern part of Europe.

10 Mar 2018, 19:49 PM

An unusual policeman from Kolašin knows the Quran and the Bible by memory, quotes world literature and studies psychology.

10 Mar 2018, 13:31 PM

The rules about participation and registration are available on the website -

08 Mar 2018, 18:55 PM

She was the wife of Vojko Stanić, a painter, and mother of the pianist Tomislav-Tom, and dedicated to her family. She said that she did not sacrifice anything: "I am my own when it comes to art, and my sculptures come out of me when they're finished in my thoughts and when I knew exactly what I wanted, then I worked on them and let them live their lives."

08 Mar 2018, 17:22 PM

Shopping at an IDEA online store is simple and fast, and can save you few hours per week.

07 Mar 2018, 19:10 PM

Whether it's served as a warm appetizer or a main dish, kačamak is an inevitable part of many business lunches and even romantic dinners. The chroniclers of the local tradition claim that they are prepared with potatoes only in the area of Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, and Durmitor.

07 Mar 2018, 19:03 PM

Bakić's poetry has been translated into fifteen foreign languages and is represented in international anthologies and magazines published in Australia, USA, Great Britain, Japan, India, Spain, France, Bulgaria, and more.

06 Mar 2018, 23:10 PM

They are a franchise of the LG Laundry Lounge from New York. The price for washing 10 kilograms of clothes is 3.2 euro, and drying is 1 euro.

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