Montenegro in Stone: The Only Exhibition of Sculptures Under the Clear Sky

By , 12 Mar 2018, 21:23 PM Lifestyle
Open-air gallery Open-air gallery FOTO: SVETLANA MANDIĆ

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Radomir Šoro Vulanović, in the village of Laz near Nikšić, opened a gallery under the clear sky almost four years ago, and the setting is not yet finished.


In May 2014, in the Laz village in Nikšić, an exhibition of sculptures by Radomir Šoro Vulanović - Montenegro in stone - was opened, reports Vijesti on March 11, 2018.

The famous sculptor exhibited 63 sculptures on his family estate, by the river Gračanica.

Today, in the open-air gallery, there are over a hundred sculptures, and the setting is not done yet.

"Perpetrators are celebrities who marked the Montenegrin history of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. I just started working, and I do not intend to stop quickly," says the man who has been working with stone for five decades.

"With a stone in Montenegro, when it comes to me, it's most logical to work. And it is the cheapest – it does not ask for money or food. Every day there is something to be done or reworked - and how crazy I must be now to need more space. About one hundred sculptures are in the yard, and 17 on the road. And there will be more," Vulanović promises.

He enjoys the “company” of nine from the Petrović family, Nikac of Rovina, Vladimir and Kosara, Bishop Danilo, Batrić’s sister, but also Ljubo Čupić, and Joka Baletić.

He says that his chosen society only gets disturbed when he takes the hammer or when travelers come to his property.

"It's important that I found my peace. When there is nice weather, someone comes every day. They have a look from the road, look at my stone boulders and come over. There were also Slovenians and Croats in the summer."

And he and his heroes love the company of those who know to look and see, to listen to the story of the Gračanica pavement, to speak silently.

He is used to working - once with a tree, now with a stone - to give them "soul" and to turn history into stone.

"No one of my sculptures have been completed. I am constantly returning, updating, refining," says the sculptor.

He emphasizes that he likes alone time, socializing with stone, poetry, and also beer.

This article was translated from an article by Svetlana Mandić on Montenegro in the Stone: The only exhibition of sculptures under the clear sky

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