IDEA Opens First Online Store

By , 08 Mar 2018, 17:22 PM Lifestyle
IDEA Opens First Online Store IDEA

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Shopping at an IDEA online store is simple and fast, and can save you few hours per week.

IDEA opened its first online store where, through its website, you can purchase over 8000 products. With a simple click, you can choose supplies, sanitary and hygienic products, and necessities for your baby, pets and cars. Your minimum order must be 15 euro, and the delivery is free of charge and presently available only in Podgorica, Tuzi and Golubovci. 

Shopping at an IDEA online store is fast and straightforward, and thanks to it, you can save several hours per week.

“We are aware that time is one of the most valuable resources we own. Therefore, we decided to make everyday tasks as easy as possible for our customers. Nowadays, our fast-tracked lifestyles often do not allow us much time for shopping and getting the supplies we need for our households. That’s why the service provided by the IDEA online store is an excellent solution," said the PR head of IDEA Natalija Musura.

The simplicity of shopping is reflected in the company's slogan – sit down, click and buy. The first step is to register on the website After you enter the requested information, the shopping begins by adding the products you want into your virtual basket. When you confirm the order, you get to choose the time for delivery. The ordered products arrive at your address on the same or the following day, and you can either pay online with all kinds of credit cards or upon delivery with cash or credit card.

“We invite everyone to visit our online store and experience a different kind of shopping. The products can be ordered from the coziness of your home or the comfort of your office. You do not have to think about going to the store and who will help you drag the bags to your house or apartment. The advantage is that at every moment, you will have an overview of the costs, which makes your planning easier," explained Musura.

Packing the ordered supplies is done manually; therefore you do not have to worry about the quality of the fresh products ordered. IDEA's delivery vehicle is equipped with refrigerators, which enables the frozen product to be transported in the same state and conditions as they are kept in the store. Working hours for delivery is from 9 am till 9 pm and on weekends from 11 am till 7 pm. 

At the online store, you can collect points on your Super card. All you have to do is enter its number in the marked section on the site.

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