02 Apr 2018, 14:24 PM

There are 15 regional institutions with only one student in school this year, of which five belong to elementary schools in the Nikšić area, and four in the Municipality of Pljevlja. Teachers of these regional units stated that the lack of being surrounded by other classmates has an advantage. 

02 Apr 2018, 12:10 PM

The manifestation “Days of Russian Culture in Herceg Novi” will be held from April 7th to 14th in Herceg Novi.

02 Apr 2018, 11:19 AM

The “Alter Medi Fest” and “Festival of Health” has been announced for April 15th from 10-19h, at the Torch Beach Club in Budva. The events are organized by the “BIjeli Lotos” institute. 

31 Mar 2018, 14:02 PM

We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend, but how many of us are willing to help an abandoned dog (not purebred) into our homes? At the end of the day, all these dogs really want is someone who will provide them with shelter and food, and they will give just as much pure, unconditional love in return. 

30 Mar 2018, 20:19 PM

The exhibition "Drawing as an Experiment", curated by art historian Nataša Nikčević, includes the works of 45 Montenegrin artists of different statements. The exhibition opened two nights ago at the Petrović Castle in Podgorica. 


30 Mar 2018, 20:00 PM

Traditionally in April, the KIC programs mark musical content with the recognizable and popular manifestation "Month of Jazz in Montenegro", which will be opened at the Great hall on April 3rd. The event will open with the concert of famous Bosnian vocal artist Nataša Mirković under the title "En El Amor: Sefard songs of southeastern Europe". Mirković will be supported by renowned artists including French soloist, Michel Godard and the American drummer and percussionist Jarrod Cagwin.

29 Mar 2018, 19:56 PM

Dragan Karadžić graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1978, in the class of Professor Radenko Mišević. With the same professor he did his master degree in 1980. He independently exhibited at 59 exhibitions in the country and abroad.



28 Mar 2018, 15:29 PM

Viber users in Montenegro can take over the stickers of the Army of Montenegro from today, the Ministry of Defense announced.

28 Mar 2018, 14:54 PM

The declaration compiled by linguists and other experts from all four countries notes that Bosniaks, Serbs, Croats and Montenegrins speak a joint polycentric standard language.

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