Nataša Nikčević Exhibits Drawings of 45 Montenegrin Artists at Petrović Castle

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From the exibition From the exibition foto: Jelena Kontić

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The exhibition "Drawing as an Experiment", curated by art historian Nataša Nikčević, includes the works of 45 Montenegrin artists of different statements. The exhibition opened two nights ago at the Petrović Castle in Podgorica. 


"If one accepts the definition that the line is the basic means of expression in a drawing - different materialized and realized - then the exhibition 'Drawing as an experiment' maps the examination of one's flow of drawings. The drawing is an experiment, and the experiment is to live in the world as an open process, a project and a moment. Drawing is a record, a chronicle of thought development, a display of one's image of reality, and most often our primary anchor in search of answers," Nikčević wrote about the exhibition, reports Vijesti on March 29, 2018.

By observing the selected works, Nikčević distinguished certain units that are methodologically classified according to some common paths. Thus, they are separated: "Drawing as an experimental variation" by Burić Branko Ilija; "Drawing as a conceptual work" by Nenad Šoškić, Nataša Djurović, Suzana Pajović, Marko Marković, Anka Burić, Teodora Nikčević, Ana Miljkovac Djukanović, Peko Nikčević, Gordana Kuč, Igor Rakčević; "Exposed Drawing" Tijana Dujović Liščević, Nada Kažić, Adin Rastoder; "Drawing through unconventional materials" by Slavica Gvozdenović, Mihailo Pavićević, Lena Nikčević, Katarina Švabić, Ivanka Vana Prelević, Veljo Stanišić, Jelena Đukanović, Milija Stojanović, Maja Šofranac; "Drawing and digital media" by Dejan Batričević, Jovana Vujanović, Anastasija Kostić; "Drawing through awareness-the world of media messages" by Vladimir Dado Đuranović, Roman Đuranović, Tadija Janičić; "Drawing as Collage" by Lidija Nikčević, Ljiljana Kolundžić, Marko Musović, Ljiljana Nikčević, Biljana Keković; "Drawing of pictorial origin" by Srdjan Vukčević, Draško Dragaš, Ratko Odalović, Krsto Andrijašević, Tomo Pavićević, Anita Ćulafić, Natalija Đuranović, Vaso Nikčević, Vesko Gagović, Dragan Karadžić, and Sonja Đuranović.

"Such divisions are only conditional, and often the drawings can be read in at least two groups, which speaks in favor of the basic premise of the exhibition," Nikčevic said.

The exhibition is open until April 13th.

This article was translated from an article by Jelena Kontić on Drawings of 45 Montenegrin artists in Petrović Castle

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