Documentary Movie: Milo, a Man Who is Much More than a Policeman

By , 10 Mar 2018, 19:49 PM Lifestyle
Documentary Movie: Milo, a Man Who is Much More than a Policeman CDM

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An unusual policeman from Kolašin knows the Quran and the Bible by memory, quotes world literature and studies psychology.

The documentary 'Milo', produced by Al Jazeera Balkans and signed by Fahrudin Bečić, the executive producer, talks about the unusual police officer Milo Šćekić from Kolašin, who has read thousands of books, explores psychological phenomena and unexplained influences, analyzes art and philosophy, connects literature and religion, and so much more. 

Šćekić is not a priest, but he knows Quran and the Bible in its entirety, quotes Dostoevsky, Thomas Mann and Goethe, Krlež and Andrić, analyzes Njegoš, studies psychology, is into esoteric, metaphysics and philosophy, speaks poetry, and helps children with autism.

Bečić's documentary about Milo was recorded in Kolašin and its surroundings, in Durmitor, in Podgorica at Doclea, Pljevlja and Sarajevo.

In the film, Šćekić talks about his interests and hopes. He talks about art and religion, people and the divine. He analyzes and quotes the world's sages and modestly makes conclusions.

"The film is a story about love, life, people, about a beautiful world, happy times, about forgiving, reconciliation, understanding and accepting diversity," said Šćekić at the premiere screening in Podgorica on the great stage of the Montenegrin national theater, and added:

"We do not look for differences; we can easily find those. Look for what connects us. It is a difficult journey, but the end of it touches eternity. Each of us, whatever religion and whatever God they're praying to and celebrate, carries the most intimate desires, hope, love and his hidden, personal faith, small, fragile, unobtrusive, hidden, patient, restrained, joyful in his heart and soul. A treasure of life is laid in it. We're never alone. Life always sends us another being on our paths."

In addition to the duties he has as a police officer, he is also a volunteer at the Budućnost Horse Club, where he trains children with disabilities. Šćekić is also a student of the second year of the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić.

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