First Self-service Laundry in Montenegro

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First Self-service Laundry in Montenegro LAUNDRETTE MONTENEGRO

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They are a franchise of the LG Laundry Lounge from New York. The price for washing 10 kilograms of clothes is 3.2 euro, and drying is 1 euro.

The tending self-service laundromats, which we watched mostly in American movies, developed long ago all around the world - and it has recently arrived in our country as well. The owner of the company Launderette Montenegro, Jelena Jocovic, says it is a concept that makes life easy; therefore it is never too late to adopt good habits. 

“Society needs time to mature and adjust to the world’s scheme for recognition of industrial revolution. A trend that makes everyday life easier should be followed and precious time should not be wasted.

The company Launderette Montenegro d.o.o started its business in July last year as an exclusive user of the franchise LG Laundry Lounge in Montenegro. Launderette Montenegro was the first one to implement the self-service laundry in our country, and this year we will open a second shop," explained Jocovic. 

The self-service laundry brand, LG Laundry Lounge, started its business five years ago in New York where the first laundromat opened. The second one was opened in Zagreb, and in the meantime, laundromats with this branding have been launched in the Asian market in Manila in the Philippines, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Ireland, Italy and finally Podgorica. In this company, said Jocovic, we noted the need for professional self-service of this kind a long time ago, and their idea is to expand their network in the other cities in Montenegro.

In further plans, we would set our focus in seaside towns with developed tourism, as well as in all towns with the tendency for economic growth and development. The laundromat is equipped with modern, qualitative devices and uses ecologic detergents and products for maintaining high-quality clothes. In our facilities, the customer is offered total comfort – free wi-fi, a coffee machine and welcoming staff," said Jocovic.

Besides the fact that hanging clothes on balconies and windows is not popular, in urban places it is forbidden. In addition to that, professional machines cannot be compared with the ones at homes of a smaller capacity. As these are machines of significant size, we can wash clothes like jackets, covers or blankets. 

“Besides self-service laundromats which include a simple process of inserting small coins (3.2 euro for 10 kilos) in the hole which will start the machine with the adequate washing and drying program (which is charged 1 euro for ten minutes), we also provide service for clothes maintenance. This includes washing, drying and ironing per kilogram demanding pieces such as shirts, dresses or suits," the company explained.

Launderette Montenegro is a family business, and as we are the pioneers in this job in this area, it means we do not have any competition but also that it was not easy to initiate.

“There is no market which can be easily reached with innovations and a change of routine. We have great support from the investing-development fund of Montenegro which provided the overall amount of money for starting the business. We have fulfilled all procedures and requests of the Fund to introduce the concept of self-service laundry in Montenegro, and with the collaboration of the companies 'White Flower' from Zagreb and 'Icecom' from Podgorica, this idea came to life. The capacities of the LG Laundry Lounge are enough to meet the requirements of smaller hotels, restaurants, sports clubs and other companies. This is how we will preserve the one thing which is most precious in modern society and imposed lifestyle, and it is called time for essential moments together," Jocovic concluded.

Text by Marija Rackovic, read more at Vijesti

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