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11 Jul 2019, 10:13 AM

Ventilator continues the drama programme of the festival "Grad Theatre City Budva" tonight. Between the churches, starting at 9 pm, the show "Ventilator" based on the motives of Carlo Goldoni’s comedy "Fan” (Lepeza") will be performed, directed by famous Jaka Ivanc, productions Theater Koper, Slovenia and Ujvideki Szinhaz Novi Sad.

Jaka Ivanc, director of the show "Ventilator", said: "We were interested in what will happen in the end, what comes to the end, who survives and how, and why ... In the game, we followed all the rules of comedy del arte. It was a great bite, a live band, different people, but very willing to work, the songs fit greatly with the story, the language is one of the main structures of the play, the languages ​​are spoken are also the artistic signs of the performance, as well as one of the postulates of our comedy. Everything happens in a post-apocalyptic, slightly dystopic time. Only those peoples who had the highest suicide rate have experienced it... "

Jaka Ivanc graduated under the mentorship of Dušan Jovanović at the Ljubljana Academy of Theater, Radio, Film, and Television. He is considered one of the most original young directors in Slovenia and he is the winner of a set of prizes. Original is also the idea of ​​combining the world of "comedy del 'arte" and post-apocalypse, as is the case in this play. Apart from directing, he is engaged in dramaturgy, stage design and video art.

Actor Igor Štamulak from Gledališće (theatre) Koper plays in the show, and also appeared in another one at Purgatorije Festival at Tivat Summer Stage two nights ago, but unfortunately, the show “Barufe” which the audience enjoyed very much was stopped because of severe weather. After that performance he told us:

“We like to come to Montenegro, this is the second time we are here. I was here last year for the first time, we were guests of the festival in Budva. We are happy to come, I think that art can connect all the people. It’s not important where we are from, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia. We played “Barufe” according to Carlo Goldoni, by director Vito Taufer in Tivat. It is the co-production of Gledališće Koper, Slovensko stalno gledališće Trieste, Istarsko narodno gledališće from Pula and Slovensko narodno gledališće Gorica. We use a collective language, spoken by all of us. In the show “Ventilator” there are even four languages. We are happy to come to Montenegro, where everybody can understand the show. This is a good sign that the show was stopped because next year we’ll come again to finish it. I always say that each word, each thing happens for a reason. If this reason is to come back here, we will be happy to do it. “

The choreography in “Ventilator” is by Miha Krušič, set design by Greta Godnič, costume design and masks by Andrej Vrhovnik, and the composer is Davor Herceg.

Apart from Igor Štamulak, the show is played by Lehel Soltis, Anja Drnovšek, Gorazd Žilavec, Zoltan Sirmer, Judit Laszlo, Tjaša Horvat, Rok Matek, Daniel Huszta, Aleš Valič / Jaša Jamnik. The musicians on the scene are Davor Herceg, Žiga Kožar, Goran Rukavina and Dejan Gregorić.

10 Jul 2019, 12:52 PM

The assembly hall in Budva will be embellished by the painting "Sea Bird" by the well-known Montenegrin painter from Budva Jovo Ivanovic, whose purchase from the deceased artist the municipality will cost 12 thousand euros. This is stated in the notice on the outcome of the public procurement procedure signed by Mayor Marko Bato Carevic, stating that the entire procedure was conducted in accordance with the applicable regulations.

As stated to "Vijesti" from the Mayor's Cabinet, at the initiative of the President of the Municipality, the Secretariat for Local Self-Government initiated the procurement of the painting "Sea Bird" by the painter Jovo Ivanovic, who will soon adorn the hall of the local parliament.

"The idea of ​​this purchase is to emphasize culture and its importance for our municipality. It is a work belonging to an acknowledged local author whose aesthetic and motive are poetically related to the city of Budva and whose physical characteristics correspond to the frontal wall of the assembly hall," said the cabinet of the President of the Municipality.

It was added that "with his poetry, Ivanovic celebrates the beauty of his ancient city and the Mediterranean landscape and that this is particularly reflected in the color and motif of the "Sea Bird". The blue color that dominates this painting is the additional argument that makes this piece of art the best solution for our assembly hall."

Jovo Ivanovic is one of the most prominent Montenegrin painters, a key name in the field of affirmation of fine art at the local, Montenegrin and European level.

The love of Budva Ivanovic has selflessly demonstrated through the endeavor of linking it with genuine and true art flows through the founding of the Modern Gallery, which has been very successful under his leadership for over three decades and which is carrying his name today.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on July 9th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

06 Jul 2019, 01:30 AM

05 July 2019 - The main project audit for the first, second and the third phase of works for construction of a square and promenade in Sutomore has been finished and the construction has been approved by the residents. Total estimated projection values of the works on the reconstruction of the coastal zone is 5.357.808,09 EUR.

Works on traffic signalization are estimated at 4.142,80 EUR. Professional supervision will cost 200.000 EUR. Estimated investment value which entails the execution of works on the construction of a square and esplanade in Sutomore, with professional supervision amounts 5.557.808,09 EUR, reported CdM.

The reconstruction of the coastal zone project – roads, squares and esplanades in Sutomore has been designed on the grounds of project task of the municipality of Bar and in accordance with urban and technical requirements. The execution of works will be organized in four phases.

Sutomore to get Promenade and the Square Worth 5.5 Million EUR

The first phase includes a square with green areas and recreational zones (5.300 square meters). The total projection value of this first phase is estimated at 1.102.415,48 EUR.

The second phase entails functional hinterland and parts of “2a” road and esplanade (4.800 square meters). The total estimated values of the second phase amount to 965.925,21 EUR.

Sutomore to get Promenade and the Square Worth 5.5 Million EUR1

The third phase includes three different functions: a road, coastal esplanade and widening coastal esplanade (7.600 square meters). The total estimated value of the works in the third phase amounts to 2.537.553,27 EUR.

The fourth phase covers “Đurića potok” with public green areas and parts of “1a” and “1b” roads and esplanade (8.700 square meters). The total estimated value of the works in the fourth phase amounts to 747.771,37 EUR.

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05 Jul 2019, 00:57 AM

04 July 2019 - President of the Municipal Assembly of Budva, Krsto Radović, scheduled the local parliament meeting for 22 July, although they did not seem to be close to reaching any agreement. The focus of the meeting will be one of the most attractive tourist projects - construction of a cable car.

Councilors are to adopt the Draft Decision on determining public interest by means of which the Municipality shall give consent to the expropriation of the land for the cable car route. The new cable transport would connect Čučuci and Austro-Hungarian fortress Kosmač.

The Decision envisages expropriation of almost 35.000 square meters of land on a 2.1 km long route. The purpose of the expropriation is the construction of the Bečići-Brajići cable car. The Municipality is going to expropriate 27.393 square meters for the purposes of setting up pillars.

The Municipality will be the user of expropriation but the costs will be born by the Cable Car Montenegro company.

CdM reported that It is been said many times that this project is worth 12 million EUR and that the money will be provided by the investor, Cable Car Montenegro. The starting point of the cable transport would be in Bečići, near the “Falkensteiner” hotel.

Then, the cable car would rise up to some 840 m elevations, near Kosmač fortress. This location will feature small ground facilities made of stone. The complex would consist of a big restaurant, a couple of souvenir shops, and a huge outdoor amphitheater.

It would take 6-7 minutes from Bečići to Brajići. From 1.350 to 1.540 passengers could be transported via cable car in one hour.

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03 Jul 2019, 01:01 AM

02 July 2019 - Public institution Museums and Galleries of Budva organized an independent exhibition of the academic painter from Budva - Vaso Nikčević which will be opened at the Memorial House of Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša on Wednesday, July 3, 2019, reports RTV Budva.

Vaso Nikčević (1964, Nikšić) graduated from painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of Professor Živojin Turinski. Through solo exhibitions, he presented his work in numerous eminent galleries in Montenegro, the region, and abroad in cities such as Paris and Boston. Also, he participated in numerous joint exhibitions in the country and abroad. He received prestigious awards in Belgrade, 1991, the first prize "Petar Lubarda", and in Podgorica in 1996, the Painting Award of the Association of Artists of Montenegro "Milunović, Stijović, Lubarda".

Exhibition of Paintings by Vaso Nikčević in Budva Opens June 3

At the exhibition at the Memorial House of Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša, Nikčević will present the work that he created in the last two years within the cycle "Symbol in Abstraction," for which art historian Nataša Nikčević says that it is "a complex register of the very existence itself, but also cryptically suggested subscriptions about the World, the Universe, the Becoming. The dramaturgy of the painting, its space, its existence has the fundamental constitutive meanings”.

On the two-dimensional surfaces of the canvas, the projection and the metaphor of the artist's self, some core and the unity of active power are traced in the visual layer, where the gestural historical forms can be noted, that connotate the Bible's becoming of the world, conflicts, creation, transcending time as a metaphysical category and as a distant echo of sublime play of Nature. Some of these archetypal historical forms are repeated: a circle - a symbol of integrity, perfection, core (symbol of being, essence), rights, diagonals (symbols of movement, passage), crescent moon (symbol of the astral) - the artist uses symbols of the world.

In addition to the latest works from the cycle "Symbol in Abstraction", this exhibition is special because it represents Nikčević's first solo exhibition featuring his works on paper - smaller formats, as well as two sculptures, made in combined technique, and two larger paintings on fibreboard.

The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for 9 pm, and the exhibition will be open until July 25, 2019.

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29 Jun 2019, 01:00 AM

28 June 2019 - The only festival of reggae music genre in Montenegro, the Montenegro Sun Reggae Festival, takes place from June 28 to June 30 at the Slovenska beach (at the Rondo swimming pool) in Budva.

Montenegro Sun Reggae Festival annually brings together the best performers of reggae music and popular reggae bands from all over Montenegro, as well as from many other countries of the world, on one stage.

This year's festival was opened on June 28 at 6 pm by the cult reggae band from Serbia - Del Arno Band. According to the organisers, many famous musicians will perform within this year’s festival program, such as Selektuh Dedduh, Horn Smancoyote, DJ Daibi, DJ Bratski Beatz&Rhymes, Natty Fiyah SS and many others. The Slovenian artist Tadiman will have the honour to close the Festival, said for RTV Budva Vinko Mihajlović, the organiser of the festival.

"In addition to the concerts, this year we have also prepared two workshops, one dedicated to drummers from Jamaica, and the other is the Dancehall workshop. Also, during the festival, fans of the reggae sound can expect numerous music surprises, which will mark the splendid start of the summer," Mihajlović stressed.

“Our wish when we organised the festival for the first time was to bring the audience closer to the music, and to bring the music closed to the audience. I hope that we managed to fulfil this goal. Our plans to mark our festivals on world maps have been achieved at the very beginning, so we are recognized in various parts of the world,” stated the organiser.

This year, the Montenegro Sun Reggae Festival is being organized for the first time at the Tourist settlement Slovenska plaža in cooperation with Hotel Group Budvanska rivijera, with the support of the Budva Municipality and the Tourist Organization of Budva.

As announced by the organisers, the cost of a three-day set of tickets for the festival is 20 euros. The price includes all concerts and seminars. Tickets cannot be refunded.

The festival ends on June 30 at 11:30 pm.

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27 Jun 2019, 00:28 AM

26 June 2019 - Good knowledge and consistent implementation of domestic and international legal norms by judges and prosecutors is a key line of defence against the danger of illegal migration and terrorism, Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin said at the opening of an international conference of presidents of supreme courts and general prosecutors in Budva recently.

"A competent and efficient judiciary and prosecution, with the adequate work of security services, is a prerequisite for building a safe and just society we aspire to," the Deputy Prime Minister noted.

He emphasised that the success of the fight against illegal migration and terrorism depends on the efficiency of mutual cooperation between states and international organisations, as well as on the capacity and resilience of each state and each society. "In Montenegro, we work seriously on both track - we actively participate in numerous international anti-terrorism initiatives and we develop the security capabilities of our State and society," DPM Pažin explained in the announcement for Office of Deputy Prime Minister.

He stated that Montenegro, within its capacities, contributes to the international front of the fight against illegal migration and terrorism responsibly and actively.

"In this area, we have continuous operational cooperation through INTERPOL and EUROPOL, as well as direct cooperation with the security services of other countries. Through international information exchange, Montenegrin security agencies actively contribute to the discovery of foreign terrorist fighters, smuggling networks and other security threats related to illegal migration," said Pažin.

He also recalled the adoption of modern regulations, which enabled Montenegro to incorporate into its legal system the most international standards for the protection of human rights and respect for both its own citizens and foreigners. 

"In parallel to the establishment of a modern regulatory framework in line with international standards, an important work of further strengthening of institutions, that is, further education, equipping and strengthening the overall capabilities of our institutions to tackle this significant security challenge is ahead of us," DPM Pažin concluded.

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26 Jun 2019, 19:57 PM

26 June 2019 - The beauty of beaches in Montenegro has once again been confirmed as Sveti Stefan beach is declared one of the most beautiful in Europe. The popular British daily Evening Standard has created a list of the most beautiful beaches “you should be lying on this summer”, and they just couldn't miss placing one of Montenegro's breathtaking beaches on their list.

Namely, in an article titled "30 of the most stunning beaches in Europe", journalist Laura Hampson noted that the UK and their European neighbours could boast having some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.

The article draws attention to attractive pictures of beautiful beaches with a brief description and advice on how to get there.

Beach on Sveti Stefan Included in 30 of The Most Stunning Beaches in Europe List

In addition to the mega-popular beach Navagio on Zakinthos, the Mediterranean charm of the French Riviera, the hidden bays in Portugal, always attractive Sicily, the Croatian Nugal Beach, the unusual beaches of Durdle Door in Britain, the Cala Macarella beach in Spain (which the British people adore), the list includes Budva Riviera’s luxurious island Sveti Stefan.

“A sandbank makes up this stunning beach that looks onto the Sveti Stefan islet – home to an Aman resort. Half of the beach, on the Budva side, is reserved for hotel guests (unless you want to pay the €100 day charge) while the other side is a free-for-all. Spend the day soaking up the sun, dipping in the deep sea and admiring the mountainous terrain that surrounds you”, says the article, inviting not only British, but tourists from the world to come and visit Montenegro.

The article also explains that the closest airport to the city is the Airport in Tivat and it’s a 50-minute drive to the islet from there. Alternatively, Podgorica (Montenegro’s capital) airport and Dubrovnik airport in Croatia is a one and two-hour drive away respectively.

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26 Jun 2019, 02:17 AM

25 June 2019 - Macedonian News Portal Radar.mk has recently posted an article about the best holiday destinations for the summer of 2019, and the most modern tourist destination in Montenegro for an active holiday with great nightlife, Budva, has been placed on top of the list!

Budva listed as Number One Holiday Destination for Summer 2019 by Macedonian Portal Radar.mk 3

Montenegro’s sparkling coastline seems to be drawing tourists more than ever since the coastline cities have put their focus on building unique high-class accommodation units and developing the necessary infrastructure for easier access to the coastal cities. Montenegro, and more precisely, Budva has become the most desirable location on the Adriatic for all lovers of gorgeous sandy beaches and seafood specialties. Offering the perfect weather, five-star hotels, high-class restaurants, more than 30 large beaches across the Riviera and the most amazing nightlife on the Adriatic, it is not surprising that Budva occupies a high position on the list of best world destinations for a perfect summer holiday.

Summer vacation is just around the corner and all plans for summer vacation are already becoming a priority. Everyone deserves a little rest on a sandy beach with a cold drink and a substantial amount of sunscreen. Still, deciding on where to relax through the summer is not easy, especially if one wants an affordable holiday, with a beautiful beach and sea and delicious food. Radar has created a list of gorgeous destinations for the indecisive tourists who can’t seem to choose where to enjoy their summer adventure!

Budva listed as Number One Holiday Destination for Summer 2019 by Macedonian Portal Radar.mk 1111

Budva is a pearl of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean tourism hub. It is a place where you can feel the influence of the culture of the East and West, Hellenic and Roman culture. Old Town Budva, with its incredible architecture, attracts thousands of tourists, and in the evening, it turns into an outdoor theater that suits the taste of all locals and guests. Budva Riviera offers 35 most famous beaches of the Adriatic (Jaz, Ploče, Trsteno Mogren, Slovenska Beach, Bečići, Miločer, Sveti Stefan and many others). The intense nightlife is one of the main characteristics of the city, which is why Budva is named the capital of Montenegrin tourism.

“Given that the Adriatic Sea is indispensable, Montenegro should be your first choice," says the reporter of Radar. For a more active day at the beach, Budva Riviera offers a wide range of activities such as diving, water skiing, exploring the shores by boat, great food and more.

Budva listed as Number One Holiday Destination for Summer 2019 by Macedonian Portal Radar.mk 2

Except for Montenegro (Budva), Radar’s list of top holiday destinations includes Greece (Thassos), Bulgaria (Ahtopol), Albania (Ksamil) and Malta.

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26 Jun 2019, 01:32 AM

25 June 2019 - The café gallery Blue Cat Budva located in the Old Town of Budva will host a group exhibition of selected small format artworks, from oil on canvas to drawings, digital prints, and acrylic on canvas and various graphic works. With this exhibition, which will open from June 26 at 8 pm, Blue Cat gallery will present the works of ten artists from the country and abroad who work and create using different techniques.

The small format helps artists reach out to a larger audience, and it was also preferred by many of them given the level of detail it allowed them to reach, which was not possible in larger formats. The focus on small format artwork led to the creation of great works of art in a very limited space, challenging the artists to try new techniques, colours and strokes. The “smaller works” draw the audience to observe the artworks closer and to pay special attention to details.

The exhibition will be open until August 15, 2019.

According to RTV Budva, the exhibition will include works by the following artists: From Turkey - Serpil Yazman (oil on canvas), Serkan Efe (drawings), Estel Bensinyor (combined technique), Ayca Aydogan (digital print), Mustafa Ozay (combined technique), Senay Akkaya (oil on canvas), from the USA - Pelin Deniz Wilson (illustration), from Russia - Sergey Chayko (oil / acrylic on canvas), Olga Fergert (acrylic on canvas and pastel) and from Montenegro - Ivana Babić (combined technique on glass).

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