Project Connecting Bečići and Kosmač Fortress by Cable Car

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Project Connecting Bečići and Kosmač Fortress by Cable Car Copyrights: Primorske Novine Media

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04 July 2019 - President of the Municipal Assembly of Budva, Krsto Radović, scheduled the local parliament meeting for 22 July, although they did not seem to be close to reaching any agreement. The focus of the meeting will be one of the most attractive tourist projects - construction of a cable car.

Councilors are to adopt the Draft Decision on determining public interest by means of which the Municipality shall give consent to the expropriation of the land for the cable car route. The new cable transport would connect Čučuci and Austro-Hungarian fortress Kosmač.

The Decision envisages expropriation of almost 35.000 square meters of land on a 2.1 km long route. The purpose of the expropriation is the construction of the Bečići-Brajići cable car. The Municipality is going to expropriate 27.393 square meters for the purposes of setting up pillars.

The Municipality will be the user of expropriation but the costs will be born by the Cable Car Montenegro company.

CdM reported that It is been said many times that this project is worth 12 million EUR and that the money will be provided by the investor, Cable Car Montenegro. The starting point of the cable transport would be in Bečići, near the “Falkensteiner” hotel.

Then, the cable car would rise up to some 840 m elevations, near Kosmač fortress. This location will feature small ground facilities made of stone. The complex would consist of a big restaurant, a couple of souvenir shops, and a huge outdoor amphitheater.

It would take 6-7 minutes from Bečići to Brajići. From 1.350 to 1.540 passengers could be transported via cable car in one hour.

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