Strengthening National Capacities: Fighting Illegal Migration and Terrorism

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Strengthening National Capacities: Fighting Illegal Migration and Terrorism Copyrights: Deputy Prime Minister Office Media

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26 June 2019 - Good knowledge and consistent implementation of domestic and international legal norms by judges and prosecutors is a key line of defence against the danger of illegal migration and terrorism, Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin said at the opening of an international conference of presidents of supreme courts and general prosecutors in Budva recently.

"A competent and efficient judiciary and prosecution, with the adequate work of security services, is a prerequisite for building a safe and just society we aspire to," the Deputy Prime Minister noted.

He emphasised that the success of the fight against illegal migration and terrorism depends on the efficiency of mutual cooperation between states and international organisations, as well as on the capacity and resilience of each state and each society. "In Montenegro, we work seriously on both track - we actively participate in numerous international anti-terrorism initiatives and we develop the security capabilities of our State and society," DPM Pažin explained in the announcement for Office of Deputy Prime Minister.

He stated that Montenegro, within its capacities, contributes to the international front of the fight against illegal migration and terrorism responsibly and actively.

"In this area, we have continuous operational cooperation through INTERPOL and EUROPOL, as well as direct cooperation with the security services of other countries. Through international information exchange, Montenegrin security agencies actively contribute to the discovery of foreign terrorist fighters, smuggling networks and other security threats related to illegal migration," said Pažin.

He also recalled the adoption of modern regulations, which enabled Montenegro to incorporate into its legal system the most international standards for the protection of human rights and respect for both its own citizens and foreigners. 

"In parallel to the establishment of a modern regulatory framework in line with international standards, an important work of further strengthening of institutions, that is, further education, equipping and strengthening the overall capabilities of our institutions to tackle this significant security challenge is ahead of us," DPM Pažin concluded.

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