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01 Sep 2019, 12:13 PM

01 September 2019 - The 340 million EUR super-yacht Eclipse, owned by the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, was spotted in the Boka Bay this morning.

The ship has 24 guest cabins, two pools, a nightclub, and even a missile defense system!

The Russian billionaire spent 350 million EUR to make this ship, but some claim it cost 1 billion EUR if all the luxury and safety amenities are taken into account.

Roman Abramovichs Super Yacht Spotted in Montenegro1

Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse boasts nine decks, the top one containing two helipads and a garage. The forward helipads open out to allow for a Eurocopter EC155 to be placed in a hangar underneath, reported Cafe del Montenegro.

The 8th deck has a swimming pool and a sundeck, with a pull-out barbecue and pizza oven and a built-in wood-burning fire pit.

The main saloon boasts a fireplace and a massive sculpture from Indonesia. There is another pool on the seventh deck with an adjustable depth feature that sees the floor rise and fall, so that it can be changed into a dance floor.

Roman Abramovichs Super Yacht Spotted in Montenegro2

The Eclipse also has bullet-proof windows and lasers to dazzle paparazzi.

Each cabin in the yacht has a private cinema screen, a Jacuzzi, spa and special security systems. The super-yacht is however very expensive to maintain – running costs are estimated to 40 million EUR a year.

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29 Aug 2019, 08:36 AM

29 August 2019 - The manifestation Ethno Evenings, which takes place in Budva and Petrovac, will traditionally continue in August and September, announced the representatives of Tourist Organisation of Budva Municipality.

In the following month, the Ethno Evenings program will include performances by the Castel Nuovo music band, Stara Budva Cultural Centre and Harmonija women's vocal group, renowned for their unearthly vocal blend and virtuosic ensemble singing.

Schedule and timetable for the Ethno Evenings are listed below.

Music band Castel Nuovo

-Promenade in Budva, Thursday, August 29 from 5:00 pm;

-Budva Old town and promenade, Saturdays and Sundays starting September 1st, from 5:00 pm, throughout September;

-Petrovac promenade, Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning September 3rd, from 5:00 pm, throughout September;

Cultural Centre Stara Budva

-The plateau between Hotel Mogren and Avala, Thursday, September 5th from 8 pm;

-Wednesdays from 8:00 pm until the end of September;

Women's Vocal Group Harmonija

- The Square of Poets, Thursday, August 29th from 8:00 pm.

The aim of this event, which has been organized for more than ten years, is to introduce the guests to the musical and cultural heritage of the region, and to make the stay of tourists in Budva as beautiful as possible during these months.

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27 Aug 2019, 13:06 PM

Data on the visits to Budva, which relate to the first seven months, show the return of Western European guests. Namely, German tourists are in third place by the number of arrivals and overnight stays, while France, Great Britain and Sweden are among the top ten, said the Tourist organization PR Darja Marovic.

She added that, as in previous years, visitors from Russia, Serbia, BiH, Ukraine and Belarus were the most present during the main season.

Interestingly, this year we have guests in private accommodation from some of the lesser-known, distant destinations, such as South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Mauritius, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bahrain,” she added.

According to the official statistics of the Statistical Office of Montenegro, Monstat on the number of tourists in hotels, hostels, resorts and other collective accommodation, as well as those collected by TO Budva for private accommodation, in the first six months of this year, about 300.000 guests visited the “capital of tourism”, and have made more than a million overnights. Based on the still unofficial results data for July and August, expectations for the second half of the year are more than positive.

 “According to the hoteliers, this postseason will be as successful as the preseason. If the weather supports us, we hope that the occupancy will be good in private accommodation as well. We have done our best to make a series of smaller and bigger events through both independent organization and with support in order to extend the stay of our guests," said Marovic.

The significant number of events in the coming months is crucial, and the TO believes that there will be many who will decide to spend those days in and around Budva.

Budva is the place of the most diverse tourist offer, which is why it is visited by different clientele. Marovic says that besides enjoying the beaches, many four- and five-star hotels are also attractive to the guests, but she places emphasis on "domestic crafts".

“Private accommodation pairs with the hotels when it comes to quality. The competition is high, which means that everyone is trying their best to get the guests with the quality of service they offer and kindness. Also, Budva offers a wide range of gastronomic services, which is one of the main segments a guest chooses a particular destination. Both Montenegro and Budva have a lot to offer,” as she said to “Dnevne novine”.

She also stated that the cultural and historical monuments and hinterland of Budva are still not properly exploited and that they should be promoted more.

Text by Dnevne novine, on August 27th, 2019, read more at CdM

25 Aug 2019, 21:56 PM

25 August 2019 - Budva won the City Games 2019 - Budva at the outdoor pools last night in Budva. The city was ruled by the great City Games euphoria broadcast live by the RTCG. The dramatic finale of the tenth season of popular water games was organized by the Budva Tourist Board and the Adria Events Agency. The version of the widely known Games Without Borders has once again justified its expectations with new scenery and numerous surprises for both the audience and the contestants in the final competition of Montenegro, as stated from the City Games Press Team.

In front of a crowded grandstand, six magnificent teams measured their strength and skill: Herceg Novi, Bar, Kotor, Podgorica, Tivat and Budva.

Teams competed in modern versions of fun traditional City Games such as wine, flying water polo, tourist rescue, ham, water basketball and paddle. The teams came with a great desire to win and represent their city in the best light. The fight was fierce, interesting and dynamic until the very end.

In the first game, where men have to bring grapes over barriers to a barrel where girls make wine, the Tivat team undoubtedly won the most points. In the next three games, the excellent team from Budva took over the safe lead as remained until the very end, with it winning gold medals, a cup and participation at the International City Games finals in Slovenia in 2020.

The Podgorica team woke up in the fifth game of water basketball, in which they scored the most points. The team from Herceg Novi lost most of the games in front of the Budva team, keeping the power for the last game paddle by scoring the most points, which also decided them to win second place. The bronze medals around the neck were proudly placed by the members of Tivat team who fought for third place with the team from Kotor.

For more information, the official website is www.city-games.com and the games can be followed on Facebook.


24 Aug 2019, 17:35 PM

24 August 2019 - The fifth edition of the New Wave Festival (Montenegrin: Novi Val) is scheduled for September 6th and 7th, when some of the most interesting, award-winning short films will be screened, reports RTV Budva.

Aside from the short films, the two-day festival program will feature the performances of five songwriters and bands from the cultural scene of Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This year’s New Wave festival will host the members of the film crew Dog Days of Summer (Montenegrin: Mi smo vidjeli ljeto), which is a real breath of fresh air on the regional scene - a subtle twenty-minute story of growing up, friendship and love between two guys and one girl. Director Nikola Stojanović won the Best Student Film Award at the recently completed Sarajevo Film Festival for a very emotional and erotic short film entitled Šerbet, which should be featured at the New Wave Festival in September next year.

The New Wave Festival 2019 also features the highly humorous film by director Lucija Bosančić entitled Silvio Zmaj, whose main character is an immature boy prone to telling lies, and even violent acts, and in the background of his behaviour is a complex relationship with his father who is severely ill.

The program of the festival, which the organisers haven’t fully announced just yet, also features another very communicative and humorous film signed by the director Sara Marković, which tells a tale about (true) love, sexuality and maturation of a young heroine.

In terms of the music segment of the program, the most attractive guest is Nenad Marić, a rock poet of exquisite spirit who performs under the pseudonym Kralj Čačka (The King of Čačak City), currently one the leading singers-songwriters in the region. Marić’s performance will take place on the stage set on the plateau between the churches of St. Mary and St. Sava in the Old Town Budva, when the rock poet and his band will have a poetry and music session with elements of blues, jazz, rock and roll.

The second day of the festival will feature alternative rock band from Sarajevo, Činčila. This will be their premiere performance in Montenegro, and the audience will be introduced to a strong dose of punk energy, enthralling funk beats and intelligently written lyrics, all in the form of intense rock and roll performance. On the same evening, the audience will also have the opportunity to hear one of the best alternative music bands in the region, a five-member band from Belgrade, Dingospo Dali.

The organizers will announce more performers over the coming days, inviting the media to directly support the festival, which aims to create a more cultural, modern and urban community, and interact with young creators from Montenegro and the region.

By the end of the month, a fundraising campaign will be underway for individuals and businesses, with a double donation for each donation through the Get Involved and Influenced: Developing Philanthropy for a Stronger Civil Society project. The project is implemented by the SIGN network of foundations from the countries of Southeast Europe, with the support of the European Union and the Balkan Fund for Democracy, implemented in Montenegro by the Fund for Active Citizenship.

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23 Aug 2019, 18:16 PM

23 August 2019 - The first edition of the manifestation Wine Until Dawn will be held on Sunday, August 25, starting at 8 pm in the gorgeous ambience of the restaurant Vista Vidikovac in Budva.

The very first Wine Until Dawn Montenegro event will feature an exhibition of wines with the possibility of purchase, and is designed as a unique gathering place for wine lovers and connoisseurs, renowned catering establishments and producers of the best wines from Montenegro and the region.

The event organizers have prepared a Workshop for catering staff, and after the workshop, guests will have the opportunity to learn about wine and food pairing. The party will last until the morning, and the organizers invite all interested individuals, both caterers and wine lovers, to come and enjoy the wonderful evening.

First Late Night Wine Event in Montenegro Wine Until Dawn in Budva 3

“We invite all producers, caterers and lovers of quality wines to take part in the Wine Until Dawn event, so we can spread the wine culture in Montenegro together”, says the announcement of the organizers. “Whether you are into producing a quality varieties of wine, or just enjoying the beauty of finest wine rituals, Wine Until Dawn is the event not to be missed,” states the organiser’s invitation.

Be the part of the first late-night wine event in Montenegro!

Event registration fee is 15 EUR and reservations can be made by calling 0038269180180.

Wine Until Dawn Schedule - Sunday, August 25, 2019

8:00 PM - 8:45 PM
Workshop for catering staff

8:45 PM - 9:00 PM
Opening ceremony of the salon

9:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Rose wine food pairing

10:00 PM - 10:30 PM
White wine food pairing

11:00 PM - 11:30 PM
Red wine food pairing

11:55 PM - 3:00 AM (overnight)
Until Dawn - Wine Party

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23 Aug 2019, 02:01 AM

22 August 2019 - A beautiful summer night in Petrovac full of music, dance, rhythm and Mediterranean flavours awaits all locals and tourists who visit Budva on the evening of Friday, August 23rd.

The traditional Petrovac Night (Montenegrin: Petrovačka noć) is organised by the Tourist Organisation of Budva Municipality in order to promote the beautiful coastal area of Montenegro. The event will feature a rich offer of fish, wine and beer, as well as local sweet specialties.

Petrovac night is one of the largest traditional events of that city, an all-day festival of fish, wine and beer, which is held at the end of August. Each year, tourists and locals stroll through the promenade and enjoy fish, beer, wine and traditional sweets made according to the recipes of this area, take part in numerous sports competitions, listen to concerts of famous musicians with a big firework show at the end of the program. The night traditionally begins with a concert and the sounds of the City Music, and ends late at night, with concerts of pop musicians from the country and the region.

This year’s program will start in the afternoon with sports competitions on the waterfront, while seafood specialties will be available for guests from 5 pm on the plateau in front of the Red Commune Memorial House.

The atmosphere in this gorgeous coastal town will be further enriched by the tunes of the female vocal group Harmonija from Budva.

Following the defile on the promenade of Petrovac, Budva City Music will perform at 8 pm on the main stage near the Palas Hotel, followed by Montenegrin pop-rock singer Milena Vučić.

The star of the evening, renowned singer-songwriter Vlado Georgiev will present himself to the Petrovac audience at 10 pm.

Spectacular fireworks, at the end of another August, will light up the islands of Katič and Sveta Neđelja.

Program and schedule of the event:

4 pm - Sports Games – plateau near Lazaret;

5 pm - Concert of the female choir Harmonija - plateau in front of the Red Commune;

5 pm - Sweet corner - plateau in front of the Red Commune;

5 pm - Fish corner - plateau in front of restaurant Katič;

7 pm - City Music Defile on the promenade of Petrovac.

Main stage on the promenade, in front of the Palas Hotel:

8 pm - Budva City Music

9 pm - Milena Vučić

10 pm - Vlado Georgiev

“Looking forward to seeing you again at the Budva Riviera,” says the official invitation of the Tourist Organisation of Budva Municipality.

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21 Aug 2019, 20:59 PM

20 August 2019 - This summer, guests of Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro will be able to enjoy an unforgettable experience – a holiday with a view of the Adriatic Sea and the artwork of three famous worldwide known artists publicly displayed on the walls of the hotel rooms and restaurants.

This one-of-a-kind art exhibition is running until 8 September thus making this luxury resort even more interesting. So instead of having the one-month event – as initially planned – art lovers will be able to see the artwork by the end of the first week of September, reported Cafe del Montenegro.

But, if you wish to see the artworks at Sveti Stefan, you need to be lucky enough to be the guest of this charming resort comprising of 58 rooms, apartments and villas, built as a former fisherman’s village in the 15th century.

After years of exhaustive renovation, finally completed in 2010, many celebs, such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, David and Victoria Beckham, as well as Novak Đoković swept through the airy corridors of the Sveti Stefan hotel.

Aman Sveti Stefan’s ‘Art on the Island: Les Ateliers, Picasso, Chagall, Miro’ exhibition features more than 60 lithographs of Picasso, Miro and Chagall, displayed in Villa Miločer, the hotel’s restaurants, bars and certain apartments on the island.

"Imagine waking up in the Louvre or walking through the Tate on your way to dinner. Luxury hotels are themselves an artwork, and by providing a unique setting for the right pieces of art, they can deliver a truly unforgettable guest experience. Few hotels can match the unique setting of Aman Sveti Stefan," the owner of this high-end resort Petros Stathis stated.

"This is a unique opportunity for guests to experience the super-slick service and stay in the resort alongside some of the most beautiful artwork of the last century. We are honored to be hosting the exhibition of such quality and to offer our guests something truly special. This exhibition marks the journey of Montenegro and the Balkans to the high-end tourism destination," Stathis concluded.

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21 Aug 2019, 13:19 PM

In September, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, in cooperation with the Public Company for the Management of the Marine Property of Montenegro and the Municipality of Budva, will announce an international competition for the preliminary architectural design of the promenade Budva-Becici.

This is the largest infrastructure project that will completely change Budva's layout and the five-kilometer promenade from Old Town to Rafailovici. The present appearance of these promenades is by no means representative, and due to the numerous temporary locations, Budva has become synonymous of a tacky fair for years.

"The theme of the competition will be the conceptual design of the promenade along Slovenska Beach in Budva and the beach in Becici, as well as their connection through Zavala Peninsula with the intersections of the promenade with access roads to the coast and the sea. In addition to pedestrian and recreational paths, the promenade should also have the road for delivery vehicles and emergency vehicles. For the complete design of the promenade, the conceptual design of the lighting, urban furnishing, especially the waste collection device/equipment, should be done. The length of the walking path at the promenade is about five kilometers, "the PR Service of the Public Company "Morsko dobro" told "Vijesti".

The Public Company points out that in the last 30 years, marked by the general social crisis in the former Yugoslavia and the boom in construction and real estate turnover, more buildings have been built along Budva Riviera than in the past.

"The growth of settlements with extremely dynamic construction was more closely followed by a concern for profit than a sense of urban order and the need to preserve the ambient values and the landscaping of public spaces. Coast – Slovenska and Becice beaches and the promenade adjacent to it, are a public space that is a recipient for tourist activities and city functions. It is this zone that is recognized as the busiest part of the municipality in the evenings, and a significant part of the offer spread over this area for years is often evaluated as the segment that devalues the level of quality of the tourist product," said the Public Company.

With the project solution of the infrastructure segment, which is required by the competition, as explained in "Morsko dobro", the state aims to "create an appropriate environment for the interdependent growth of the image of the destination and the potential for its further promotion, but also an attractive space for new entrepreneurial activities".

Prize money €60,000

The international jury of seven members will deal with the evaluation of the competition works, as they point out in "Morsko dobro”.

“A prize fund of around EUR 60,000 is envisaged, while the number and amount of individual awards will be defined in the announcement for the competition. The delivery methods of the designs, as well as other relevant details, will also be announced in the tender’s announcement," said the Public Company.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on August 21st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

20 Aug 2019, 16:05 PM

20 August 2019 - An exciting festival adventure begins with the sixth Sea Dance Festival held from Friday, August 30, to Sunday, September 1 at the beautiful Buljarica beach in Budva. Dozens of today’s most popular hits are coming to the turquoise arc led by the 21st century’s biggest producer, David Guetta. Other than Guetta performing on Addiko Main Stage powered by Tourist Organisation of Budva at the grand finale on Sunday, Friday will be marked by the world techno leaders Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin who are bringing the famous Exit Dance Arena spirit to Buljarica, while on Saturday the audience will enjoy performances by the German hitmaker Robin Schulz and French duo Offenbach. This year’s lineup includes British hit trio Disciples, as well as techno and house stars such as Helena Hauff, Recondite, Eelke Kleijn, Gaiser, Tijana T and Marko Nastić. Sea Dance will also host regional aces including Darko Rundek, Senidah as well as the most wanted regional rappers Surreal, Fox, Kuku$, Hazze, Bekfleš and many more.

For all the festival fans in Montenegro, Sea Dance has ensured scheduled bus transport from most cities in Montenegro to Buljarica beach during the festival, every day from August 30 to September 2.

During the festival, buses from Nikšić will depart for Buljarica in front of the Monastery at 4 pm. Along the route, the buses will stop and take passengers in Danilovgrad at 4:30 pm at the roundabout, Podgorica at 5 pm in front of the Cathedral and Cetinje at 5:30 pm at the bus station.

During the festival, Ulcinj buses will depart for Buljarica beach at 5 pm from the bus station. On the route to Buljarica, the buses will stop and take passengers in Bar, at 6 pm at Topolica hall.

During the festival, buses from Herceg Novi will depart for Buljarica at 5 pm at the Sports Centre. On the route towards Buljarica, the buses will stop and take passengers in Tivat at 6 pm at the Eko petrol station.

During the festival, buses from Kotor will depart for Buljarica beach at 6 pm at Kamelija.

Transport from other Montenegro towns which are not listed above will be realized at the request of festival-goers. All applications and reservations for additional bus lines via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The arrival time of all buses to Buljarica is 8 pm from all locations, while the return from the festival for all buses is scheduled at 4 am.

The return ticket price from Podgorica is €18, Cetinje €16, Nikšić €29, Danilovgrad €23, Ulcinj €15, Bar €7, Herceg Novi €19, Kotor €14, Tivat €17. The ticket is purchased upon entering the bus just before departure.

On the Budva – Buljarica route, as well as Bar – Buljarica, a shuttle bus will be scheduled for transport – the best and easiest manner of transport to and from the festival, in order to reduce the need for individual arrival of visitors.

The shuttle transport will circulate continuously from 7 pm to 1 am each festival day towards Buljarica beach, at every half-hour mark. The return buses from Buljarica beach are scheduled between 1 am and 6 am, from the bus stop on the main road.

All departures from Budva will be organized from the stop at the Tre Canne building, at every half hour. On the way to Buljarica, the buses will stop and take passengers in Bečići at the bus stop at Mediteran hotel, on Sveti Stefan at the Adrović hotel and in Petrovac at the marketplace.

All departures from Bar will be organized from the stop at the Topolice hall, at every half hour. On the way to Buljarica, the buses will stop and take passengers in Sutomore at the stop opposite the bus stations, and in Čanj, at the turn for Čanj.

From Budva and Bečići the ticket for Buljarica is €3.5, from Sveti Stefan €3.00, while the price from Petrovac is €1.5. The price from Bar is €3.5, from Sutomore €3.00, while the price from Čanj is €2.5.

The official taxi service for the festival is Palma taxi. The guaranteed price on the Budva – Buljarice line is €24 per vehicle. The taxi stop will be clearly marked on the festival location.

Source: www.seadancefestival.me/

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