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July 30, 2018 - This summer, Budva locals and tourists have had the opportunity to visit the beautiful ambience of the maritime theatre, which gives special charm to the Festival City Theatre Budva. Visitors of Budva this July were able to see the controversial play The Reflector of the Theatre, which is, in fact, school assigned book for the eighth grade of elementary school, comedy in four acts – A Suspicious Person.

The performance was scheduled for July 30, at 9 PM at the Square between the churches in Budva. It was made in a co-production of the Reflector Theater from Belgrade, the festival "Nušićijada" and Mikser House from Belgrade.

Branislav Nušić and his work "A Suspicious Person", which is indispensable in the literature for elementary school, always associate us with good comedy and lots of laughter. However, the modernized piece directed by Vojislav Arsić asks us a question: What is so funny? Jerotije Pantić, Žika and Đoka are the representatives of the corrupt and illiterate Serbian authorities at the end of the 19th century, when this piece was actually written. The actions of these characters that cause laughter should stimulate us to think that it is not funny that in over a hundred years later in some people we still recognize the characters of Jerotije, Žika and Đoka and their actions.

The play “The Reflector of the Theatre”, as well as the comedy "A Suspicious Person", is not aimed at determining the current situation in society, but the state of our consciousness and how willing we are to change things as a society. And what is it that always makes us quit and think that it's impossible to change anything? What's so funny?

The director of the play is Vojislav Arsić, dramaturgist is Milena Bogavac, Irena Popović Dragović was in charge for the music, scene movement was done by Andreja Kulešević, while video was in the hads of Ivan Stojiljković. The actors in the play are Zoran Pajić, Jelena Bogavac, Aleksandra Cucić, Isidora Simijonović, Đorđe Živadinović Grgur, Marko Panajotović, Uroš Novović, Aleksandar Jovanović, Aleksandar Vućković and Predrag Vasić.

This classic Serbian drama piece represents the starting point for telling the story of the changes Serbia is waiting for a long time, and they are happening too slowly. At the same time, the piece is a notion of the genius and talent of the writer Nušić, who was able to diagnose all the “diseases” of Serbian contemporary society in 1887, when this piece was written.

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