Ventilator Between Churches on Theatre City Festival Budva Tonight

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Ventilator Between Churches on Theatre City Festival Budva Tonight ventilator show Copyright Theatre Koper

Ventilator continues the drama programme of the festival "Grad Theatre City Budva" tonight. Between the churches, starting at 9 pm, the show "Ventilator" based on the motives of Carlo Goldoni’s comedy "Fan” (Lepeza") will be performed, directed by famous Jaka Ivanc, productions Theater Koper, Slovenia and Ujvideki Szinhaz Novi Sad.

Jaka Ivanc, director of the show "Ventilator", said: "We were interested in what will happen in the end, what comes to the end, who survives and how, and why ... In the game, we followed all the rules of comedy del arte. It was a great bite, a live band, different people, but very willing to work, the songs fit greatly with the story, the language is one of the main structures of the play, the languages ​​are spoken are also the artistic signs of the performance, as well as one of the postulates of our comedy. Everything happens in a post-apocalyptic, slightly dystopic time. Only those peoples who had the highest suicide rate have experienced it... "

Jaka Ivanc graduated under the mentorship of Dušan Jovanović at the Ljubljana Academy of Theater, Radio, Film, and Television. He is considered one of the most original young directors in Slovenia and he is the winner of a set of prizes. Original is also the idea of ​​combining the world of "comedy del 'arte" and post-apocalypse, as is the case in this play. Apart from directing, he is engaged in dramaturgy, stage design and video art.

Actor Igor Štamulak from Gledališće (theatre) Koper plays in the show, and also appeared in another one at Purgatorije Festival at Tivat Summer Stage two nights ago, but unfortunately, the show “Barufe” which the audience enjoyed very much was stopped because of severe weather. After that performance he told us:

“We like to come to Montenegro, this is the second time we are here. I was here last year for the first time, we were guests of the festival in Budva. We are happy to come, I think that art can connect all the people. It’s not important where we are from, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia. We played “Barufe” according to Carlo Goldoni, by director Vito Taufer in Tivat. It is the co-production of Gledališće Koper, Slovensko stalno gledališće Trieste, Istarsko narodno gledališće from Pula and Slovensko narodno gledališće Gorica. We use a collective language, spoken by all of us. In the show “Ventilator” there are even four languages. We are happy to come to Montenegro, where everybody can understand the show. This is a good sign that the show was stopped because next year we’ll come again to finish it. I always say that each word, each thing happens for a reason. If this reason is to come back here, we will be happy to do it. “

The choreography in “Ventilator” is by Miha Krušič, set design by Greta Godnič, costume design and masks by Andrej Vrhovnik, and the composer is Davor Herceg.

Apart from Igor Štamulak, the show is played by Lehel Soltis, Anja Drnovšek, Gorazd Žilavec, Zoltan Sirmer, Judit Laszlo, Tjaša Horvat, Rok Matek, Daniel Huszta, Aleš Valič / Jaša Jamnik. The musicians on the scene are Davor Herceg, Žiga Kožar, Goran Rukavina and Dejan Gregorić.

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