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01 Jan 2019, 23:19 PM

31 December 2018 - "Budva is Monte Carlo of this part of the world, here I feel at home and I have additional responsibility to make a special concert every time in Budva, so that you can expect something completely new tonight," Dino Merlin announced a day before the New Year’s Eve. It was a concert to remember, starting with lasers that cut through the cool air within the city, through the visualizations that followed every gesture and movement, the new arrangements, dancers, perfect backing vocals, all the way to Dino Merlin himself, a singer so cheerful, who made a real connection with the guests, the perfect professional who stayed on the stage for over two hours and really left his heart with the audience.

With the song “Hajde noćas mi dođi, svega mi donesi” and gorgeous fireworks, the locals from Budva, numerous visitors from all the countries of the region and other cities of Montenegro, entered the New Year 2019. The band "Jack Lupino & Leftovers" from Budva was given the opportunity to present itself to the audience last night for the first time for New Year celebration, followed by the rock band “Aerodrom”, who reminded all visitors of their good, old hits.

Budva 1

The celebratory program at the main city square started on Friday, December 28 at 9 pm, when local hip hop band "Most wanted" entertained the crowd. The atmosphere only got better with "Who see", the well-known Montenegrin duo, while the culmination of the evening was the performance of the “Beogradski sindikat", when numerous fans sang all the songs and lit several torches.

The following day was marked with a complete change in the genre of the performances, and an even greater number of visitors. On the occasion of the great jubilee, the 20th anniversary of the celebration of the New Year at the square, the second day of the Budva musical spectacle began with the performance of the ethno band "Zora" from Bar. The bard of folk music Halid Bešlić held a concert that will be the main conversation topic of numerous visitors for a long time, while Marija Šerifović only continued the concert program in the spirit of good energy and quality interpretation. Many guests commented that December 29 was celebrated just like New Year's Eve.

A completely new performance in Budva, and probably in whole Montenegro took place on the third night, Sunday, December 30, when local DJs Urketone and John K warmed up the audience, after which the stage was taken over by the Turkish-Dutch producer and DJ Burak Jeter. The famous DJ from Amsterdam managed to transfer great energy from the stage to the audience that filled the city square for two hours.


One of the most important DJs in the history of electronic music, British DJ and producer Daren Emerson - a former member of "Underworld", came to the stage at midnight, and the night reached its peak. The audience was thrilled, and the celebration went on deep into the night.

The evening  of January 1 from 9 pm will bring a rock party, and it is to be expected that despite the cold weather, the bands "Akademia", "Partibrejkers" and "Van Gogh" will warm up all visitors of Budva.

01 Jan 2019, 22:28 PM

31 December 2018 - Tens of thousands of people welcomed the New Year 2019 at the square in front of the Old Town in Budva, according to the Tourist Organization of Budva. Director Maja Liješević pointed out that the hotels in Budva recorded an occupancy rate of almost 90%, while private accommodation was mostly reserved for guests from the countries of the region.

The New Year celebration in Budva started with "Jack Lupino and the Leftovers", after which the crowd welcomed “Aerodrom", one of the most famous bands of Yugoslavia. The locals and tourists had the opportunity to enter the year 2019 with the songs of Dino Merlin.

The representatives of Tourist Organization of Budva consider that their effort paid off, that the program was planned and  implemented in the right way to satisfy a broad auditorium and different age structure of visitors. They also highlighted that even thought the program was rich in performances, it did not lose quality, which was the intention of the organizers.

On the eve of December 31, Budva welcomed guests from all over the region, not only from Montenegro. It is not accidental that on the year Budva is celebrating its 20th anniversary of organizing the New Year's Eve in the city square, the program will last for five days. The three previous nights (December 28,29 and 30) were a really good overture and had a great guest attendance, but the crown night with the best atmosphere and quality was the New Year’s Eve.

Daily programs in Budva and Petrovac were mainly aimed at the youngest visitors who enjoyed theatre plays from the Budva Drama Studio, actors from the City Theatre from Podgorica and "UV Dance" from Belgrade, but also at some of the older guests who appreciate the sound of city orchestras and coastal bands.

Source: RTCG

30 Dec 2018, 13:17 PM

December 30, 2018 - New Year's program in Bokelian cities is very diverse, so it's hard not to find a party for your taste. Whether you are a fan of good rock, love pop or enjoy the sounds of folk music, Kotor, Tivat, Budva or Herceg Novi will satisfy your preferences. Here's a review of the New Year's programs that will make it easy for you to make a decision.


new year program Kotor Rock New Year 1Kotor enters the New Year with the sounds of good rock. After the Children’s New Year and performances of Kotor’s musicians planned for today, tomorrow a two-day Rock New Year's program begins, where the most popular regional rock names of today will perform.
The spectacle at the Kotor’s Arms Square will open with Sarajevo’s band Bombaj Press, and the New Year will be brought in by the great music of Darko Rundek & Ekipa. The following is the performance of Damir Urban, and the band M.O.R.T. is responsible for the fun until the morning hours.
For the first night of the New Year 2019, the Kotor Tourist Organization also organized performances of four rock bands. The program begins with the performance of Four Blues Driver, followed by Galija, Psihomodo Pop and Autogeni Trening.


new year program Tivat 2019jpgThe main New Year program in Tivat is closer to the preferences of fans of folk music, but the organizers made sure to offer a diverse accompanying program.
Tonight from 9.30 pm, the Split Disco Inferno band starts the program called Magic Night.
Tivat will enter in 2019 with the songs of Željko Joksimović. Before the regional folk music star performs the tribute band "Abba."
The first night in 2019 the citizens and guests of "Montenegrin Monte Carlo" will entertain the Balkan folk star, Lepa Brena. Montenegrin musician Bojan Delić and his band play as a pre-group.
The program at Tivat will continue on 2 January, when Ana Kokic and the Tivat band Toć will perform.


new year program hnHerceg Novi and its guests will enter the New Year 2019 with the hits of the Belgrade rock band "Riblja čorba" and their frontman Bora Djordjevic. They will perform at Igalo on 31 December from 23:00. At the same stage at 21:00, as a pre-band, Kotor’s band "Light under the black mountain" performs.
The biggest Montenegrin pop star, Sergej Ćetković, plays in Igalo on 1 January. The concert will follow after the performance of the Tivat band "Toć."
Alternative festive entertainment is available in Herceg Novi. Favorite DJs will perform at Skver on 31 December and 1 January. There are daily groans as well as a New Year's Eve Party.


new year program budvaThis year, Budva organizes a jubilee New Year celebration on the square in front of the Old Town.
Tonight there is an electronic music program in Budva with local DJs, Burak Yeter (Turkey) and Darren Emerson (UK).
The New Year's Eve program begins with Jack Lupino and Leftovers and the Aerodrome group. In the first minutes of 2019, the gathering will introduce the pop-folk star, Dino Merlin.
Budva traditionally organizes a concert of classical music in front of the Old Town on 1 January at 2 pm. This year the Revival Orchestra performs with Sara Vujošević, Emilija Minić, Marijan Šovran, and Lana Asija Dabović.
In the evening part of the program perform Akademija, Partibrejkersi, and the program ends with the Van Gogh group concert.
27 Dec 2018, 16:06 PM

December 27, 2018 - Mayor of Budva Dragan Krapović presented a new strategic project in Budva - a traffic solution for the city center through converting the streets of November 22nd and the Mediterranean into the boulevards and building a roundabout near the Main post office. Krapović reiterated that the Municipality proposed four strategic projects, which would give Budva an entirely new look.

"After we stabilized finances and total opportunities and entered the regular work area and established the system after many years, we came to the situation that after only two years we offer some strategic projects that would significantly improve the lives of all the people in Budva. Firstly, I mean the already presented project of paving Grdjevica, on two garages in the center of the city that would finally solve the problem of parking in Budva. For this project, we have the investor's interest and some solutions offered, and this will be disclosed quickly," said Krapovic.

He added that the Municipality believes that it is crucial to get a modern Mediterranean promenade.

"These three projects would bring a completely new, orderly and more functional city to the citizens, and a better, more comfortable and more desirable destination for our guests. Today we want to present you a traffic solution for the city center - November 22nd street, which, worth 800 thousand euros, is in the plan of investments for 2019, a roundabout near the Main post office and then a new solution for Mediterranean street. If we were to implement these four projects in the next five to seven years, which is not unrealistic because we did not offer megalomaniac fantasies, I believe we would get a new functional city and an extremely competitive destination for the next 50 years," said Krapovic.

The presentation of the project was done by the docent dr. Biljana Ivanović, a graduate Construction Engineer.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on December 26th 2018, read more at Vijesti

22 Dec 2018, 03:11 AM

21 December 2018 - Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Budva and the Association of Caterers of Budva are organising the event Christmas Piazzetta which should additionally complement the city's tourist offer during the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.  

This event will take place from December 22 to January 15 at the Budva’s City Park. The program of the Christmas Piazzetta will include a vibrant music and entertainment program, exhibitions of souvenirs and handicrafts, as well as the offer of drinks and delicacies exhibited by numerous caterers from Budva.

The program of the Piazzetta is designed to suit all ages and tastes, so the organisers have prepared activities dedicated to the youngest audience, evening events when cocktail masters will entertain and serve visitors, costume nights and more!

Christmas Piazzetta in Budva from December 22 to January 15

This Sunday (December 23) is reserved for the youngest - from 10 am to 2 pm there will be a music and entertainment program which will include children from Public Preschool Institution "Ljubica Jovanović-Maša", PPI "My World” and PPU" Winnie the Pooh", dance group "Iskra" and members of the Youth Club Budva. A creative workshop for children will also be organized, in which the little ones can make greeting cards, ornaments, and souvenirs. Their handicrafts will be sold, and this will raise funds for the purchase of wheelchairs for the needs of the "Second primary school" in Budva, attended by children with disabilities.

On December 24, from 19:00 to 20:00, the guests will be entertained by the sounds from the band Harmonija, followed by the band Toć from 20:00 to 24:00.

On December 25, the organisers have prepared a Christmas Celebration from 20:00 to 24:00, with the Castell Nuovo band.

Numerous locals have already shown great interest in the Night of Cocktails (December 26th) and Costume Night (December 27th).

The Christmas Piazzetta, which takes place from December 22 to January 15, offers a unique and rich musical program that can suit the tastes of all guests - from the fans of rock and pop sounds, those who prefer electronic music, to those who enjoy the wonderful sounds of tambourines.

22 Dec 2018, 01:27 AM

21 December 2018 - An international multidisciplinary systematic field research and study of the music and dance tradition and customs of Paštrović, titled Ethno Lab, which took place in Petrovac from December 10th to December 16th, has been completed.

This project is organized for the second year in a row by the Society for Cultural Development "Bauo" from Petrovac. The project was supported by the Municipality of Budva, HG Budva Riviera and the Tourist Organization and the Municipality of Budva, while the assistance was provided by Museums and Galleries of Budva and the families of Marina and Ilija Medin.

Several reference ethnomusicologists, ethnocorists, ethnologists and anthropologists, as well as other experts and researchers in the field of cultural heritage living and working in Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have contributed Ethno Lab project, including Zlata Marjanović (Academy of Arts Banja Luka), Dragica Panić Kašanski (Academy of Arts, Banja Luka), Vesna Karin (Academy of Arts, Novi Sad), Martina Karin (Academy of Arts, Novi Sad), Miloš Rašić (Ethnographic Institute SANU, Belgrade) and many others.

EthnoLab2112 1

Professional associates on the project were Dušan Medin, archaeologist and master manager in culture, doctoral studies in archaeology at the Faculty of Humanities at the Faculty of Humanities in the Maritime University in Koper (Republic of Slovenia), also a longtime researcher of the material and non-material cultural heritage of Paštrovići, Milica Stanić Radonjić, Master of Communication (Museums and Galleries of Budva) and Itana Lalović, ethnologist and anthropologist (Museums and Galleries of Budva) and marketing advisor. The coordinator of the project is Mila Medin, executive director of the Society for Cultural Development "Bauo", which assisted in coordination and organization to 5 volunteers.

During this year's project, successful research was conducted, and a lot of valuable material was collected through interviews with twenty families of Paštrović.

As in the past year, it is expected that the results of the research will affirm the rich and representative intangible cultural heritage of Paštrovići, which, despite the current knowledge and results, is still multidisciplinary scientific study and valorization.

On each day of the project more discussions with the local population were organized, while on Saturday, December 15th, at the Memorial House "Red Commune", a lecture was held on which participants presented the project, the current research, and future development prospects in the future.

One of the ideas that was born during the research is the treatment of more recent issues.

"Why wait for someone to come in for 50 years and deal with some topics from the 1970s and 1980s when we now have younger people who I can talk to about that period. These are the topics and research we want, and they should be implemented as soon as possible," concluded Mila Medin, the executive director of the Bauo Cultural Development Society and the coordinator of the Ethno Lab project.

11 Dec 2018, 04:19 AM

09 December 2018 - An international multidisciplinary systematic field research and study of the music and dance tradition and customs of Paštrović, titled "Ethno Lab", will take place in Petrovac from December 10th to December 16th.

This project is organized for the second year in a row by the Society for Cultural Development "Bauo" from Petrovac.

Ethno Lab was supported by the Municipality of Budva, HG Budvanska rivijera and the Tourist Organization of Budva, while the assistance was provided by Museums and Galleries of Budva.

Ethno Lab 0912 1

The Ethno Lab project will include several reference ethnomusicologists, ethnocorists, ethnologists and anthropologists, as well as other experts and researchers in the domain of cultural heritage, who live and work in Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the project, participants will visit several Paštrović's sites and areas in order to get acquainted with the tradition and heritage of this region and interview the local population.

During the past year, it is expected that the results of the research will affirm the rich and representative non-material cultural heritage of Paštrović, which, despite the current knowledge and results, is still a multidisciplinary scientific study and valorization.

Last year's "Ethno Lab" was held from December 6th to 10th, 2017, and during the project, 20 people were interviewed and about 120 GB of audio and video material was recorded.

05 Dec 2018, 07:39 AM

04 December 2018 - A protocol on cooperation between Tourist Organization Herceg Novi and Tourist Organization Saint Petersburg was officially signed by the TOs directors Pavle Obradović and Nadezhda Petrovna Vitalevna. This protocol is based on tourist promotion, exchange of cultural and artistic groups and societies.

The conference was opened by the Saint Petersburg Regional Commissioner for Culture Konstantin Zuardovich Suchenko, who appointed Svetlana Lavrecova to be an ambassador of cultural and artistic cooperation between Saint Petersburg and Herceg Novi. She is also an artistic director of the Days of Russian Culture in Herceg Novi.

"They appointed the budget for daily allowances and air tickets for artists who will come to Herceg Novi, and we have provided accommodation, trips, and stages for those. If this pilot project turned out to be successful, it is planned to upgrade it to even higher levels of cooperation. We hope that it is because we plan for Herceg Novi to become capital of culture in a region such as Saint Petersburg is in Russia," said Pavle Obradović, director of Tourist Organization Herceg Novi.

At the conference in Saint Petersburg was also the Vice President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi Miloš Konjević, representatives of Herceg Novi's hotels Lazura, Perla, Simo Milošević Institute, Trend Travel Agency, Montenegrin Holiday DMC Agency, as well as the representatives of Tourist Organization Budva and Tourist Organization Kotor, Montenegro Airlines and the Ambassador of Montenegro to Russia, Ramiz Bašić.

"We had an extremely successful conference with 32 tour operators from the Saint Petersburg region and 17 media companies," Obradović pointed out.

He added that the Days of Saint Petersburg and Russia would be held in Herceg Novi in June during the next summer season.

"They are interested in coming here in September, so there is great potential for this cooperation to work, since in that period, when the city is not filled and when there are plenty of free capacities, we can bring many different cultural art societies, theater, and dance groups. We try, by doing this, to attract the Russians and the local population from the region," concluded Pavle Obradović.

04 Dec 2018, 23:40 PM

04 December 2018 - Montenegro can genuinely be proud of its beautiful 293 km long coast with 73 km of sand, pebble, and rocky beaches spread over 117 locations. Each summer season, beaches attract numerous tourists from all over the world to Montenegro. Having clean and beautifully arranged beaches have been recognized as a necessity by the Montenegrin Government, so The Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro decided to make an effort to improve beach appearance and positively affect the tourist offer of the country during the summer.

As announced from the Coastal Zone Management Company, as of next summer season, Montenegrin beaches will have a new, unique look when it comes to beach equipment that will be more appealing to tourists from the country and guests from abroad. Achieving a beautiful looking coast should contribute to an increase in satisfaction with tourists who travel to Montenegro for the summer holidays.

The Local News Station RTV Budva recently interviewed Blažo Rađenović, the director of the Limited Liability Company "Mediteran reklame" (English: "Mediterranean Advertising") on the subject, and he explained that the new decision that will soon be made and the three-year plan proposal would introduce new regulations when it comes to beach advertising. He justified the recent agenda with the unsightly multicolor picture of Montenegrin beaches, where umbrellas, sunbeds, and cabins are used for commercial purposes, and they do not reflect the beauty of the country’s coastal area.

Beaches0412 1

According to Rađenović, The Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro will create new coastal area regulations in the following period, so that all beaches have their unique appearance that is focused on attracting tourists, and not creating commercial effects for private companies.

In the past period, before the issue of coastal zone appearance was brought to the surface by the authorities, LLC “Mediteran reklame“ was in charge for controlling the advertising aspect on the Montenegrin beaches, and have charged a fee for advertising in beach zones.

"We tried to act preventively with our taxes and limit the advertising options. In Montenegro, that was the only way to influence and change something for the better. If our company did not exist, everyone would have the right to place hundreds of ads, and that would worsen the image of the country’s coastal area, "Rađenović concluded. He is pleased that the public company has recognized the importance of this issue and that taxing will no longer be the method for creating a more beautiful image for the beaches.

02 Dec 2018, 23:27 PM

01 December 2018 - The Municipality of Budva, in cooperation with the Tourist Organization Budva, has provided an outdoor gym and exercise space for citizens of Budva, located near the swimming pool on the Slovenian beach.

Assistant Secretary of the Secretariat for Municipal Housing Affairs, Aleksandar Popović, said that the entire training center will be completed by the end of the day.

OutdoorGym0112 1

Popović said that they took care that the devices that were installed for the outdoor gym were of the highest possible quality.

"The appliances are made in America and Denmark, and every part of the device is made of aluminum and a special kind of stainless steel, which is resistant to seawater and does not require special maintenance," said Popović.

He pointed out that special devices for people with disabilities were also provided so that wheelchairs can access and perform certain exercises.

OutdoorGym0112 2

In addition to this gym, the Municipality will make three more outdoor gyms at the following locations: near the "red building", in the village of Beli Do, and on the central part of Bečići beach.

These three venues will be completed within two weeks.

The building of this outdoor gym was discussed during the summer, while the ground works were finished in the August. The total value of the project is estimated at 30.000 EUR. Read more information about outdoor gym in Budva here.

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