Tens of Thousands of People in Budva for New Year’s Eve

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Tens of Thousands of People in Budva for New Year’s Eve Copyrights: Tourist Organization of Budva

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31 December 2018 - Tens of thousands of people welcomed the New Year 2019 at the square in front of the Old Town in Budva, according to the Tourist Organization of Budva. Director Maja Liješević pointed out that the hotels in Budva recorded an occupancy rate of almost 90%, while private accommodation was mostly reserved for guests from the countries of the region.

The New Year celebration in Budva started with "Jack Lupino and the Leftovers", after which the crowd welcomed “Aerodrom", one of the most famous bands of Yugoslavia. The locals and tourists had the opportunity to enter the year 2019 with the songs of Dino Merlin.

The representatives of Tourist Organization of Budva consider that their effort paid off, that the program was planned and  implemented in the right way to satisfy a broad auditorium and different age structure of visitors. They also highlighted that even thought the program was rich in performances, it did not lose quality, which was the intention of the organizers.

On the eve of December 31, Budva welcomed guests from all over the region, not only from Montenegro. It is not accidental that on the year Budva is celebrating its 20th anniversary of organizing the New Year's Eve in the city square, the program will last for five days. The three previous nights (December 28,29 and 30) were a really good overture and had a great guest attendance, but the crown night with the best atmosphere and quality was the New Year’s Eve.

Daily programs in Budva and Petrovac were mainly aimed at the youngest visitors who enjoyed theatre plays from the Budva Drama Studio, actors from the City Theatre from Podgorica and "UV Dance" from Belgrade, but also at some of the older guests who appreciate the sound of city orchestras and coastal bands.

Source: RTCG

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