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14 Mar 2019, 00:50 AM

12 March 2019 - The great mission of the Theatre City Festival, which takes place during the summer in Budva, was recognized by an international jury, comprised of 11 artists from the art world, which define the criteria for the EFFE 2019-2020 award!

Festival “Theatre City” is one the most prestigious cultural manifestations in the country and region, organised under the patronage of Municipality of Budva. Since its founding, in 1987, this Festival has been rebuilding the Mediterranean spirit of the Old Town and every one of its squares and piazza’s, but also parts of the town that are outside of the old town's centre. The Festival changes them into a scene in the open on which every visitor and passer-by can become a participant of the artistic act. Since it is, from its founding, an integral part of tourist offering of the city, Theatre City and the whole city of Budva became and an indispensable destination not just to ordinary tourists but also to cultural - tourists, and to that attests the fact that the festival is every year visited by over 15000 people.

Theatre City Festival Gains EFFE Label 2

After the Kotor Children's Theatre Festival, another art festival in Montenegro was awarded the label EFFE, which is Europe’s quality stamp for remarkable arts festivals showing their engagement in the field of the arts, community involvement, and international openness.

The Festivals labelled with EFFE award are embedded in the European artistic, cultural and social reality. They are recognised for presenting a coherent and curated artistic programme, supporting on-going artistic development, providing opportunities for upcoming or innovative artists to create or to be presented in their programme, helping to increase access to culture and attract diverse audiences, taking measures to be more sustainable, helping to shape, encourage and promote intercultural experiences for different audiences and artists and engaging with audiences, for example through educational programmes.

“Theatre City” was conceived as an intersection of contemporary achievements first of all theatrical, and art, musical and literary creations. With its program quality, the Festival still confirms its prestige not just as a host to many troops and creators, but also with a quality of its production activities with which it confirms authentic cultural heritage of Budva and Montenegro.

Data on the Festival acquired from Montenegro 360

11 Mar 2019, 20:13 PM

10 March 2019 - Around 140 various costumes and masks from Kotor, Tivat, Budva, Herceg Novi and even some cities from Russia, took part in the second big Masquerade Ball on the 50th Mimosa Festival organized by the Igalo Institute.

The beginning was marked by the local music of Đenovići and the majorette club Lili, while the band "Stari Kapetann" was a great introductory to popular regional singer Dženan Lončarević. The participants and the guests described the atmosphere as unforgettable and hot. Dženan Lončarević sang all famous pop, rock and folk hits, varying Bijelo Dugme, Čolić, Dino Merlin, Yu Grupa as well as Tina Tarner hits, Oliver Mandić and Prljavo Kazalište.

The organizers provided financial awards for individual and group costumes. For individual - up to three members, 600, 300 and 200 EUR, and for group ones - from three to eight members, 800, 500 and 300 EUR.

The audience chose the best animators, the most original ideas and the most beautiful costumes and masks.

Mimosa Festival Brings Great Atmosphere at Second Masquerade Ball1

In the singles competition, the most successful costume was "The King of Mimosa and the Old Fisherman", the second was the costume "AmputiNiranje" (Vučić and Putin) and the third "Crimean Octopus" and "Mastrelak".

In the category of the group's first prize, the "Happy Merry Wife" costume, the second "Satiri" from Herceg Novi, and the third "Grand Stars Jury" equalled with "Exotic Travel".

The next masquerade ball at the 50th Mimosa Festival is on March 16th with Indira Forca at Hotel Park in Bijela.

10 Mar 2019, 18:30 PM

In the hall of the Academy of Knowledge organized by the National Library of Budva, the promotion of the first book of poems by the young poet Lejla Kasic was held, titled "My Red".

Lejla Kasic was born in 1996 in Prijepolje. She finished high school "Slobodan Skerovic" in Podgorica, after which she enrolled at the Faculty of Philology in Niksic. She studied at Karl-Frances University in Graz. She has been writing since elementary school when she read her texts in children's shows at the RTCG where she was a host and co-worker on the radio. She has written poetry intensely in recent years, and the first collection is a product of poetic growth and maturation. Her poetry is featured on many literary sites, and some of her poems are translated into Hungarian.

The collection "My Red" contains about 50 poems about love, life, passion, pain, death... The book came off the press in October 2018, and the publisher is Stampar Makarije.

At the promotion in Budva, the author read the verses from her collection "My Red" to the audience's delight and joy. With the author Lejla Kasic, Stanko Stanojevic, moderator of literary promotion, also spoke.

What is your symbolism of red, love and suffering and danger? This is, in a way, a growing up and artistic maturation, but also a little deeper?

"Red is simply the most lifelike color, the color of the base on which life creates and disappears. If I were a color, I would be very red, because it is so ambivalent and contradictory – it is a color of love and hate, and the struggles and surrenders, it is all-encompassing. On the other hand, red is tied to my sister who departed too early and tragically from the game of life, and her name Al-Hammbra means red in translation. There's also a part of the collection that includes poems that talk about death, pain, my survival of her death, so I think those poems and  the book’s title are a nice way to give her eternity."

Poetry about love, pain, suffering, passion, death, life in general, about topics that, as you said, should be kept from clichés. These are eternal themes. How are you guarding them? What is the immortality of the subject and the poet?

"I guard them just as I speak and write about them, but primarily by allowing myself to feel, live and survive what I write about. The immortality of these themes is reflected in their presence in our lives, whoever we are and whatever we do we cannot and should not remain immune to them. The poet is, therefore, only someone who by playing with words, can touch the soul, and his immortality comes when, after him, his words, thoughts, ideas do not cease to live."

Should poetry necessarily have a foothold in the real, experienced poet's experience and what motivates you most?

"Literature itself is fictitious and so skillfully flirting with reality and with lies, and somewhere its point is not to be able to distinguish what really happened and what did not. Certainly, the impulses from reality are necessary, but this does not necessarily have to be a real experience, as long as we can identify with it. Life motivates me. Its predictable unpredictability, challenges, joys, fateful coincidences. Youth is driving me, those wild years when you're running the world, and you can hardly see, all those craziness that accompanies maturity. Love, that divine feeling and all the trivial feelings that accompany it, which are equally important.”

You're writing about a woman from a woman’s view. Among other things, one who fears "becoming a mother because I am too selfish", as well as one that "would give birth to a son with celestial eyes and a daughter with a gap between the teeth, if I could." What do you think of the position and freedom of women in a society in which someone gives birth to someone, and not to himself, as in creation?

"The topic of the position of a woman is always inspiring because as a woman I feel how much this position can make us suffer. Today, more than ever, we are full of stories about the rights and freedoms of women, and the struggle for the rights is reduced to the controversial continuation - the titles in the occupations and the celebration of March 8th with the appropriate music programs and perfumes at promotional prices. It's not the point. The problem is much deeper. For example, when a poet uses vulgarism in their creations, they will probably not be questioned about the quality of the written text nor will they be criticized. It will be praised; it will be compared with Bukowski. When a poet does the same, there will be comments like: "A woman is not fit for that!", "It's not ladylike!" Who determines what suits or does not suit a woman? We are not all born to be ladies, and that does not diminish our specialty and value, and we need to say what we feel loudly and clearly, and no one has the right to condemn us for doing so or adhere us with any labels.

The above verses are from poems between which there is a two-year difference. And now, when a couple of years has passed between the then and the present me, I say that a woman should not give birth to someone else, or herself, but when she decides to become a mother (if you ask me, the only person who is worthy of having a monument), she does it only because of the being she gives life, because no matter if she gave birth, she does not claim the right to another's life."

What is the position of a poet in the society and culture in which she is being accomplished? Should she also have luck and affection, to be in someone’s grace?

"Luck and affection are always nice to have, and I am grateful to the Universe that always keeps my back and that is always on my side, so I constantly meet people who instruct, support, and motivate me. So, this promotion in Budva reminded me of last year's poetry evening also in Budva, where I met people with whom I later collaborated and who turned my thoughts towards the serious idea of publishing a book. But that does not have to be decisive. Sometimes the adverse circumstances are good motivation, but it's easier and more beautiful to know that you are creating close to people who are willing to support you."

Are creative impulses always binding you on creation and when are they embedded into a poem?

"I often get these impulses from reality as small signs of inspiration. So a word comes down to me, comparison, sentence and when I write them, I do not force them, but I'm thinking about them, and I wait for the moment when they will grow up in a poem. Sometimes they are only waiting for a few hours to get the final shape, and sometimes much longer. Sometimes they do not wait at all, but the avalanche of words leak out of me. The inspiration is deceitful, and I simply adore its games."

When the poem gets its final shape, do you return to them, do you make them better?

"I don't come back to them. Not because I think there is no room for repairs, but because it's an expression of me at that moment and as such, it would not be worth or make sense if I would return to it to make it better."

Do you think that a poet can and should present what they do, therefore, without a publisher and a critic; do you consider it good for some future literary duration?

"For me, so far, this kind of approach exalts me. I held the first promotion all by myself, leading the audience through my creations with a certain story or an anecdote related to the poem. I think that, for someone who is only at the beginning of their literary work and who needs to be recognized in that area, I still have not earned so much respect and appreciation, so others would write reviews about my work. I prefer to see how the audience experiences the verses I read than someone interpreting what the poet wanted to say. Of course, I will be happy when one day I find someone writing criticisms about me, but I do not want to force it now and that this is done because it needs to be done, not because it wants."

Is the audience’s judgment decisive then? Whose is it?

"The audience is important, but I do not tie myself to their opinions and expectations. If they like me, that's good. If they do not like me, that's also ok. When they react to my words, it has the least connection with me and with those words. The reaction is related to what the words awaken in them. Therefore, it is a reaction in themselves, and the words are only an intermediary. An Indian poet said that our art is not how much others like what we do, but how much we like it, how honest we are in creating and how we must never sell sincerity to please somebody. And that is the point of art and creation."

What are the creators, writers, artists influencing your creating and poetic testimony and path (sometimes explicitly underlined in peoms)?

"Poetry has always been present in my life, so various influences have been precipitated, that I cannot even distinguish from where a thought in my head came from, and whether it's originally mine or someone's influence shapes it. And I love this intertextuality, because it provides a new life with already existing words, and on the other hand, some of the writers have so ingeniously said some things that it cannot go beyond it. This is in a way networking of old and new generations of writers, because, our essence is the same. There are many of them, from Miroslav Antic, Dis, Jesenjin, Ratkovic, to some musicians such as Damir Urban and the like."

For more information please visit TMN's dedicated page

Text by CdM, on March 8th, 2019, read more at CdM

10 Mar 2019, 00:09 AM

07 March 2019 - The new categorization of beaches and amendments and balancing of lease prices, as well as the new rule that colorful advertisement sunshades or temporary facilities that do not fit in will not spread all over the swimming areas anymore. This is just some of the news that will be the main feature of this summer’s seaside season, said the Director of the Coastal Zone Management, Mr. Predrag Jelušić.

After some strategic estimates were made, the need for the so-called beach categorization arose. Beaches will be divided in 12 categories. Apart from the existing ones, beaches for the active tourism, excursion beaches, beaches intended for pets, nudists, as well as party beaches will also be part of the offer.

“We are going to have a whole new palette of a large variety of swimming areas in almost every municipality. This way we made a significant step forward in our offer. Habits of our guests change; tourists do not want to spend their entire vacation at one beach only. Ulcinj, for example, is recognized as a place of active tourism. Kite surfing is the main reason why tourists go there. The similar thing will be with diving,” said Jelušić.

What this model will enable is a lease with a clear theme and clearly defined responsibilities.

The tender for the hotel beaches is almost over. By 1st May, all swimming areas, or at least the majority of them, should be ready to welcome the guests.

According to the Law on Spatial Planning, the lease of beaches and swimming areas will be for a period of five years, starting from this year.

“We believe that leaseholders will behave more responsibly when it comes to the space and that they will invest more in the quality of the offer. There were some comments earlier, that the temporary facilities are not very attractive, because of their color and material. Well, now the town architect will give suggestions. After the architect gives consent, the main project can be carried out. Improvised facilities, installed in contravention of the defined rules, must not happen this year,” says Jelušić.

Another news in the Rule book on swimming areas is that after 5 pm, equipment will not be charged.

“There have been some unpleasant situations regarding this matter. Sometimes, guests were required to pay the full price of the furniture even after 5 pm, and it seemed rude and left such a negative impression. The new harmonized rule book is expected to be finished soon, and we will have plenty of time for the preparation of the season. It is high time we eliminated a negative picture of our coast,” says Jelušić.

Number of locations intended for the purposes of temporary facilities will be reduced this year.

“Refill ice cream stands, rows of showcases along the promenades, barbecues…all these will not be allowed,” points out Director of the Coastal Zone Management Jelušić.

Prices of the lease in Ulcinj increased, which made the hotel industry employees react. They think the prices are too high.

“They have to come to terms with the fact that if they want bigger space, they have to pay more. The lease will be charged by one square meter, €1 per square meter. All areas developed. Ulcinj has been underrated for so long when it comes to leasing prices. The construction of a new, little resort on Bojana enlivened this area, and it would be fair that prices corresponded to the present tourism valuation of Ulcinj,” concluded Director of the Coastal Zone Management Jelušić.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

09 Mar 2019, 14:25 PM

March 9, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate opportunities through the mouthwatering RE/MAX portfolio, find a view which beats this one!

It is said that there are only three things you need to consider when buying real estate - location, location and location.

And while that is certainly very true, my experience over the years dealing with real estate on the Adriatic over the last 17 years has been that there are three other factors which are equally important - the view, the view and the view.

budva-remax-property (3).jpg

And they don't get much better than this. 

budva-remax-property (1).jpg

Located just a few kilometres from Budva and yet a world away from the busy summer season, this breathtaking view of the Adriatic is just one of several highlights for this week's RE/MAX Property of the Week. 

budva-remax-property (8).jpg

This standalone and fully-furnished house comes with an additional plot of land (430m2), where you can build either a swimming pool or an additional house. 

budva-remax-property (9).jpg

More details of the property from the official RE/MAX property description:

budva-remax-property (6).jpg

"Located in a small village near Budva, this house is few kilometres away from the Old Town of Budva and nearby beaches. This completely furnished house has an area 105m2 on a plot of 250m2 with additional 430m2 plot adjacent to the house which can be used to build a swimming pool or another house. In addition to that, there is a 45m2 basement and on the flat roof one more apartment can be built. Excellent potential for further development.

budva-remax-property (4).jpg

"The internal area is divided between one bedroom, spacious living room and kitchen, bathroom and the spacious balcony. In front of the house there is a parking spot. The whole area is surrounded by fence on automatic settings. This beautiful private oasis can be yours. Think about moments with family and friends in the garden with a wonderful view of the city & sea and energy of the sunsets, every day and night... with music, Mediterranean dishes and fresh air. Sounds priceless, right?"

budva-remax-property (2).jpg

And how much for this priceless view, with options for another apartment and additional house or swimming pool? A mere EUR 260,000. For more information, photos and to book a viewing, check out the original RE/MAX listing.

budva-remax-property (5).jpg

06 Mar 2019, 13:12 PM

The municipality of Budva, in cooperation with the Tourist Organization Budva, started works on constructing three more open training facilities.

The new training facilities will be located at three locations: near the Red building, in settlement of Bijeli Do, and on the central part of Becici beach.

With previously performed works at the pool, the value of the works is 40,000 euros.

Assistant Secretary from the Secretariat for Municipal Housing Affairs, Aleksandar Popovic, said that they are paying attention that the devices they installed for the outdoor gyms are of the highest possible quality.

Outdoor exercise

Citizens of Budva actively use the first outdoor gyms, located in the nearby city’s swimming pool in the hotel resort Slovenska beach.

"The gym is used every day, especially when there are favorable weather conditions. There are many devices, they can be used for a variety of exercises and are excellent for maintaining fitness and good health. They are made in America and Denmark, and each part of the device is made of aluminum and special types of inox, which is resistant to seawater and does not require special maintenance. "

Also, a special device for people with disabilities is provided, so that people in wheelchairs can access and perform certain exercises.

With this, the Municipality Budva continued to renovate the city and sports fields, and one of the goals is to include as many fellow citizens as possible in various sports activities, concluded the Assistant Secretary from the Secretariat for Communal Housing Affairs.

For more information, please follow TMN’s dedicated page

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on March 5th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

28 Feb 2019, 13:56 PM

Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulovic is categorical that the six open bars on the Budva promenade this season will be removed, and that the caterers will be offered an alternative location. In the Program of temporary facilities for the zone of the sea property in the area of the municipality of Budva from 2019 to 2023, made by JP Morsko dobro and verified by the line ministry, on the promenade in Budva, towards the sea, many temporary facilities were removed, among which are six popular discotheques, some of which have existed for more than two decades – “Trocadero”, “Paris”, Ambiente, “Rafaelo”, “Maltez”, “Miami”.

Caterers submitted a request to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and "Morsko dobro" to grant the discotheques stay until October 2020, when the plan for the design of the promenade will be made.

Such an initiative was supported by “Morsko dobro”, that open-air disco-clubs, as an offer that attracts a large number of tourists, are kept for two more seasons.

"We all together have decided that such kind of entertainment, and this kind of offer, cannot be there. Nobody has anything against that kind of entertainment, because it obviously has its clientele, but not in that place. We have local hotels next to these objects, or five-star hotels being built, and it's extremely frivolous that we have such an offer in front of such facilities. We support this content, but the location, if tenants would be interested, in cooperation with the municipality and the leaseholders still needs to be determined," stressed Radulovic.

As Radulovic explained, instead of the open bars, the green area, i.e., a grass is predicted in this area.

"We have the Lungo mare project for Budva, and we will soon begin designing. I think that Budva deserves a serious promenade - from Zavala to Avala, which should cover a large part of this area. One proper walking zone that would "uncork” huge crowds in the summer," Radulovic said.

The tenants previously told “Vijesti” that they are ready to apply all the necessary standards in their objects during this season, and that by their removal, the state loses at least one million euros in revenue, and nearly 300 people will remain unemployed.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on February 27th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

25 Feb 2019, 12:33 PM

February 25, 2019 - The Public Company Sea Property has announced a public call for the lease of 25 public beaches in Jaz, Mogren, Brijeg Od Budve and on the islands of Sveti Nikola. The starting price of the beach, without VAT, ranges from around 1,700 Euros to 27,000 euros.

There are 17 locations on the beach of Jaz. The cheapest beach of 40 meters long at Zuta Greda can be obtained at a minimum price of €1.690. By public invitation, on this beach, you can set up a beach bar of six square meters without a terrace. It is the most expensive to lease a beach at Jaz, in the central part, where a length of 105 meters and a surface of 4,140 square meters should be issued at least 26,951 euros.
The type of the beach is public-family, and it is possible to approve a beach bar at a maximum surface area of ten square meters with a terrace of 100 m2. This beach could be equipped with temporary pontoon and a ticket sales outlet, as stated in the competition. Two beaches are offered at Mogren. Mogren II in length 130 meters and area of 1,082 square meters is a public-family beach. In this area, it is permissible to set up a stand for ice cream and beverages. The minimum rental price is 5.276 euros.
The starting price for Mogren 1 is 15.447 euros. It is 100 meters long and has 1,950 square meters. The beach bar area is 30 meters, and a 90 square meter terrace is allowed. The Sea Property also offered two public-family beaches on the location of Brijeg Od Budve, so-called Rikardova Glava. For the one in the centre, it is 20 meters in length, 240 square meters, and the starting price is 7,000 euros. It is possible to set a 12-square-meters bar with the same area for a terrace. The second beach is at the eastern end of the hill, with a minimum rental price of 11,170 euros- 53 meters long and 1,100 square meters. The bar can be opened on 18 square meters and a terrace of 55.
The beach at the north-western end of the Sveti Nikola Island with a length of 205 meters and area of 6.300sqm, which is planned to set up a temporary catering facility with a terrace, can be leased at an initial price of 10.450 euros. The beach, 40 meters long with a surface of 250 square meters, can be rented for a rate of 500 euros, without the possibility of placing temporary facilities.
The least amount of 4.239 euros is to be paid for the beach "Pod Murvom" on the western part of the island (100 meters long, 700 square meters).
Two beaches in Prijevor, on the western part of Jaz, are located within the inner area, and according to the Law on Nature Protection of Tenants is obliged to issue a permit by the Agency for the Protection of the Environment. 
The contest is open until March 8th. The public auction will be held on March 11 and 12.
24 Feb 2019, 21:03 PM

24 February 2019 - Tour Guide Association of Montenegro visited Nikšić yesterday to officially celebrate the International Day of Tour Guides. 50 of them had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with cultural and historical monuments, the most representative facilities and tourism potential of the town at the foot of Trebjesa.

“We hope that this visit will make a very positive impact on our municipality and that we will enhance tourist visits. We also hope that we will improve the quality of the tourism offer of Nikšić since it is, as many people think, the neglected destination on the tourism map of Montenegro,” said the tour guide and a representative of the Association, Miljan Mijušković.

Deputy president of the Municipality of Nikšić, Sonja Nikčević, pointed out that this city “still has not found the place it deserves on the tourism map of Montenegro”.

“Your arrival will help reinforce the story of Nikšić as being tourism town, with all its attributes that we are going to develop further. I am one of those who think that Montenegro has a unique address in tourism and, in that sense, I believe that Nikšić is one of its pearls, about to find the place it deserves,” said Nikčević.

Today, thanks to the improved transport infrastructure, the importance of the town at the foot of Trebjesa is significantly higher. In addition to that, the hotel industry gives its contribution as well. As far as tourism offer is concerned, this city has a lot of things to be proud of. Beautiful nature and cultural and historical monuments in the first place.

“Let’s just mention Crvena stijena, Roman bridge dating from the 3rd century, Carev most, (the Emperor’s Bridge), the castle… Everybody is amazed at the nature Nikšić offers,” said Nikčević.

Local administration will keep working hard on improving the tourism offer of this beautiful town and its adequate positioning and categorization.

Experience of the representatives of the Association shows that, so far, Nikšić barely existed in the tourism programs.

“We pass through Nikšić when we go rafting or canyoning. After this visit, the story about Nikšić will definitely become richer,” concluded tour guide from Budva, Darinka Grloman.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

21 Feb 2019, 11:00 AM

The Municipality of Budva hosts the second meeting of project partners realized within the project implementation of #DynaMob 2.0 - Dynamic mobility. The project is funded by EU funds through the INTERREG IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program for Italy, Albania and Montenegro 2014-2020.

The #DynaMob 2.0 project aims to promote and encourage the use of environmentally friendly forms of transport with a focus on car sharing and bike sharing. The Municipality of Budva will, for the first time, through the #DynaMob 2.0 project, provide the opportunity for its citizens and tourists for an alternative, healthier and more economical transportation in the city, through the purchase of electric bikes, the installation of a filling station for eco cars, in combination with the appropriate application.

The meeting was officially opened by Mr. Marko Markovic, vice-president of the Municipality Budva. During the meeting, the partners of the project will discuss the implementation of the project activities so far, will present the latest technologies and results related to the Action Plan for Sustainable Mobility, #Dynamob 2.0 Paths and Investments. The meeting was attended by the representatives of partner institutions: Copertino Municipality (Italy), Ulisse Training Center (Italy), Campobasso (Italy), Tirana Chamber of Commerce, Skrapar Municipality (Albania) and Tirana Municipality (Albania). The Municipality of Budva was represented by the Secretariat for Municipal Utility Affairs and the Office for European Integration and Cooperation. The total budget of the project #DynaMob 2.0 is 839.500 euros, and the implementation of the project will last until April 2020.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on February 20th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

Remax Property of the Week

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