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01 Apr 2019, 14:04 PM

April 1, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate opportunities in Montenegro through the RE/MAX catalogue, this week a brand new luxury villa in Budva.

For some, it is close proximity to the water, while for others, the relaxed terrace view from afar is equally appealing. And while being close to the sea undoubtedly has its advantages, nothing quite beats the additional peace, privacy and tranquility of a luxury villa set in spacious and lush grounds. Just 10 minutes away from downtown Budva, but a world away in terms of relaxation, this week's RE/MAX Property of the Week is an absolute gem. 

srecko villa (17).jpg

Completed last year, fully furnished and ready to move into, this 5-bedroom villa, complete with its own outdoor pool and lush gardens on a 1,000 m2 plot, is not likely to be on the market for long. According to the official RE/MAX property description:

srecko villa (18).jpg

This lovely villa is set on approximately 200 sqm, in this perfect location enjoying magnificent views and total privacy and tranquility yet within a 10-minute drive to the coastal area and beaches.

srecko villa (1).jpg

Entrance through a remote gated driveway which can take up to 4 cars, the Villa is surrounded by lovely mature Gardens, including a number of fruit trees, palm trees and olive trees, leading to the private ‘infinity’ swimming pool, jacuzzi, deck area and outside dining and bbq area.

srecko villa (69).jpg

Accommodation comprising of an entrance hall, leading to the open plan fully equipped Kitchen / Living / Dining room area thus having all rooms leading to the outside entertaining area, guest bathroom, bedroom. On the first floor one finds another 3 double bedrooms (main with ensuite and walk-in closet), main bathroom and surrounding terraces to simply enjoy the breathtaking coastal views.

srecko villa (43).jpg

Using only the best material and highest quality including ‘Daikin’ air conditioning system throughout, high quality imported ceramics and mosaic for the bathrooms, as well as the highest quality wood and parquet flooring, CCTV, 4g internet system throughout and a fully automated water irrigation system. The villa is being sold completely furnished and equipped and ready to move in to.

srecko villa (80).jpg

And with quite a view! Asking price is 820,000 euro. For more information, photos or to book a viewing, check out the original RE/MAX listing.

srecko villa (8).jpg

29 Mar 2019, 16:10 PM

29 March 2019 - The implementation of the “Smart City Concept” within the Municipality of Budva includes the realisation of a pilot project related to the introduction of modern technologies, especially the promotion of the use of solar energy.

Budva has recently purchased five Smart Solar Benches of the new generation, which, through installed photovoltaic modules, accumulate solar energy as the only power source (the benches are not connected to any source of electricity). The bench has a WiFi access point, a rain sensor that turns off the bench in the case of heavy precipitation, a built-in LED light that illuminates the area near the bench at night. Users also have the option to wirelessly charge their newer generation devices (which support wireless charging), as well as standard device charging via USB ports.

Five Smart Solar Benches Installed in Budva 3

The benches are installed in accordance with the plans of the Secretariat for Spatial Development, Municipal and Housing Affairs of Budva in five locations in front of the Municipal Building of Budva (at Trg Sunca – The Sun Square), near the hotel Tre Canne (Mediteranska Street), the third bench can also be found at the Mediteranska Street, on the Slovenska beach, and at the Slovenska coast.

The Assistant Secretary of the Secretariat Secretariat for Spatial Development, Municipal and Housing Affairs Aleksandar Popović commented on the recent purchase and expressed his satisfaction with the project implementation. He said that the representatives of the local government insisted on the realisation of this project and that they are delighted with the outcome of their investment. "The municipality has allocated 12,000 EUR for this project. Mediteran advertising will soon put up three more smart solar benches," Popović added.

Five Smart Solar Benches Installed in Budva 2

The citizens and tourists of Budva can now have access to Steora Smart Benches, beautifully designed benches with multiple functionalities that added allure to each of the five locations they were installed. Their strong, powder-coated steel construction is completely weather-resistant and vandal-resistant. Steora's main feature is the charger for charging different types of devices. The bench comes with two USB ports with ambient light for charging any device using a USB cable. A wireless charger integrated into an acrylic glass cover enables cable-free charging. The users can place their device on the charging pad and charge the device wirelessly.

Fifteen sensors inside Steora monitor everything that happens on and around the bench. Each second, sensors are gathering data about air parameters, bench usage, and system status. All collected information is available for customers via the dashboard. If anything happens, the system immediately alerts the owner and Steora’s tech support.

29 Mar 2019, 15:48 PM

28 March 2019 - On March 29, 2019, the City of Budva and Hotel Splendid will host the 11th edition of Splendid Grand Prix, an event that has always been known for its glamorous style and high-level organization.

This edition will include a prestige fight in which Montenegrin representative, the junior ex-world champion at the WBO Federation, 24-year-old Dilan Prašović from Herceg Novi will try to defeat Argentinian professional boxer Juan Ezequiel Basualdo.

Dilan Prašović (10-0, 8 KOs), the unbeaten World Boxing Organization cruiserweight, will try to continue his climb towards a world title opportunity. To live up to the expectations, Dilan went on ten-day preparation and sparring training in Oradea, Romania.

The bout is scheduled for ten rounds with the WBO intercontinental cruiserweight title at stake. The site location will be the Splendid Grand Prix in Budva, Montenegro.

Prašović has a one-hundred-per-cent performance in the “pro-ring” - eight victories in eight battles. The project manager, Boban Nikić, expects a quality match of Montenegrin fighter, which measured 90,500 kg, while his opponent from Argentina had 90,200 kg.

Argentinian Basvaldo is seven years older than Prašović, and his score is ten victories, three defeats, and one draw.

As Fightnews previously reported, Prašović impressively knocked out an unbeaten Abraham Tabul last summer. His next opponent Basualdo was just world ranked previous year following his KO upset of then 17-0 Jose Gregorio Ulrich. Prašović is only 24 but is already showing signs to be a special talent. He is not looking past Basualdo, but a win could see him vault deep into the talent-rich cruiserweight mix.

Duel Prašović - Basvaldo is the primary fight in the show, and is expected to begin at 10:10 pm.

The host of the tournament "Splendid Grand Prix - Budva 2019" is the Montenegro Stars Hotel Group and Hotel Splendid, and the sponsors of this event are the Municipality of Budva and the Tourist Organization of Budva.

29 Mar 2019, 15:12 PM

28 March 2019 - The Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro and local government of municipality of Budva are planning to assess the situation related to the remaining space within the promenade from Budva to Bečići and to execute a quality permanent plan for this location, said the director of the Enterprise, Predrag Jelušić, in a statement for RTV Budva. He expects this project to cost 10 million EUR.

The Coastal Zone Management Enterprise plans to allocate significant funds for the launch of an international competition for the selection of the best architectural and visual solution of the Lungo Mare promenade, from Sole Mio in Budva to Plavi kamen in Rafailovići.

"It will be a very challenging job for both companies and the local government. I believe that we will all be equally committed to reaching a quality solution because Lungo Mare should have a completely different form and a different tourist offer," Jelušić said during the interview.

10 Million EUR Invested in Budva Promenade 2

He believes that after the reconstruction of the promenade in Tivat and Pet Danica in Herceg Novi, and the boardwalks in Čanj and Sutomore, it is now Budva’s turn to shine with a brand new promenade.

"I believe that Budva is ready to have this area planned in a quality way, for it to become a permanent space that will attract people for at least nine months of the year. We hope that we can breathe new life into the promenade and get it new, suitable facilities that will increase the quality of the tourist offer of Budva. The promenade should be a focal point that will make the city shine," Jelušić explained.

The president named the promenade in Tivat as an excellent example of how Montenegrin coast should be – spacious, with no temporary facilities and with a beautiful view. He added that this project will be financially demanding, but also beneficial for numerous hotel chains within the Coastal Zone, such as the Hotel Group Budvanska rivijera and other resorts that have interest in reconstructing the promenade according to the most up-to-date standards.

"I am expecting full commitment from local tourism organizations, because this topic of destination management is crucial for our city. The guest who comes to Budva wants every segment of the city to be functional, from parking to horticulture," Jelušić added.

He concluded that the capital of tourism, Budva, has the potential to complete all these projects that are crucial not only for the development of the city but for the growth of tourism in Montenegro as a country.

28 Mar 2019, 16:00 PM

The Montenegrin-coastal Metropolitan will begin the construction of a large temple dedicated to the Holy Apostle Marko, on the property of the Church of St. Petka, on the city bypass. This was said by Metropolitan Amfilohije to "Vijesti", confirming that the project of the Orthodox Church is finished, and that Budva deserved such a sanctuary.

The construction of the temple is planned at the place where the city chapel is currently located, which the Municipality has built, without the approval of the Metropolitan, so that the church would then allow it to remain, but that it must be moved when the construction of the temple, which used to exist at that place, was planned. The temple is planned right next to the HDL supermarket, which will soon be built on church land, which the Metropolitan has given to lease to this chain of stores for ten years and plans to invest this money in the construction of the temple.

"With God’s will, we will build the temple of the apostle Marko, and it also depends upon the citizens of Budva. And it needs to be built because it is the oldest temple of all. It's time for this temple to be restored. The Apostle Marko is over a lion (with the example of Saint Marko, in pictures usually shown with a winged lion, because it emphasizes the power of resurrection and the overcoming of death), and the lion is in the coat of arms of Montenegro. If we want to reintegrate the coat of arms of Montenegro in the right way, then we should build the temple of the Holy Apostle Mark," said the Metropolitan Amfilohije.


"I see that Budva became a big city. This temple will be the decoration of Budva and its soul. For, the old Budva, where the temples are both Roman Catholic and ours, the Holy Trinity, and now here we should build a real temple dedicated to the apostle Marko, a witness to eternal and impenetrable love," said Amfilohije, and stated that the chapel was to be moved because it was placed here without blessing.

The city's lead architect recently gave her consent to the conceptual solution of the business-commercial complex HDL, which will be built on the church land. Although the conceptual solution envisages two phases, one that supposes the construction of supermarkets, and the other 59 apartments, as it was told to "Vijesti" by the municipality, the construction of residential part will not be carried out.

For HDL to build a supermarket, it was necessary for the parcel to be completed, so at the beginning of November, the Municipal Assembly, by a strong majority, gave the green light to sell 483 square meters of municipal land to the supermarket chain for 154 thousand euros.

The green light to build a supermarket was voted by ten members of the ruling coalition, namely, six from DF, three from the Montenegrin, SNP, and independent councilor Stevan Dzakovic. There were nine delegates against it - seven from Democrats, independent councilor Dragana Vujovic and URA Bozena Jelusic. A vote by one delegate prevailed so that the municipal land is sold to HDL. The total area of the church land on which the temple will be built, and also the supermarket is 4 518 square meters.

For more information, please follow TMN's dedicated page

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on March 28th 2019, read more at Vijesti

26 Mar 2019, 23:41 PM

26 March 2019 - The Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro in cooperation with the Municipality of Budva plans to deal with the most valuable walking space in this town - promenade from Budva to Bečići and to solve this through the development of a quality permanent plan, said Predrag Jelušič director of this public enterprise. He expects the project to be estimated at 10 million EUR.

The Coastal Zone of Montenegro is planning to invest significant funds for international competition tender for the selection of the best architectural and visual solution of the Lungo Mare promenade, from Sole Mio in Budva to Plavi kamen in Rafailovići.

"It will be a very challenging job for both companies and local government. I believe that we will all be equally committed to choosing a quality solution because Lungo Mare promenade should have a completely different form and a different tourist offer," said Jelušić.

He believes that after the promenade in Tivat and Pet Danica in Herceg Novi, and the promenades in Čanje and Sutomore, now it is Budva's turn to reconstruct its own.

"I believe that Budva is ready to reconstruct this space in a quality way and that this will become a permanent solution that will be full for at least nine months of the year. This way promenade will have its own life and suitable premises that will be able to promote tourist offer and application on its own. Budva will gather many more tourist in this way for both the town and for Montenegro," pointed out Jelušić.

He also added that the perfect example of how Montenegrin coast should look alike and the model for other coastal towns to look into is promenade in Tivat.

"This project will be financially demanding, but it will also be a big benefit to hotel chains in the area, such as the hotel group Budvanska rivijera and other venues that are in the interest of making the promenade according to the most up-to-date standards," stressed out Jelušić.

"I am expecting full commitment from local tourism organizations, because management of this destination is crucial for our city. The tourists want to see every city segment working at its best, from parking to horticulture," Jelušić concluded.

22 Mar 2019, 15:16 PM

Tenants of six open-air disco clubs, fast food and shops announced that they would rejoin next Thursday when the government should declare upon their request that temporary buildings also remain for this summer at Budva promenade near the City Post.

Today they gathered again on the roundabout at the entrance to Budva, convinced that the Ministry of Sustainable Development would accept their request and submit it to the Government.

Although it was expected that such a decision should be found at today's session of the Government, because the Minister of Tourism Pavle Radulovic announced at the beginning of the week that he would submit the demands of the tenants to his collegium, about the fate of popular disco clubs and shops, however, there was no word today. "We gathered today, and we expected that the minister would make the final decision on his collegium yesterday, which the government was supposed to discuss today. As the Ministry of Tourism collegium did not consider our request, we expect it to be done next Thursday, when the government’s session is also scheduled. We hope for a positive decision, we hope that the competent authorities will have understanding for our requests, we hope that Minister Radulovic will fulfill our wishes and allow the objects to remain by the end of the summer, which would we, obliged by a contract, remove until October 31st," said the owner of a shop on the promenade Savo Radonjic.

Stressing that they will gather again next Thursday, the tenants once again reiterated that the season in Budva begins the next week, when organized groups of guests arrive, and that practically there is no time to execute the removal of objects and the arrangement of space. They reiterated that it was first necessary to approach the planned development of the project for the design of the promenade, and then make the decision to remove the objects. Three days ago, a meeting was held in Budva, in the premises of JP Morsko dobro, attended by Minister of Tourism Pavle Radulovic, Public Enterprise Director Predrag Jelusic, Mayor of Budva Marko Bato Carevic and lawyer Zoran Piperovic, a legal representative of the owners of six discotheques.

After the meeting, Radulovic said that definitely everyone remained with their opinion that such an offer is no longer appropriate at that location, but that until an alternative location to which the facilities would have been relocated was found, it was proposed to allow to the local shops to work this season, under the condition that they would need to remove them by October 31st. Such a request was signed by Jelusic and Piperovic, and the collegium should declare their decision today.

For more information, please follow TMN's dedicated page

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on March 21st 2019, read more at Vijesti

21 Mar 2019, 23:40 PM

21 March 2019 - International Fair of Tourism, Hotel and Catering Equipment – METUBES, which represents a promotional event aimed at businesspeople from the hotel and catering branch from Montenegro and abroad, was officially opened on March 21 and will last until March 23.

The organisers of International Tourism Fair METUBES created this event to motivate and encourage all tourism services providers to raise their company’s profile and engage customers on a deeper level, accomplish successful promotion of their businesses and reach their business goals altogether. Each year, the Fair is attended by numerous representatives of tourist destinations, accommodation capacities, catering facilities and services, tourist agency programs, transport operators in the function of tourism, organisers of congresses, cultural, sports and other events.

This traditional event, which is organised for the 28th time in Montenegro, is an excellent opportunity to build a brand story and ‘lifestyle’ around products and services, and therefore it often plays a leading role in the marketing strategy of more prominent brands from the hotel industry. This year, the International Tourism Fair, Ecology Fair and Food Fair, which are all organised by Adriatic Fair and merged into one single event, gathered 86 exhibitors that come from 9 different countries! Over 20 exhibitors are making their first appearance to the local market at this very event.

When it comes to the Food Fair, this event managed to gather companies from various sectors - meat and meat products, Mediterranean food, organic food, distilleries and wineries. A special place at the food fair was given to the producers of food who create delicacies following traditional recipes, producers of eco-food and non-governmental sector, dealing with the issue of recycling, waste treatment and education.

Budva - Zero Waste City Project, which is implemented by NGO Eco Centre Budva and Coca-Cola system, will be premiered at the fair. A Zero Waste city is a city that has openly committed to the goal of continuously reducing waste generation and improving separate waste collection and hence redesigning the relationship between people and waste. All visitors will be able to get acquainted with this initiative, whose primary goal is to increase recycling in Budva.

20 Mar 2019, 23:28 PM

20 March 2019 - As a country that is firmly committed to multilateralism, the preservation of peace and boosting mutual trust, Montenegro sees dialogue as a necessary prerequisite for strengthening partnership in order to make the best use of countless potentials in different areas, primarily in tourism, culture, sustainable fisheries, clean energy, said Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković at the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative Conference.

"We appreciate the fact that, as the smallest country in this region, we represent a place of meeting, dialogue and cooperation," Prime Minister Marković pointed out at the conference.

Opening the 16th Conference of Speakers of Parliaments of the Member States of the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative (AII), taking place in Budva and sponsored by the Parliament of Montenegro during the the country's annual presidency of the Initiative, the Prime Minister emphasised the importance of exchanging experience among the AII members, as well as strengthening values ​​and standards that set the basis for close cooperation.

"I think that is of paramount importance, in particular in times of many challenges facing Europe and the whole world. The complex challenges to the stability of our continent cause a wide spectrum of repercussions on our economies and our development projects," the Prime Minister noted.

He added that the Western Balkans is an inseparable part of European values, and Montenegro, as the country that is most advanced in the process of EU accession, will be able to dedicate all its available capacities to its own and common European future.

"Montenegro is a NATO member today and is entering the last and most important stage in the accession negotiations with the EU. We do not move forward only by fulfilling the obligations set out in that process, but by continuously working on our development in order to be, as a stable and developed country, a reliable partner in the Union, as we are within NATO," said the Prime Minister.

The development of the economy, which has been growing at a rate above 4.5% and almost 11.000 more employees for two years, the volume and quality of foreign investments speaks of the solid and stable course of Montenegro - which is primarily determined by the tradition of religious harmony and good relations with neighbours.

18 Mar 2019, 23:25 PM

18 March 2019 - The gates of the most famous Budva beach, Mogren, has over decades been guarded by the famous bronze ballerina. She is peacefully standing in the same position and watching over the blue sea horizon of the Adriatic Sea.

The sculpture has become a symbol of Budva, and it is one of the main tourist attractions. There are almost no tourists or locals who at least once did not take a picture by the end of the famous Mogren ballerina.

When you start walking from the Old Town to the beautiful Mogren beach, this popular symbol of Budva, which is the work of the Belgrade sculptor Gradimir Aleksić, will welcome you on the very beginning of your journey.

 Mogren Beach Ballerina The Myth and Symbol of Budva1

With the old town walls and the famous beaches, beach Richard's head is in ballerina's background, which has always been a perfect motive for postcards sent from these parts with the certain words: "Hello from Budva!"

Aleksić's sculpture was inspired by an old local myth about a girl who was engaged to the sailor, who sailed away a long way to earn money so the two can live together. He never returned, and the girl remained faithful to him and came to this wall every morning to watch the sea.

She had been waiting for him for years until one morning they found him dead on the rock where the famous statue is located today.

"When you are in Budva old town you should take a walk around the Peninsula. There is the lovely ballerina statue with a backdrop of the city, and it leads to a nice beach. It is also a great chance to let your hair down and make some ballerina impressions for your holiday photo album," said tourist that was amazed by the Mogren Beach Ballerina.

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