Promenade from Budva to Bečići Reconstruction Project

By , 26 Mar 2019, 23:41 PM Lifestyle
Promenade from Budva to Bečići Reconstruction Project Copyrights: Sally Weigand,

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26 March 2019 - The Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro in cooperation with the Municipality of Budva plans to deal with the most valuable walking space in this town - promenade from Budva to Bečići and to solve this through the development of a quality permanent plan, said Predrag Jelušič director of this public enterprise. He expects the project to be estimated at 10 million EUR.

The Coastal Zone of Montenegro is planning to invest significant funds for international competition tender for the selection of the best architectural and visual solution of the Lungo Mare promenade, from Sole Mio in Budva to Plavi kamen in Rafailovići.

"It will be a very challenging job for both companies and local government. I believe that we will all be equally committed to choosing a quality solution because Lungo Mare promenade should have a completely different form and a different tourist offer," said Jelušić.

He believes that after the promenade in Tivat and Pet Danica in Herceg Novi, and the promenades in Čanje and Sutomore, now it is Budva's turn to reconstruct its own.

"I believe that Budva is ready to reconstruct this space in a quality way and that this will become a permanent solution that will be full for at least nine months of the year. This way promenade will have its own life and suitable premises that will be able to promote tourist offer and application on its own. Budva will gather many more tourist in this way for both the town and for Montenegro," pointed out Jelušić.

He also added that the perfect example of how Montenegrin coast should look alike and the model for other coastal towns to look into is promenade in Tivat.

"This project will be financially demanding, but it will also be a big benefit to hotel chains in the area, such as the hotel group Budvanska rivijera and other venues that are in the interest of making the promenade according to the most up-to-date standards," stressed out Jelušić.

"I am expecting full commitment from local tourism organizations, because management of this destination is crucial for our city. The tourists want to see every city segment working at its best, from parking to horticulture," Jelušić concluded.

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