23 May 2018, 12:20 PM

Those born in the stunning Boka Bay fell in love at first sight, and this deep feeling guides them through their lifetimes. “I've loved the sea most of all in my life”- says the grey-haired man in a hat in front of me rolling a cigarette. “Returning home after studying at the Belgrade Music Academy, I immediately ran directly to the shore, jumped in our boat and went to the sea.” Zoran Proročić is a famous Montenegrin composer whose creations sing of the beautiful Kotor bay life, its charming people and old Mediterranean traditions. He is the father of a big family and the owner of an authentic Kotor restaurant “Konoba Scala Santa”. 

23 May 2018, 11:18 AM

May 23, 2018 – The early morning at the pjaca after a long holiday weekend (Montenegro Independence Day) is colored with lovely fresh green and red shades, and I’m going to see what my friend Damir has brought to Tivat today.

23 May 2018, 11:21 AM

The Shareholder’s Assembly of "Luka Kotor" A.D. Kotor announced the Financial and Auditor's Report for 2017 on Friday. 

23 May 2018, 11:19 AM

About 5,000 guests are in Herceg Novi currently, and new groups of tourists arrive every day at the main bus station where they are met with ongoing construction.

23 May 2018, 11:17 AM

Montenegrin citizens who work abroad and emigrants sent about 348 million euro to Montenegro last year, according to the preliminary data from the Central Bank (CBCG).

22 May 2018, 14:53 PM

On Sunday, May 27th, the small town of Tivat will be visited by Manuel Barrueco, a superior musician who will perform at the Naval Heritage Collection Museum of Porto Montenegro.

22 May 2018, 13:50 PM

The Democratic party of Montenegro continues with a series of good election results.

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