25 Mar 2018, 22:09 PM

The vice president of the Government, Zoran Pazin, expects that 2018 will be the year when Montenegro will open all remaining negotiation chapters.

25 Mar 2018, 22:07 PM

The Ambassador of Montenegro in Macedonia, Predrag Mitrovic, opened the consulate of Montenegro in Stip, led by the honorable consul Branko Azeski.

25 Mar 2018, 22:04 PM

Monstat published the official data related to economic growth in Montenegro for 2017, stating that according to the preliminary information, it is in the amount of 4,4 percent.

25 Mar 2018, 22:01 PM

It is necessary to replace the old equipment with new and to reconstruct the object completely.

25 Mar 2018, 20:06 PM

Budućnost has never played the finals of the regional competition, and in the 2014/15 season, they dropped a 2-0 advantage in the semifinals against Cedevita.

25 Mar 2018, 20:00 PM

Jovetić played 65 minutes against Cyprus and made his 50th appearance for the Montenegro national team.

25 Mar 2018, 19:46 PM

"I've never seen such fans in my life, this is an incredible experience. The dream of every coach is to be a coach of a team with such fans," said Swedish coach.

25 Mar 2018, 12:26 PM

March 25, 2018 - A very useful map for non-smokers from Facebook group, Smoke-Free Montenegro. A map of Montenegro with a difference. 

24 Mar 2018, 21:03 PM

This is the fourth victory of Montenegro in the same number of matches, while the Poles and the Slovakians have two triumphs.

24 Mar 2018, 19:18 PM

Danilo Nikolić believes that Budućnost Voli is ready for a match against Cedevita in Zagreb.

24 Mar 2018, 16:21 PM

March 24th, 2018 – Opening a bank account in a foreign country might be difficult and stressful. In Serbia, if you are non-resident, you will have to provide over ten documents, while in Croatia you need to deposit a minimum amount of money according to some sources.

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