Meet Zabojsko Lake: “The Mountain Eye of Sinjajevina”

By , 25 Jun 2018, 00:52 AM Travel
Meet Zabojsko Lake: “The Mountain Eye of Sinjajevina” Copyrights: Official Website of Mojkovac Municipality

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June 24, 2018 - Zabojsko Lake, surrounded by thick coniferous and beech forest, is located in the northeastern part of Sinjajevina at an altitude of 1,516 meters. The lake represents a segment of the National Park Durmitor. Although at first glance it is not noticeable right away and it may appear hidden, the beautiful Zabojsko Lake soon reveals its incredible emerald color.

Zabojsko Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Montenegro. Although the lake can be reached by a terrain vehicle, the true experience of this gem of nature involves going on foot. The lake is protected by a strict regime of protection as it is included in the National Park Durmitor. The depth of almost 19 meters makes it one of the deepest lakes in Montenegro, and by depth, it takes the third place, behind Crno Lake on Durmitor (49.1 meters) and Kapetan's Lake in Lukavica (37 meters). Untouched natural beauty makes this lake a real secret pearl of the National Park Durmitor. Tourists are usually stunned with the lake’s color: Zabojsko Lake, surrounded by coniferous forests, has an incredible emerald green color. The surface of the lake is 27600 m², but due to a large depth of 19 meters, the amount of water in it is almost 170000 m³! Zabojsko lake receives water from several springs and by the melting of snow, and the water from the lake flows into the rivers Dobrilovina and Tara.

On the shores of the lake, you can enjoy the clean and cold water, silence and peace that is only interrupted by a small mountain spring. The color of Zabojsko lake, the tranquility that governs its surroundings, the deep shade, the unusual field flowers will make your trip to the lake unforgettable. You can take a walk around the whole lake with a short and easy path. Near the lake, there is a drinking water source. The lake is home to trouts and a permanent resident of the lake is also a small fish that the locals call – “brkač“.

The lake is ideal for camping. On the meadow near the lake, wooden benches and tables are set, and not far from the lake you can find a cafe as well. Our recommendation is to take a vacation, hike to the lake and spend a perfect day in nature!

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