08 Apr 2018, 18:26 PM

“He who led to such a situation says the state is stronger than the mafia. I agree, but wonder on which side does Đukanović stand. And to cease wondering, let’s replace him on April 15”

08 Apr 2018, 18:08 PM

On the priority section Smokovac-Uvač-Mateševo of the Bar-Boljare highway, the Bemax company has so far created 8.6 kilometers of tunnels. Bemax is the largest subcontractor to the main contractor, Chinese company CRBC and is assigned to various types of highway sections

08 Apr 2018, 17:43 PM

Montenegro water polo team has begun their match against Hungary in the Europa Cup

08 Apr 2018, 10:39 AM

Tourism is on the rise in Montenegro!

07 Apr 2018, 20:08 PM

Government also adopted on Thursday the Action Plan for food safety control in the coming summer tourist season

07 Apr 2018, 19:30 PM

The presidential candidate of DPS stated that Montenegro has in history and today shown firm resolve to respect minority rights and build a civil society

07 Apr 2018, 19:17 PM

Parliament Speaker of Montenegro Ivan Brajović sent his congratulations to citizens and local leadership on the Ulcinj District Day, marked on April 7

07 Apr 2018, 11:55 AM

The massive potential of the Montenegrin mountains for the development of tourism is still mostly unused. The northern region extends from the mountain massifs of Maglić, Bioča and Volujak, through Durmitor, Sinjajevina, Bjelasica and Komovi, to the mountain chain of the Prokletije, and covers 2/3 of the territory of Montenegro, which offers excellent conditions for the development of ski tourism and all types of adventure and sports tourism. Still, some very attractive destinations move Montenegrin tourism to the north for half of the year. 

07 Apr 2018, 11:15 AM

Meet Ipek from Istanbul who believes that "life is a mirror reflecting back the good and bad messages you send out into the world".

06 Apr 2018, 23:19 PM

If you happen to be in Montenegro, and more specifically in Tivat, from June 8-10, 2018, do not miss the first international summer carnival in the town!

06 Apr 2018, 23:17 PM

The Central bank (CBCG) has registered 95 forged banknotes in the first quarter.

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