Marković: The Return of Part of Opposition into Parliament is Good News

By , 31 May 2018, 12:45 PM Politics
Markovic Markovic Luka Zekovic

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May 31, 2018 - The return of a part of the opposition to parliament is good news, said  Prime Minister Duško Markovic, as he announced that the government is ready to talk to the opposition parties, regardless of their strength, about all the issues important to the citizens and the state.

"Finally, from the political stage, one good news. I think that Montenegro is entering a good phase in which every political entity, power or opposition, has a parliamentary status, should assume responsibility for the priorities that we have defined, " Markovic told reporters in the parliament.

As he said, this priority is European integration, which implies any other reform in the country.

According to Markovic, there is no more natural place to discuss these priorities and the quality of the way to do it, than in the parliament.He said he was delighted with this fact and the ability for a return to parliament, not only of these, but also other parliamentary parties. "We are ready to accept this situation and to participate, as a government, in this dialogue and to open the space for it. Also, the government within its jurisdiction. I think there are many questions that we can work together on, till the next elections, " said Markovic. As an example, he mentioned the question of harmonization of electoral legislation because, as he said, it was proved in practice it was not completed and well conceived."There are other issues such as the choice of the Judicial Council, and to see how to determine ourselves towards the new media laws that are in the final stages in the government," said Markovic.As he said, if the parliamentary opposition is ready to talk about this issue, they are prepared to "stop" these laws in order to hear their opinions."Therefore, there are enough opportunities for us to discuss the future of the country, regardless of what we think about each other and what political power it is in parliament," said Markovic.He did not want to comment on the fact that opposition party leaders take no responsibility for failure and do not want to resign as presidents of these parties.

"For me it is more important that we all understand, after October 2016 and bad experiences for Montenegro that manifested in the boycott of the parliament, that this is irrationally undemocratic behavior that harms everyone," stated Markovic.

Asked what would specifically imply the announced changes to the Judicial Council Act, he said that the Government and the judiciary were obliged to prevent the constitutional blockade of the system.

"For this reason, the Government is preparing amendments to the Judicial Council Act, which will for some time unblock this situation until parliament creates political conditions and consent to do so in accordance with constitutional arrangements," Markovic said.

He also said he would not be able to talk about the details because they should be discussed at the Government session tomorrow.

“But that would mean that current members of the Judicial Council continue working until new elections," Markovic added. Asked how he comments about the information which have appeared in the media that an investigation was initiated regarding allegations that through the Latvian banks passes by Russian money for political influence on certain states, mentioning an attempt of national strike in Montenegro, he replied that he had read about this information only this morning."For now, we have no specific notice towards the Government about this. I do not know if this was received by our Prosecution if it is - the public will be familiar with it, "Markovic said. He said it shows how the international legal system is functioning and that no one can hide their criminal activity and illegal influence. "We see what the investigation will show. Maybe it's just a newspaper article, maybe just a doubt or not. Let's wait for it to be confirmed or rejected in the international investigation, " added Markovic.

Text by Mina, on May 30th 2018, read more at Vijesti

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