18 Jul 2018, 11:22 AM

July 18, 2018 - Coffee lovers in Montenegro will be ecstatic to hear that the famous brand “Kafeterija”, with 12 locations in Serbia, opened its 13th location in Tivat, Porto Montenegro on Friday 13th July (13 being a lucky number in this case).

18 Jul 2018, 11:18 AM

July 18, 2018 - Last night on the fully booked Summer stage, one of the biggest stars in the scene of classical music, violinist Nemanja Radulović, with his Double Sens band, enchanted the audience - and after a phenomenally performed program, the audience was pleased to hear two encores.

18 Jul 2018, 11:13 AM

July 18, 2018 - The Summer Military Camp for Youth is open today in the quarters "Milovan Saranovic" in Danilovgrad and will last until July 28th. There will be 45 high school students from Montenegro and five from Macedonia in the camp.

17 Jul 2018, 12:57 PM

July 17, 2018 - During the nine months it has been validated to receive medicine with prescriptions, even at private pharmacies, the state invoiced about 24.5 million euros for the treatment of citizens. 

17 Jul 2018, 10:18 AM

Danilo Kiš was a Yugoslav novelist, short story writer, essayist, and translator, who wrote in Serbo-Croatian. Kiš was influenced by Bruno Schulz, Vladimir Nabokov, Jorge Luis Borges, Ivo Andrić and Miroslav Krleža, among other authors. His best-known works include HourglassA Tomb for Boris Davidovich and The Encyclopedia of the Dead.

16 Jul 2018, 13:46 PM

July 16, 2018 - It is often said that roads are the "main arteries" of all the places, cities and states. In order for this bloodstream to function without any hesitation, the intervention of a "specialist doctor" – the contractor is needed.

16 Jul 2018, 13:44 PM

July 16, 2018 - With an expedition to Bobotov kuk and the ceremonial academy in Žabljak, the Montenegrin mountaineers have marked 130 years since the beginning of mountain hiking in Montenegro, whose founder is considered to be the teacher Jovan Laušević, said the National Parks of Montenegro.

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