Johnny Depp to Record New Movie in Tivat Next March

By , 05 Dec 2018, 21:41 PM Lifestyle
Johnny Depp to Record New Movie in Tivat Next March

December 5, 2018 - Johnny Depp will stay in Tivat in March of next year to film material for his new movie, announced the Municipality of Tivat Information Services.

President of the Tivat Municipality, Dr. Siniša Kusovac and his associates, held a meeting with Aleksandar Tadic, the Work in Progress / WIP Production director, about the possibility of shooting a new Johnny Depp movie at several locations in Tivat next year, the municipality said.

Johnny Depp will play a leading role in the film "Minamata." The primary production begins in Japan and will be filmed in January in Serbia. At the end of February, in early March, a film crew, including Johnny Depp, will shoot for two weeks in Tivat.

President Kusovac said that the interest of productions behind big film achievements is a significant opportunity for the global promotion of Tivat.

johnny depp will screen in tivat

"We are interested in filming in Tivat, and so far it has been a practice to assist in administrative and booking and location arrangements. In that respect, we will provide maximum support," the Mayor said.

"We are looking for locations to film the American movie Minamata, in which Hollywood star Johnny Depp interprets the main role, and we are interested in taking part of the filming to the Ostrvo Cvijeća and the park of Zupa. We are ready to talk to all interested parties so that we can fully acknowledge it. We also want the Municipality of Tivat to be informed about it and to help us provide any license for filming. Tivat is fantastic, and even more interesting is its ambiance and nature. That is why we want some of the scenes meant to represent Japan to be filmed here," Tadic said.

johnny depp will record at ostrvo cvijeca

Producer House WIP has worked on the films "November Man," "The Last Panthers," "The Raven," "Papillion" and many others in the previous years.

Johnny Depp plays the first war photographer of the newer era, Eugene Smith. After the Second World War, Smith begins working for Life magazine and reveals the poisoning of people from the Minamata factory in Japan. The director of the film is Andrew Levitas. Minamata is based on a joint book by Aileen Mioko Smith and Eugene Smith in the adaptation by David K. Kessler.

The celebrated days of the Second World War are far from Smith when his old friend, Life's editor Ralph Graves, is convinced to return to Japan to find a great story: devastating destruction of the coastal community by poisoning.

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