Johnny Depp in Montenegro For Minamata Movie

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Johnny Depp in Montenegro For Minamata Movie Copyrights: Minamata Movie Media

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11 March 2019 - Johnny Depp and the 200 members of the Minamata movie team have traveled to Montenegro and they are currently staying in Tivat, as reported by Radio Tivat. Johnny Depp and his movie crew are in Montenegro for the production of the Minamata movie, which will include numerous scenes from the life of American photographer W. Eugene Smith on the Island of Flowers, the Tivat Župa and the Kalardovo Beach.

They came in Tivat with a private jet and the movie crew and the main actor himself are in a positive mood, and they are also planning to stay for a whole week, with the exception that they can stay for a few days more.

"Depp loved the recent movie set location change and he already said that Montenegro is a beautiful country. He also emphasized that moving to the sea after production in Belgrade feels good for him," said a source close to the movie crew.

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The representatives of the Municipality of Tivat did not want to reveal any details, because they are prohibited from doing so based on the cooperation agreement between the city officials and the movie crew. However, the thing that is almost certain for sure is that the actor is currently residing in Porto Montenegro's most luxurious resort, which includes endless sigh sights.

The main production of the movie already began in Japan, while the movie set was moved to Serbia in January. During this occasion, the Mayor of Tivat Kusovac said that the interest of productions behind big film achievements is a significant opportunity for the global promotion of Tivat.

"We are interested in filming in Tivat, and so far it has been a practice to assist in administrative and booking and location arrangements. In that respect, we will provide maximum support," the Mayor of Tivat said.

During his stay in Serbia, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić has met Hollywood star, Johnny Depp. Vučić thanked Depp because “he believed in Serbia” and decided to produce and act in it, according to accounts.

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Only a few days earlier, he was seen in Belgrade in shots uploaded to the group’s social media channel as he posed with Ivana Nikolić, member of the newly-formed band, hinting the two had met earlier and this was a friendly catch up with the whole crew. In a cozy shot, Ivana captioned the photo: ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean together’.


Minamata is predicated on the e-book by Aileen Mioko Smith and W. Eugene Smith and tailored by David Ok. Kessler (The Exhausting Day's Day). The redemptive thriller, an actual story of David versus the story of Goliath, smashes Smith towards a strong company liable for poisoning folks from Minamata – Japan in 1971. Minamata is a narrative extraordinarily emotional Because the highly effective images of a person has hit the world to take motion.

With the glory of the times of World Battle II behind him, Smith (Depp) turned a prisoner, disconnected from society and his profession. However, an outdated pal and a fee from the editor of "Life Journal" (Nighy) persuade him to journey to Japan to show an excellent story: the devastating annihilation of a coastal group, the victims of company greed and the native police and accomplices. Armed with solely his trusted digital camera, Smith should acquire the boldness of this struggling group and discover the photographs that can convey historical past to the World.

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