08 Jun 2018, 11:56 AM

We support the efforts of the state to keep the Bay of Male Rose preserved, because the age-old history is not supposed to be cemented and fenced, says the "Stop the Poaching" organization, who pointed out that in one of the few intact nature jewels, in the midst of personal interests, a wall is being built just by the sea, a few meters from the water. 

08 Jun 2018, 11:53 AM

The public company for the national parks of Montenegro purchased five new terrain vehicles for National Guard Service activities in Durmitor, Biogradska Gora, Lovćen, Skadar Lake and Prokletije.

07 Jun 2018, 21:01 PM

June 7, 2018 - Queen Elena di Savoia was the daughter of the Montenegrin King Nicholas I. She was born in Cetinje, raised and studied in Saint Petersburg. In 1896 she married the Italian King Victor Emmanuel III.


06 Jun 2018, 14:25 PM

The first Blue Flag in 2018 was raised today by the State Secretary from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Damir Davidovic, on the Kamenovo beach in Budva, which is a long-time recipient of this prestigious ecological acknowledgment.

06 Jun 2018, 13:31 PM

The Legend of Tre Sorele is a story about three sisters who gave all the love of this world to one man, never living a day of love for whom they have devoted their whole life. Tre Sorele is also the best preserved Gothic-style palace in Boka Bay.

06 Jun 2018, 10:55 AM

June 06, 2018 - The meeting in Ohrid is devoted to the common and similar policies and challenges of Macedonia and Montenegro when it comes to applying the Decision of the UNESCO Committee related to Ohrid and Kotor.

06 Jun 2018, 10:29 AM

June 6, 2018 - For years, Montenegro has been reputed as a country for relaxation. Sunbathing at the remote beaches, hiking between wild pomegranate thickets or solitary meditating at our stunning mountain lakes – that is no longer the only way to spend your holidays here. The many entertainment activities, especially in the high season, have rapidly grown over the last years, and TMN is here to guide you through the vibrant summer in Montenegro.

05 Jun 2018, 09:46 AM

Dušan Vukotić was a Montenegrin cartoonist, author, and director of animated films. He is the best-known member of the Zagreb school of animated films.


05 Jun 2018, 00:16 AM

After 14 independent productions, the Tivat Culture Center also appears as a co-producer on the theater projects of significant artists, such as the "Jami distrikt" show, awarded with seven prizes at the most significant regional theatre competition - festival Sterijino pozorje finished two days ago in Novi Sad. As one of the most important regional theatre centers, Tivat can be proud that its Culture Center's productions and co-productions, although we are not talking about 'real theatre', played 83 times in Montenegro and abroad, which makes this small production center one of the most successful in the ex-Yu region. With its 19 awards so far, the Jami distrikt will be played twice within this year's edition of Purgatorije, launched with the title "Summer Center - Purgatorije 2018".

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